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I Have Porsche. I Have Cable. How Bout It Baby?
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
You can't disable my net or my cable... @defrugs give my feet a hug
analog80 : Ok playa
mattjeromewong : Does that belong to Lil Jon?
deepru7 : Def Jam...
lovly_ash : πŸ˜’
luzthealchemist : I used to post on the poetry boards many years ago. 12th and Lehigh memories...
bennis0425 : Oh..... @gabemack78minus1
amycinnamonart : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @defrugs
_risher : πŸ‘Œ
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
All 9 Jacksons. Dance To It @brooklynbowl #bowltrain
bowltrain -
dianadoowop : @losangelescatfish YESSSSS
missjane86 : @mid_range_jumper I feel ya lololol
fiveironfoto : @questlove Tito looks like Billy Dee Williams!
msdestiny1love : Hey is this the spot you still do @frankknuckles @brooklynbowl
califonya : didnt even know he had brothers until after Thriller πŸ˜’....laaawd
questlove : @hagersk wait what do you mean you didn't see me: I spun for 3 hours!
michaeljacksontribute : The greatest. To ever do it. Enjoy my tribute gallery.
questlove : @plainraina you should see the option pic I DIDNT use, aka The Best Laugh We Had At 30rock today
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
2 hours til All Things Jackson #BowlTrain @brooklynbowl
bowltrain -
misstennysonlee : Rebe?
nicolleeohlee : @missmarielou we missed it πŸ˜”
brian_abbottt : @z_lo
z_lo : @brian_abbottt this here ain't no Janet! Who the heck is this impersonator
jeditalz : @abby.ty ooh man!!! This would be awesome!!!
questlove : @z_lo if you serious you need your black card pult
z_lo : @questlove hahahaha you got me. No need to. I had a brain freeze! I know now
ingridstjohn : Rebbie!!!
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
This just ain't a braggin "I been there since..." claim. This is actually one of the finer Boogie Era albums. Hear it 2nite #BowlTrain @brooklynbowl
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nataliebontempo : @lauren_treich Haha! Totally
dancefeefer : @priagula thought about it forreal real. But the rains started comin down tonight...
sonofstan : @questlove killin
michelle_puglisi : You can't get with Janet!
charlezthomas : @krisjthomas
_blackbeans_ : Mhm @tharealjr3my
isthatwright : @luveruvluv09
msbishab : Yassssssss!!!!!
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
All Jacksons Everything . @brooklynbowl #bowltrain 2nite #mj
mj - bowltrain -
champagnefati : LOLLLL. @iammgarcia
patrikianpolk : You better play Centipede!
markmix122 : "If You Feel The Funk" - MONSTER..before the snakes and the psychic hot line
yellowgrapevine : She actually was pretty then
cas_ondra : @kitkat_raz
mbootycourt : #granitabucketchallenge @iammgarcia
mkalinow : @denissetayde
afrothundar : I think his feed is dedicated to you today haha @sonofstan
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
Tonight gotta do my Jackson Beatbattlerama a week early than planned. Tonight #BowlTrain @brooklynbowl I'm rocking all things Jackson
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mikeh0rn : @jackieny28 best
lilefan : Nothin' but love.
taylahgram : @itsmee_t yaassss
normaamy : @christinemamy guess where I'm headed tonight πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒ?!?
christinemamy : @normaamy ahhhhhh!!! Envidia!! Boogie for me!!
lindariedell : Poop. Wish it was next week...pls do again!!!
sinkpix : It's now that people are starting to grow fros. Old to new new to old
dredg85 : @bdharckz85
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
splitpersonality24_7 : Lol @tonydedrick420
jalapenodreams : Computer Blue
karmalize : special✨
reedg53 : @questlove thats some old school Dayton funk right there
fizzmatix : Ice cream castles ;)
blkdaddy97 : Yeah......I think we all know what happened between zapp and roger. Prince is a recluse and does a few interviews and performances. The only time I hear about the time is when they announce some r&b festival on the radio.
vera__d : @danielle_8610 with Zapp!?! Lol
annwhat52 : Love it!!♥
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
philtreffer : Doppelganger!!!!!!!!!!
