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questlove - Questlove Gomez
It's Summertime. Let's Get Down With The Get Down! Tonight at #BowlTrain (come to @BrooklynBowl at 11pm for the hippest trip in #NYC)
nyc - bowltrain -
cookbook500 : @ileanawade @katieeewade We need more donuts in our lives. For my wife, I don't mean it. But I really do mean it.
temperedtungsten : @atlascheetah @carladavis1 @broooklynstrand
bamccann : @thebigdes99 --if you don't go to ones of these while you're still in NY ......
br_ad : @morgan_rhys tonight... U gotta go!!
rgood2kno : @paulinap @georginapena y'all need to go to this! ...and take meeee
qtipsstyleinc : Im down @lexxeeb
riccicm : I heard a rumor that y'all were gonna be at Princeton Reunions this weekend... Should I be plotting my way into your show?!?
ariduro : @megcdz damn we should've gone 😩
b3l1omy - almasincruz - _cha_kwai_ - mcmagicg -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Did Lysol and Hellman's go half on a baby w/o telling me?
lbhox : Ha. @itsharper @missquarles
becca_in_the_d : @sisi_meme
houseofdave : @thedruss
arabia84 : @soulquarian7 wtf lol πŸ˜†
literarylion : @mrlexgo lol
wintubjester : #spraymayonnaise
lilameski612 : Lol half on a baby
208207 : πŸ˜„
bike413life - savage_taper_g0d - to_thug_for_a_user_name - jade_2001_8c -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Respect to legendary Dennis Sheehan. Peace and Prayers to his family & the U2 organization.RIP.
amymlee : Sad day. πŸ˜”
jwadicus : That's a tad disrespectful on a memoriam πŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎπŸ‘†πŸΎ. R.I.P.
__meredith_ : @r_rayraycraycray the caption
questlove : @jwadicus (did I miss something?)
jwadicus : Well they apparently have since deleted it but someone was trying to sell something about something a couple of comments before mine. Didn't think it was the right time or place. Sorry for your loss. #gotchu
pegoneill7 : Love, prayers and respect. 🎢😞
questlove : Oh! Yeah. That's auto spam
jwadicus : Ya drives me nuts. Obviously πŸ˜‚Anyway, LOVE you and the Crew. Thank you for your music. And I'll make it to a Brooklyn Bowl one of these weeks! I promise
illmatic1_ - champ_is_a_prince - jade_2001_8c - ruanshisuay -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
After The Picnic Is The After Party....& After The Party is ANOTHER party and after the ANOTHER PARTY is another nother party and after that left a mofo go back to his day job real real tired.
kidsister221 : @flybrowngirl we going?? @she_isamore
karlimnelson : @yennao let's just keep going! Only $12
yennao : @karlimnelson it's going to be the latest I've stayed up since I was 23
cayla_monster : @wordsmithlesson
p_swayzee_1 : @l__michele
l__michele : @classy_chic_shyt
nessalove31 : @joliefemme
_queensophie : @_justbibi @evinnicole
linden_kid73 - theprinceclaus - sk_ashraf_siam - ilovenoah12345678 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
We did it! Thank You Philadelphia. Hope We Do You Proud. Signed, your Sons.
alexandra_1400 : @ericapt09 I knew it was going to with such a great line up
kimberlychelabrown : @jldean_uva
detroit_nora : @zpb2blu really
zpb2blu : @detroit_nora ugh Disney
julez.marie : @mandapoint T-minus 48 hours!!!
wakaishoes_hanya_rp_100.000 : Pretty !
mandapoint : @jujuboam can't wait!!
imanjazelle : @cnbanks @myballadingalactica ya'll!! We in there!!
bla_kkk - 5seconds.of.stfu - jade_2001_8c - jaypastorello -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
karlielaine : Quest...I know it was you. I just know it. I had just moved to the city from Utah and there were frequently folks sittin and smokin on the stoop right next to mine on 100 Forsyth, but every so often there was a man with a cute face, Afro, and a big butt who offered to help me carry my milk from the bodega or my pile of was you, I know it. And what's crazy is that I used to listen to The Seed 2.0 every single day as I walked from that stoop to work at Astor Place. I loved that time in my life so much and I just have to know if it was really you. Stop talkin to ^^^^beats n strings and focus!!!
