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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Good Night Philadelphia.....Good Morning Philadelphia.
sarahasindash : Good morning blessed one!
lovelee211 : Good night from NOLA, Essence Festival! Wish the Roots were here tomorrow :(.
jpep716 : Good night Quest. Good night Buffalo.
gunner1175 : That's a good night
charmom14 : Good Lords day morning New Jersey
_ty1on_ : Dope shot!
the_drew_daulton : @quincy show me some 4th love im sugllll)u
ghormleeey : 693! Woot!
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
That time I was awakened to come play baseball at 3am here #ThisCantBeLife
thiscantbelife -
dillatracks : Damn. That sounds crazy! Not quite Prince, but still. @standardbnb
dfbrooks : TastyKakes
standardbnb : @dillatracks yeah! Anyway it depends from the point of view you see it...gettin' a phone call from Da Major in the middle of the night and being escorted from the police It's quite a life goal!
j.madison : πŸ‘Œ
srdnhsn : Can I come?
tiarraxx : heart heart heart
limbox7 : ooh i wanna cheesesteak pronto
samurai_sosa : Happy 4th my Brother!
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
I could be in love @ordermsmarys
mariaterra00 : Ms. Maria @fulviaroliveira @questlove
b.datez : @myssmary @alexissjoyy
dr._twister : Where's that at? #wooflife
meghagem : @miss_marry 🍩✨
jesssselove : @maryjdoe22
daanish23 : Is that pound cake quest? @questlove my mom makes really good pound cake
dewfactor : @questlove You know your trainer sees these pix & rubs her hands together with glee, right? But I'm a Jewish mother, so I say, "Eat! Eat!" πŸ’œ
saddlepaddle : Watching you guys right now... Remember when we met on Christmas in Sydney at that seafood restaurant?? @theroots
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
s/o to @iamthedaisha for making a jawn based on my favorite part of #TradingPlaces (on the train singing "uhbibidybibidybibidydeeHAA!!! uhbibidybibidybibidydeeHAA!!!!!!!") she came a long way for this. Check the video in her IG link. really cool! #hiyah #hiyahofficialvideo #thetribe #bighairdontcare #linkinbio #uhbibidybibidybibidydeeHAA!
hiyah - tradingplaces - thetribe - uhbibidybibidybibidydeehaa - hiyahofficialvideo - linkinbio - bighairdontcare -
_halk_ : MERRY NEW YEAR!
queen_qunta : @micamaryjane sometimes our mood be like...#hiyaaaabishhh
fredrikanthony : Martial art with stick @martin_ostman
shamalamadingdongson : Beef jerky time!
rapdotcom : that Trading Places sample is from Masters At Work - The Ha Dance
nellmc01 : Yes! Lord...some days @tender0ni_girl @_sarra83
vidaverde : @teresaschmitt Ahhh!! Didda da didda da didda da Dum! #yas
i_dream_of_jinyi : @hy_fi you came instantly to my mind...
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Aight kids! Last day to take $6 off your orders of $30 or more @okpshop using code SUMMER6 during check out –
alhanks : @gavincastleton I wear a Small.
viii_om : Code wouldn't work @questlove maybe 2 late westcoast?
grandnubian23 : @nadiracoley on it! πŸ™Œ
rickyj455 : will you have merch for sale in brixton next week?? @questlove
theincrediblesmilingcat : @missaratica I want this shirt!!!
fancybowtiesplus :
kylalionheart : @ms_mary_contrary how cool is this? #need
alicialavon : I needs this
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Ahroo!??!! #DreGotBeat!?
dregotbeat -
chloeann_k : Ok
eesh_meesh : Happened to me today while I was at the gym, trying to remove a thumbs up i gave a song on Pandora and wouldn't let me remove the thumbs
fredmavis : As Warren Zevon said, "Your shit's f*cked Up." Except he didn't use an asterisk.
talool : @puremorning so it's a common thing
mitis_lumen : @heroes_are_boring uh oh I feel impending doom.
