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I Have Porsche. I Have Cable. How Bout It Baby?
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
There's A RiπŸ˜–t Goin On. #Ferguson
ferguson -
mr._jixx.526 : These things hurt, Pen 2 Pad people . . . . Sad . ;8-(
pattiecobb : Wish we could be kinder to each other!
roc1013 : Crazy smh
darianrobbins : Things Fall Apart....
arcadias1995 : Stupidity!
aagrusin : Can't say like to this.
itskarenann : 😒 this breaks my heart
kdrophd : @questlove the visual paradox of that Seasons Greetings sign is haunting
lasuca74 - ganglesaurusrex - drumking556 - honey6789 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
"no no no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" - Cleveland......Permission to quit #FallonTonight?
fallontonight -
saymorebutts : @nemesisaalan buahaha toto je ptesne situacia FML!
phaliss : @melolani you're free tho.
garylti : Life's a tragedy man :)
hitzdrums : I'll play Fallon for ya while your away. Got your back
megjle : @gruuuun Harry Potter time turner or do more coke
jessicalynnmarino : @pradford82 you should maybe write in that you are avail...
bigmikedc : @jimmyfallon dude, dude, dude ?
spike4scottl : Do this
spike4scottl - falpalforever - salingas - alanschmitt -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Forget architect of funk, @theRealGeorgeClinton is one of modern society's greatest living philosophers. I'm just lucky he knows I exist. Amazing time at @miamiBookFair
tinah27 : ;)
samdanpson : #funk
brothajoel : @questlove he came to speak to my class once. I'll never forget it. What was crazy is the interviewer was this über conservative, uptight, devoid of funk type and it didn't make George Clinton miss one beat at all. At all. He completely spoke his mind, colorful language and all. #greatness #americaeatsitsyoung
rdcortes22 : @villarragas
souliemolie : Met him once years ago Starland Ballroom in Jersey, the man straight up blew my mind. Great dude
rolledi : The best concert I ever saw, Parliament Funkadelic, Tallahassee, Florida in the late 80s, early 90s. They played for about eight hours straight . . . EPIC!
janmetzner : Today is my birthday! Whats my present from the legendary roots crew? Live gig via Skype? 😊
terriwalsh : Make my funk the P-Funk!
ma_parker - lucas_espinola - alex_chocolatethunder - izzyrberg -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Man, the responses are super overwhelming. I thank yall for it! We turning over new @okayplayer & @okayafrica gear damn near overnight! As long as yall "like" & "follow" (& order!) we keep em coming!
sedgwicklegacy : This is disgusting smdh
triple5s : Right, cuz music and symbols can reach the masses. Way to go not denying yr evil motives as a company. Do you realize yr corrupting the youth with yr wickedness. I'm cool and I will definitely make sure all my friends and kin know what yr company represents. #Yeshuaonmine #jesus #whosthemanjesus # godisgod #lord #educateyourself #wwjd #dontbefooled #pray
donsanders97 : Then if u help promote... I will pray for u bro. Be blessed.
mrmacclaren : Do you guys know how silly you look to non-religious people when you complain about shit like this? "Ahhh! A t-shirt! A sign of pure evil!" You sound like children, seriously.
plumber_ice : @ms_marvel78 great response
oolongsrevenge : I'm a huge slayer fan as well as the roots/okayplayer collective. This shirt is the greatest thing ever.
greenireen : Wanttttt
bbcholms : As a Slayer fan, I'm liking it.
miss_e33 - triple5s - rollandsphotography - rczarkowski -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Saw this in @fwmj feed & had the best laugh I ever had for something not #FallonTonight related. @iz_cruz I'm finna match this photo in a crowded theater #dinnerINamovie is right. #challenge
challenge - dinnerinamovie - fallontonight -
camisha.raquel : Lmao our wingstop combos & drinks ain't nothing compared to this @_miisstaee
_miisstaee : Lmaooooooooo owee next time we gotta go bigger @camisha.raquel
realwillwillis : @realjosef @andyesco
realjosef : Yo ppl wildin w/ these challenges lmfao @realwillwillis @andyesco
theformermrsm : Lol @qdidthat I am not going to jail with u
misserinleigh : @minajustina @lisatanisawa think we started this that one time at the kabuki.. lol
sassypantssj : That's my boss' son!