darthdream : #LAWLS
ybonne76 : @shuckyducky get it giiiirl! LOL
luvibeznmusic : Lol
freeleen : QT @questlove
jacqinmystyle : @steezuschryst Yet another reason I'm glad I got mine (@meeks415 ). Tinder wouldn't have been big enough for the two of us cc: @questlove
meeks415 : @jacqinmystyle 😘 I saved you from yourself! Lol
sjc4v : @cclusetti should have done this
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
Happy 10th Anniversary @momolongplay! #NomNomNom @davidchang @esynyc #momofuku
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aibi_soul : mhhhmmm @californiaboy92
californiaboy92 : Tastyyyy @aibi_soul
arp411 : @erindutch
the_suj : @salwilke @sduff81 #memories
wittytee : Looks like clean eating to me! Nom nom! @questlove
ceez_aleo : I usually can't stand pic of food Quest, but that looks absolutely delicious
rozbarnes : Yummy!
africanprintsinfashion : Looks great!
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questlove - Questlove Jenkins
The Most Magical Funeral. Really can't call it a "funeral" it was healing I'll say that much. This made us all human again. To see Tariq spit every last syllable with all his might during "Dear God" touched me man. That was such a human moment. I love him for that. I know I don't tell him enough but I mean it. To see all the faces that have made this journey with us again. Staff at Geffen & MCA & Def Jam & our agencies and our studio people from all walks of our life. Collaborators and whatnot it was just amazing to feel and see that much love for Richard. Probably the most amazing discovery of the night in my eyes was the final minute. When his sister in law read his poems he'd written to his wife (Merce). I was jaw dropped man--it's like we built this emotionless empire for 25 years never ever having a tender humane moment. I mean don't get me wrong: actions speak louder than words, but let's not discredit the power of actual words. I was like "Rich wrote poetry!?!"....."Rich knew what love is!!!" I know it's weird to see the shock I have, but it's like as if you discovered that Bruce Wayne from Dark Knight Rises was also a great calypso dancer or if Ghostface had a side hustle as a farmer in upstate New York (member the shock we had in hip hop when Terminator X left PE to raise Ostrich Eggs on a farm in NC the mid 90s? Mayne not that shocking, don't get me wrong the dude was loved. He was damn near father to all if us that didn't have one. But we were all so guarded Tin Men I forgot we/I was human. I mean it helps to deal with curbing unmanageable expectations, but it also hurts when it comes to things like...connecting with people (I hate connecting w/ people, which probably explains why I'm such a great social media manipulator....this allows all the touchy/feely of real life connections.....minus touching and or actual feeling(s). Now imma have to learn how to be a human again (#uhTeenie uuhTeenie uhteeeenie---Wiz joke folks). That is actually not as freighting to say as I thought it would be. I love everyone. #Dixpop forgive typos.
uhteenie - dixpop -
sleepylover215 : Cant believe he's gone. Damn RIP Rich.
shanisethe1st : #blackman #iseeyou #iloveyou #ivalueyou
adambroomberg : What?! @larrythehamm
debbeys : @questlove your speech last night moved me to tears and laughter. .really, all of the speeches did. And the music...just wow!!!! But hearing Rich's voice at the end, that's what got to me most of all. What an amazing tribute to his all did a fantastic job!
jaebarber : Rich will always be remembered. I have the upmost respect for him as both a business man and also as a person.
2nics80 : It was a beautiful send of for my uncle. You all (The Roots) played out your hurt and loss instead of crying it out. Especially, when you and Kirk were playing your session. I thought you were going to tear right through your drums. Tariq's energy and love for my uncle was felt to during "Dear God". I was so touched and moved by everything that happened at the celebration. It reinforced my belief that my grandparents created some unique children that touched so many people. Thanks for expressing and sharing this @questlove
luvibeznmusic : #beautiful ❀️🌹
bromtji : Thnx for sharing this private moment, beautiful words about the healing...crazy to hear your bad at connectiong with people, i would never think that. But I believe you, im happy theres this thing called instagram, cause i love where you take me by pics or video. I get to go backstage where in real id never be πŸ˜‚ thnx for giving me (oh yeh and alll those other followers) that glimpse of the wonderful person that u really are βœŠπŸ’‹u make me a fan of the man behind the music, thnx for that Q
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