lyem11 : da FUQ
keeepinitglassy : Soren tonight listening to your and other music master's incredible work on D'Angelo's album Voodoo, start to finish, through Tidal. Send if On for me in the HiFi! You're the mang @questlove
keeepinitglassy : πŸ”₯ Spanish Joint πŸ”₯
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
".....Girl I'm so Couve...." No trip to #Vancity (or my preference #TheCouve!----wasn't that the character's name of the big dude in #ParkerLewisCantLose?----so classic) is complete w/o a trip to a crab spot (is it a requirement that every spot that serves crab in the Western Hemisphere uses the name "Joe"?) so I gave #JoeFortes a try and it was on point! might return tomorrow to try the fish. Anywho had a nice day off. Walked about 5 miles in the city (had a hat on) saw Jurassic World (kinda wanna see the storyboard and backstory to Bryce Dallas Howard's character: not for nothing but all that was missing was the "bhow chika wow wow" in the score and the pizza/cable guy"---no way you gonna convince me that her character didn't once b***h about her corns hurting or why she rocked #FMP the entire movie and ran track in them jawns like she was Jessita Owens----not being sexist I'm just saying I know naan woman that gonna rock heels all day and not complain about her feet, unless they were some payless/sketchers/whatever that "looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker" shoe was back in the day. All I'm saying is dear screenwriters: #ISeeWhatYouDidThere.
vancity - joefortes - iseewhatyoudidthere - parkerlewiscantlose - fmp - thecouve -
ameetjohal : Go to oyster express, Bao bei in Chinatown and get set straight on the Vancity tip. So delicious
awakened_revolutionist : #iSeeWhatYouDidThere Touché
joefortesvan : Thank you so much for joining us!
joefortesvan : Hope to see you again tonight πŸ˜€ cc: @chefwaynesych
arushofblunttotheface : @mayaroisin read the caption
theemariawaz : Yum
d4divine : @questlove I saw Jurassic World last night and I must agree her choice of footwear was well as her choice to where white in an entertainment character being a control freak...blah blah. What was most interesting was the first shot of her getting out of the jeep....panned down to her feet....the heel of her pump was busted beyond the point any woman who was not a crackhead or slob would wear. Hmmmm...was this supposed to represent her flawed many questions...
d4divine : wear not where
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Walking round the Couv (yall say that? "the Couv"?) #Vancouver. What's poppin?
vancouver -
bella_sue : @fmw84 πŸ˜’ and my postcard is where?
tinyherbalista : Be sure to do the Fly Over Canada...fantastic!!!
tinyherbalista : Oh, and definitely grab a #Nanaimo bar!!
chrischok : Looking forward to the show tonight!
kmouse82 : Hope you and @theroots come over to #Alberta sometime soon #luvya'll
sweetaddyline : VAN OR West Van....But you can call it anything you like :)
finetuned : Dude, I tried so hard to get to your set this eve. Bet it rocked. I wanted to get some shots of ya for a dj series im working on. perhaps next time! Hope you enjoyed the city πŸ™Œ
pd.t : Thank you for the great show. πŸ™
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questlove - Questlove Gomez long Joe! Had fun
ratatatted : @joweelee what the- for what!?
alysonnoele : @manderrrz_ tha fuck? lol
questlove : Lol at cats 😣😞😨😒 on my timeline. These shows are heavily advertised
aflen : Thanks for rockin shit at the winery last night! Had a good time!
flandria : @chasb
albshumbleswagger : @questlove amazing show last night! πŸ˜‹
longanessa : @illanikz @tsvillaruz @duce_powderhigh should've taken Hayden here lol
ldonguyen : Amazing show ...please come out to The Bay more often @questlove 🎀😊🐱😍
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Last Night We Celebrated #Dilla.
dilla -
djaktive : Show was amazing homie @questlove
milkcratedigger : What show? Why wasn't I informed
melito0213 : Who was the cool ass white guy on stage performing with you on Saturday night? I became a fan of him after watching the show at club Nokia @questlove
asvpcream : You look so cute
clearbluebeats : @melito0213 it was prob @houseshoes
melito0213 : @clearbluebeats no, I follow @houseshoes 😩😩😩 He was on set the whole time right underneath Quest Love. He had longer hair
alteredstate5 : Dill withers
shawnkempssoul : @ha.bibti
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