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questlove - Questlove Gomez
More Soul More Bowl #BowlTrain @BrooklynBowl tonight
bowltrain -
lightschool : Why no picture please?!
manage_ed : Great set tonight. I enjoyed it a bunch. Wanted to catch you afterwards but you had to head out quickly and you also got you class in the morning, so another time.
ladedum : @oceanbg- tell me you guys where here?๐Ÿ˜˜
hildicator : @lumoava @miialainen vi går!;)
sweetsweeth0ney : I got a little turnt when I read that hashtag @color_me_daige ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
208207 : You have so many projects! Amazing
jamsedw : Love following you QUEST! Always grinding! You work like you broke! I love it. Doin what you love!
thestinanator : Come to CA!!
ereisespieces - johnnyfriedlunycrew - joe_roberts2000 - imdabloodybest -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
#DorkThinksHesGonnaDrown @SteveMandel
dorkthinkshesgonnadrown -
wonka_22 : "What you jump ship"!? #backtothemotherfuckinfuture
_brandonbak : all about those 1031As
alanchrishughes : Why don't you make like a tree McFly, and get outta here!
dorkytheaterguy : Do any of you know where 1635 is?
harv_and_harvette : My density has popped me to you..
bri_mcnasty : Who the hell is John F Kennedy?
cvl8 : >>>>> #50daysofQuestlove <<<<<
benbusbus : "Just give me something without sugar"
tabbshackleton - thekylebmartin - sluadzai - man_low -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Rare #Organix era photo of @TheRoots (l-r @BlackThought, me on drums w/ the Speech from Arrested Development knots in my head, #HubOnBass, #MalikB, & #ScottStorch ---people always ask "wait, THAT @ScottStorchOfficial was a Root?!?! Yes people!) we are doing a gig in #NorfPhilly in the spring of 1993 some 7 months before we got our major label deal w #Geffen. I know that we had two shows this particular Sunday. We would open for #ThePharcyde some 4 hours later at philly's legendary #TheTrocadero #TBT #TheLegendary
scottstorch - thelegendary - tbt - thepharcyde - hubonbass - malikb - geffen - norfphilly - thetrocadero - organix -
missent2nite : Did you see this @spreadluv615
spreadluv615 : @missent2nite crazy!
aishasingletonphotography : @questlove Yes!
missent2nite : You see Scott Storch on the piano @spreadluv615
go_thruit : Was at that Troc. Performed "Free Black Thought" over "Still #1" beat. Was the first of many Roots shows I'd attend.
slimkid3 : @shampagne77 Good times
palefacejesus : @questlove just wanted to share my Roots moment with you. Ive seen you guys over 40 times.. Well I was doing a show at Pontiac Grill on South Street, Scratch was on the bill. The sound system went out. Scratch beatboxed all the music for my set.. Uncle T.. I'll never forget that night.. West Philly boy.. it was a dream come true. Thank you for all the years of making me proud of the 215
kosmaghz - mojcksn - divavsg - lezarodriguez -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
32 Years Ago on March 25th 1983 Michael Jackson Moonwalked on #Motown25. The viral effect of this performance (especially key coming in the age of the VCR & the ability to watch over again and again) will cause his album #Thriller to push ONE MILLION copies every SEVEN days for 2 months. I so remember this night and how it effected everyone the day after it came on tv.
thriller - motown25 -
tattoovik : @dja_one I was in 5th grade & that's all anyone talked about at lunch.
genzo213 : beautiful...
kelstophilis : @jeannabeann
zee_bateria_johnson : @mojcksn
radanelson : Jijiiii shamounaaaaa!!!! @joselut @rcarlos_ @andar777 @arguelles_a @carlosrada6 @danielchacon
joselut : Te best @radanelson
espineli : @loloespineli yes!! I totally remember that tape and this clip!! Wow!! That was so long ago!!
mojcksn : @zee_bateria_johnson yessssssss!
shaffany - tmurphygraham - divavsg - amy_rie10 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Those who know me know I live for DVD Commentaries. Doing my first one with @Hweinger (Harry Weinger) #AlanLeeds @ChrMcbride (Chris Mcbride) for the @Hbo Dvd version of #MrDynamite for #JamesBrown
alanleeds - jamesbrown - mrdynamite -
amaciofavor : Thank you
aaronjdiehl : Hahaha that's awesome
musicbiz101wp : @hweinger is the bomb. Not "da" bomb. No, he's better than that. He is simply the bomb.