ishtastic_3 : @qweenbe73 I'll grab my big purse...
dhruviteen - alex_chocolatethunder - falpalsforever - rczarkowski -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
The Roots have The Main Ingredients love love love the responses to our merchline. We will keep em coming!
pamcates : @juicex I NEED this like since 1962
crstlbkshl : @mtablan
duchessofdulce : @thyrteen Yeah, I saw this! It is cool!
norilove : @kylawisniewski I want
zf89 : @kattikat28 i want this shirt so bad
kattikat28 : @zf89 This shirt is freakin awesome!!!
shivarose : @smuttywood
msvnessa : This is pretty dope. @djynot
mbelldrums - mandapandaa_85 - msvnessa - kray_z_jay_tee -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Talking Blues, Flutes, Flow, History....& Billy Joel w/ @anthonybourdain #YachtRockForever!! (Lol) in #Miami at @YBSouthern #Yardbird #NoReservations #PartsUnknown #BucketListCheck @CNN @questlovesFood
yardbird - yachtrockforever - bucketlistcheck - miami - noreservations - partsunknown -
williammwazi : I gotta roll through! Yum:-D.......
onapsih : @yamicl I know! We could've hung out with ?uestlove! Lol
gogreenauto : Ok fuck I'm jealous
dreasmyth : @rachelspitts
shannonberry_pie : @questlove Whaaaatt!!!!!!!!! Awesome.
rachelspitts : @dreasmyth oh wow
oakenstein : Oh I can't wait
marylouhammond : Awesome. Ask him sometime if he ever use to walk his cats.🐱
jamiewarfz - mzsegal - cruz_peter92 - wendy_mctague -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Respect To American Film Master Mike Nichols. #ripMikeNichols
ripmikenichols -
johnjamesrenfrow : Closer was a social masterpiece among many. RIP Mr. Nichols
1manguy : @johnjamesrenfrow AGREED!!!!!!
mochatrotterlatte : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
art_on_wax : @questlove He was also a superb stage director.
aliceosalee : RIP. I feel such a loss.
richard.mclin : Directed two of my favorite movies with "The Graduate" & "Closer". He'll be missed.
lady_magickal : Is this Diane Sawyer's Husband?
salinaleon : Such a progressive and creative man. I love his work. He'll be missed!
liamgareau - panksgrandaughter - retouchriley - gypseo -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
We Infamous Dun @okayplayer yall gave us record number orders for the other shirts. We will keep the hits coming!
heavyweight_primate : @true_story_horst πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ no ideas original
aliensauce : be original and love it, or don't. lol,whack critics who have nothing of their own to judge or sell.
djdelayney : YO!
juenology : Love this
yanaknits : I want one!!!
jboywaidson : @britney_sapphire thats u isnt it?
britney_sapphire : Erm noo lol @jboywaidson have you forgotten wat I look like?
jboywaidson : @britney_sapphire the hair and colour skin
shamskova - idriskay - carolinaagon - -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
YO. SON. This couldn't be more scandalous if vh1 & Mona Scott had a go at it. Thought this would take me a one and I'm almost done
executiveward : @bblivinlarge
sweaver14 : @papayadc side book club?
charlotteritzjack : OMG amazing @jessnritz
papayadc : @sweaver14 if quest loves it...foregone conclusion
caitinlv : The shade, the shade of it all...
annnais98 : sure it is an interesting read
aliceosalee : The Queen.
junielonglegs : @ayeprahl_badu_
watermelon96744 - _mrs.speiser_718 - simzinho - vloveb3 -
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