legend_of_zeldin : The mood is so true
sb_hairgoddess : Hey tristen its you @rakugaki1
idris_da_barber : @questlove you are my favorite musician bro! Everytime The Roots come to Baltimore I'm there!!! Peace!!!
chris_snarez : Hey @questlove, what's your favorite type of drumsticks to use?
questlove : @chris_snarez poppeyes/kfc/blue ribbon/patti labelle's I've yet to try
chris_snarez : @questlove cool. Never thought about using the colonel's original recipe on my set. I'll have a bucket waiting on the 13th.
marniethedawg : Stoney Baloney!! 😊
nah_you_first - danielcartoonesco - - slmanstubed82 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Just missed being in a 12 car pileup (the entire overpass sign fell on the ENTIRE highway) by seconds. This is tame compared to what else I saw. Praying for the lives of the others I saw spread out. I know Mercury is in retrograde but man...have mercy #ATL
atl -
revontheedge : @ponydriver79 there's always something
jetmarzo : Whoa spooky final destination thank god youre alright
msshaemama : Thank God for his mercy. I hope everyone is alright.
bo_sail : πŸ™
yanaknits : Praise God
brianlech : @badams37 be safe man. M is in R
shellraegarnes : Wow did the sign cause the crash?
j4351n : what does mercury in retrograde have to do with stupidity?!
champ_is_a_prince - mill100 - daytonfarr77 - justin_norris_27 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
M😑😑D. #BreloVerdict
breloverdict -
mextacy : The show last night in Monterey was epic..thank u
mihanobor : НС Π° . НС ΠΊΡ€ΡƒΡ‚ΠΎ
tio_badhu : That's @ethiusxvii , tell me I'm lying @mrdlomo @young_enza
underpressures : Ugggh. We truly need to change the rules for the police. Needs to be more fear and repercussions for shooting and killing unarmed people.
causeimblossy : MOOKIE
jpinsky : .......Do the right thing.....πŸ˜”
elliotk77 : @jlis10b Thank You!! If you're "afraid for your life" you don't stand in the one spot (the hood of a car) where the 2 people you're "terrified" of can shoot you the easiest!! If you told a small child that bullshit they wouldn't buy it. Never been more ashamed to be from Cleveland. #thisiscle
depmac : And thát's the truth... Ruth...
poppy_x_fordays - oak_dresses - jade_2001_8c - piffp89 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
The only time I'll forgive the bay for giving me crabs. #Monterey
monterey -
stanklunchables : @anhu12 hahahahahahahahahhhah omg
karenjdyck : #lovemyhometown
jordan.strasser : HAHA best caption of all time @fand0n
jcourtneyjr : @d2thea
jenfur13 : #bayarealove
mrsbosu : Hahhahaaa
1melodymaker : My hometown and one of the most beautiful places on earth! No need to ask, I know you enjoyed it!
yanaknits : πŸ˜‚
noelzevon - tazrell379 - cierachimera - thebest_coco -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Crabs on the dock of the bay. Waistin' time. #WhistlePartHere #Monterey.
whistleparthere - monterey -
nel5g : Wrong bay
laurasblair : @nelliebass @blairassic_park where you met!!!
millustrate36 : @coolalyssa we fucked up missed the roots performing in our own backyard.... 😞😫😭😭😭😭
ucsueb : Wrong bay, close though.
kforstmosaics : @atownsager whoa! I can hear the music from my home, but didn't realize the roots were playing.
chefbutta1 : Very Good!
astoldby_thelady : @scones85 this is where our couples retreat will be lol
bricon : Great to have you back! Built your kits @ #montereyjazzfestival
noelzevon - thenugewon - chaise52 - anyadeenyou -
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