wearecharliered : Wanna be wherever this is...
sgomezblair : Cant wait for this!!
rrroseselavy : Shun Lee!
adriandesalvo : Do you have a favorite commentary?
hweinger : That was fun. And we appreciated shun lee's quick delivery. Fuel for the fun.
cdog0207 - tay_quiny - anastacia_ann_shep - silly_ludda12 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
The time that @christiebrinkley kept photo bombing me #UptownGirl #DownTownMan #ThatsWhatIYam #FEYEYIYine #GayleGergich #ParksAndRec
thatswhatiyam - uptowngirl - feyeyiyine - gaylegergich - parksandrec - downtownman -
coolmosquito : She looks amazing
grej : @ccwrayga your twin
ellenadean : @b_a_dean I hate when that happens...
rgselma1 : @questlove Uptown Girl ! ๐Ÿ‘
pixzdst : She so damn dope. ๐Ÿ‘‘
minusthejer : Did she think you were a friendly hat?
_khepera_ : @christiebrinkley did a Total Gym commercial with Chuck Norris... Anyone who breathes Chuck Norris air never ages... very handsome @questlove
therealveedub : Beautiful
sultan.kiris - _bernadettex - cchinchinchillas25 - zekoelomda66 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
CoudGowt *smack* @troygua awesome!
ladyfoofoo : @cocobutterbitch Wrong emoji โค๏ธ
j.jutt : @mutustudio
klrkat : Yes!!!
instabrif : @littlejunebugs
littlejunebugs : @instabrif ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘†
amber_macchiato : @ker04er0
missv2k : @staelauder
mzapes : Love
mojcksn - splurge420 - awfull337 - anniegreenheck -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Wisdom from manager @TinaFarrisTours
johannasuryanto : @yarismusic stingโค๏ธ
phanerricam : Lol
thetruecooleen : @stevens.amanda.e dying!!! Wish I saw this last year... Lol
nldaniel : @kbanek solid logic
tammyparker : Love this!!
nabilasekartanti : @aditya_ramadhan18 Wkwkwkwkwkwk
cerrico : @kolea85
fiffy_hny : @melanie_pfeifer
wrigleysagent - kathanista - si_d_2 - robinsonondemand -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Hosting a Culinary Innovations event for @audi at @coreclub with master chef @WylieDufresne. Grinding in the kitchen #NomNomNom #BonAppetite @questlovesFood
bonappetite - nomnomnom -
dinnerbybayan : @questlovesfood @questlove he's insanely talented!
kserdjenian : "His sea bass is to die for"
instinegram : Omg! @kserdjenian @tresbienmuybien
lyndsayc.allen : It's looking pretty Pup-peroni-ish again @greygreybritt ha!
ohkate : @vincenza I knew about the one they did last year. Glad this one is going well too! @natycarp22 โค๏ธ
imajs : Wylie was at my wedding.
joiloves : See i cldnt hang w u u have a great culinary taste. For a girl means weight. Lol.
chronfused : He was excellent on mind of a chef
jennamaryelizabeth - lisastevens53 - kstrong69 - zazzlebrooks -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Wow man, my sister (follow @Donn_T start now! Album is done!) is the shiznit. Absolutely kilt #CarnegieHall tonight with our #BornUnderPunches cover for the #TalkingHeads show
bornunderpunches - talkingheads - carnegiehall -
clcinsovt : All Hail David Byrne!
chvzmusic : @questlove hey quest!! Is that first track of your boiler room RBMA special still unreleased? Man that song is flames, been waiting to hear the full version for a while now.. Much love man! Keep it real โค๏ธ
penelope.winter : Hey Donn โ˜บ๏ธ... sup you ๐Ÿ‘‹
jillmimo : The Roots and the Talking Heads? !? My head is exploding right now! ๐ŸŽ†
misstennysonlee : She looks like Venus Williams!
ms0808 : She was amazing!
dtonevic : Wow all! Thanks sO much for the love (touched). The album is Flight of The Donn T pre order here ... Thanks again for the support! x
soul1ne : @areteeste1013 Lol, right. Like the IG equivalent of calling the wrong number and leaving a message, awkward as shit.
cabrerainezk - ja_davies - casper_284 - puerilityvol1 -
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