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.....& when things get for real my warm heart turns......
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08/02/2016 03:49:25
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
This is w/o a doubt the LAST hip hop group I cared about. The last hip hop group that I put emotional investment in. Man I miss #Jdilla #Baatin & #T3's energy. They was ahead of they time when I was beating cats in the head (don't make me call y'all "they rhyme wack"/"blahblah's beats is WAY better" cats out neither---I stay silent out of respect) & stuff they was making 20 years ago still sounds dope today because they were truly ORIGINAL. When you come w a unique original perspective it lasts forever and ever. #SlumVillage @officialslumvillage
jdilla - baatin - t3 - slumvillage -
afrokong : @angoleiro_sou_eu
mahershalaali : πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘
mrs_parker_427 : Me tooooooo!!!!!!!!! 😩😩 @travares_maakheru
focused_75 : Couldn't have said it better myself!!
hlatshwayomveli : I feel what u saying but mine was Little brother.
thequeenjanine : Yep. Absolutely the last group I put emotional investment in period.
kush1969 : Cool Pic by @ecoleye
a.w.fletcher : Amen @questlove @trevg92
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Welp, panthers lost but if this score stays put, I'm gonna win this pool!!!!! #SB50 s/o to Manning's 200th
sb50 -
baldeaglor : @chestercoperpot weird on multiple #levels
chestercoperpot : @baldeaglor πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
charlene4097 : Was there a football game on today becuz I was at Wal*Mart.
kristina.ananev.76 : Earn $150 a day with the new platform. all info at@business_ideiya
questlove : @taipan50 lol ain't that deep just get a bitmoji app
4horsemeneat : That was a cam letdown in every way....especially the last fumble....
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deron.dmv : It is just about right!
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Mood #sb50
sb50 -
thehauntof : Why?
jkwondoe : H A H A!! 😘 😬
andreasung : @ericajsung Carolina bluuuuue
ceangle13 : Perhaps you are too old and interesting for questloves' teenage fan club
questlove : @ceangle13 he about to enjoy questgatory in 5...4....3....
ceangle13 : Hahaha!!πŸ‘πŸ‘
diannemantilla : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Sorry Quest! Next year🏈
katknoc : @cassiejalilie πŸ˜‚
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
I'll always luh her
hypekillsnyc : Great Feed!
brownskinnedlady : @hola_yeni I almost died
qgirl65 : She was there hanging with @januaryjones and Amy Adams. Guess they were too busy talking to notice who was playing. Lol!
djshumai : @rrmii
djshumai : @mroc11111
sofofoto : @jwhiting360 Lolololololol I think it was Blur
jesskellybitch : @mo_kelly 😭
goldlucky : #Maroon5 πŸ˜‚ well neither are that entirely recognizable
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
When Hov's #TheresBeenAMurder came on my shuffle this morn I didn't know how literal it would be. not 'posed to be having #Oprahchai no how #Doh! #NeedCaffine!!
oprahchai - doh - theresbeenamurder - needcaffine -
annaroxursocks : oh no
cstopfoto : Don't cry over it. Try next to it. No one ever said anything about that.
soosangucci : The combination of Oprah and Hov is what makes this.
etuckermusic : And... That's how you get ants..
fatbaksugasnak : Awwww damn son!!!!
_oldirtybaxter : #NewtonsLaw
hypographia : That's what you get for not drinking a real coffee drink... - elementsoundsystem - burrelephant - m8_boss -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Lol at @chrissyteigen for telling the world I smell like a maple factory (s/o to my agent zoe "lil font" kravitz πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) @zoeisabellakravitz
i_penelope : @julianedward_ see you're not the only one that thinks he smells like maple syrup
julianedward_ : @i_penelope lmao!!!
benjaminturtlecuff : Zoe looks so much like her mom, they should remake 'a different world'.
trbrewster78 : I thought Questlove was the guy from Hootie and the Blowfish.
nino_leeee : @ktleggett @don_carleone138 @zoeisabellakravitz he really does smell like syrup!!!!
soundwaver123 : I've seen Zoe Kravitz in a few movies. She's a good actress.
kristinchalmersphoto : Dude I told you that in Boston. I said you smell like maple on waffles. See? That's a good thing cause you smell yummy!!!
dralexstreet : Yeah I sold you a candle at Anthropologie many moons ago and you smelled amazing
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
charlenestewart_sunshine : Shade🌴
anniembmcd : Gary Idaho? Who knew!
luvthinklaugh : Could I love MJ anymore than I already do???πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
godivajas : @pinkjenk 😩 lol
plantsnpunkrox : My Ma grew up in Gary, IN near the Jacksons. Definitely not ID as the caption location states.
teadigga : Mikey Jax: "Psshhh This niggaaaa"
dennythemenace : @jdenisiewicz @yourkings @jimipatterson @the_phillest
lovemido1 : MJs side eye game is strong ❀
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Wait, what the hell is this? Am I the only person in NYC that had 0 clue I was waking up to this?
tbarnes_2424 : So sad for u ! πŸ˜– chillin in Florida yo ! 🌝🌝
derek_mckenzie : Feel ya bruh
ullis_83 : @questlove we hade that to in sweden 😡
ccann911 : Nothing but that since after Thanksgiving. But Montana can be like that.
musiclovera2 : Your contribution to the "Off The Wall" documentary was on point! Loved every minute. A music lover's music lover.
maylaymadden : What's up Mr rmh
charlene4097 : Is that snow? Only seen it maybe 4 times in my lifetime. Doesn't snow in Mobile, Alabama. I'm jealous Mr. Questlove!!!!!
iamsomejerk : Should've come to Miami for #jdillaweekend
mullahdon7 - xx1oakxx - team_chermion -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Good Love. All About Love. Best #DateNight in #NYC. @BrooklynBowl presents #Bowlmance4: the sweetest, stickiest, hottest, romantic, wet, softest, warmest, nastiest, beautifulest, awesomest, questlovecuratongest, week before valentinesest, cause he gone be gone most of feb-est, so act like you know-est & git cho #Bowltrain on in the dark. #ewf #favoriteinterludeever.
bowlmance4 - datenight - nyc - favoriteinterludeever - ewf - bowltrain -
poeticgenius32 : Thank you @thindown_ollie
lacoolmccool : Your comments be POPPIN LMAO
questlove : @gihon_springs I just killed bowl train. no more.
luvthinklaugh : I have always wanted a nat'l completion to find the next great black band. Considering the passing of Maurice White my yearning for such a completion seems urgent. Seeing that you are part of a phenomenal band plz consider putting together such a completion. Maybe you can partner with a record label and TVOne to make it happen. We need this.
bambissister : Liking the artwork.
barankina.diana : A great method to earn at home! Try Iq_option mobile app and start trading on the financial market. Download for free at @business_ideiya
azuah : @jezellechloe please go to one of these things in my honor
gazalightskin : Last nite was epic! Saving all my love for #bowlmance5 and @questlove
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Throwing ALOT more #EWF love songs in the set tonight. #Bowlmance4 #MauriceWhite @brooklynbowl @earthwindandfire
mauricewhite - ewf - bowlmance4 -
mekca_liz : Bruh. OMG. Can we gooooo? 😩 @peacelovendimsum
thebellabrand : πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜– @al0ha_a
jokayplayer : @jackatoole how funny is this poster for this event?
jackatoole : @jokayplayer our people are famous, and in the BK! πŸ’ž
sugrwatrpurpl : πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” @stephanie_colantonio
nerdrevert : @danragan wish we could do this πŸ˜‰ : @questlove hope u can play Maurice Version of Stand by Me😊 #massive tune
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