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questlove - Questlove Gomez
I'm on a mission. I've been fighting for 10 years to bring an organic hip hop experience to #Cuba. I get my wish and not a moment too soon (I feel like Cuba will be "south Miami" in about 2 years w Casinos & whatnot) that said I'm about to go Dj 14 mammoth hours of music to the people over 2 days. This more than ANY Dj gig means the world to me. #Cuba #Havana #FabricaDeArtCubano #10DayAdventure #Music.
fabricadeartcubano - cuba - 10dayadventure - music - havana -
shannonspillett : Check out the Cuban hip hop document #eastofhavana by @emilialacubana
paperfrank : Nice job. Glad I was here to see you.
paperfrank : πŸ‘ŒπŸ’
lurayfield : Utopia . . . Step through the wormhole. Vicariously, i experience your involuntary expansion: tranquility.
fhtmgdc : #FHTMG beat u to the punch brah! We got the illest Cuba video! And more on the way!
candidbrandid : Incredible
yelloworangewonderland : Goooooo Thommy!!!!!!!! Love it
borntowinnn1 : Salute
_skxox_ - jacob_loves_sports_alot - badazz_mutha_fucka - snapchat__queen -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
My family just moved in a house with a bigger family follow @Maverick management: home of #Madonna #PaulMcCarteny #U2 #JasonAldean #LilWayne #AliciaKeys #Pharrell #OneRepublic #NickiMinaj #BritneySpears #MileyCyrus #LilyAllen ....& #TheRoots
onerepublic - jasonaldean - pharrell - mileycyrus - lilwayne - theroots - u2 - nickiminaj - britneyspears - aliciakeys - madonna - paulmccarteny - lilyallen -
justinvaughn : Oh ok so the label folded but it's still a management company
jacobblair : I think I've heard of those people
itsindika : @beijingsingh what a lineup
christiannesalac : @francescasalac new world order
vic.santana.oq : Deftones
baptoche_ : A lot of Free Mason artists I hope that some artists here will get out of it because the end is not so beautiful for them this is serious
malibukelly : Nice! πŸ™Œ
lurayfield : Still in shock that this has happened. A Whole New World . . . . . . . .
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
Livin Off The Wall. Thanks @FaceBook & @Instagram.
magikjohnsonator : Kinda creepy
clcinsovt : MJ 4evr
d_irvin : @joeyjeanfontaine fresh
rcbrill : @itsrana πŸ˜‚
qu073179 : you look like a ghost. am I dumb?
valzababy : Outstanding
lurayfield : Looks like a still from Distortion To Static
yana_rene : defying gravity I see πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ
rbeckett160192 - _pixie_love_ - froboy72 - lexie.r.s -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Invading #Instagram's snacks #FacebookCampus #Instagram #10DayAdventure
facebookcampus - 10dayadventure - instagram -
losammon : Om nom nom
lalastein69 : My daughter is gonna be in CAPA this coming September for vocal.
humanfarm : Dang is so good
03lafaye : What! That's my office fam! I'm on vacation though! @questlove
azeiton9 : When are ya visiting #Twitter, @questlove?
hueynguyenhomes : Would love to see you! Big fan. You probably won't get to San Jose. Have fun here! Be sure to get some authentic Vietnamese food!
ylove613 : @aamaliaa OMG
vivaitsvega : @jojo_ofdubg I literally just had cereal in there πŸ˜‚
kiya_crowell - desenuts92 - shayabates - _pixie_love_ -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
Dude. #Oculus. SERIOUSLY is about to change the game (literally) #10DayAdventure #SiliconValley #FacebookCampus
facebookcampus - siliconvalley - 10dayadventure - oculus -
ljonesbeats : Playing some summer lesson quest?
luxurylatte : Ayyyee Quest is in the Bay Area! While your in town see if you can score a spot at Lazy Bear in SF. Wonderful spot for foodies, I think you would enjoy the courses and experience @questlove
mmoheeka : I saw you here!
kimlegge56 : Haha!
ricky_dough : Daft Punk x Questlove
brenda_cheese : @ashleypinnick good coincidence!!!!
hyprvoidflex : Morpheus is gonna change oculus @playstation
monsieurbibz : Love it
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
turkish_the_jerkish : @kevan_aaron
bromtji : Bouncing
itssoulone : See Line Woman #kerrichandler
bailedavid : your shit is so organized quest
_danee_ms_ : The Police and then The Spinners. Where are The Roots?
thenewb : 1st down!
evangelinemag : @n_daniellemagpusao .....
reybeeto : True musicians like @questlove organize their library like this. #GSharp
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questlove - Questlove Gomez
You can adopt pets to keep you company in the rooms. She needs a name: gimme one #10DayAdventure #BayArea
bayarea - 10dayadventure -
emilynicolefahrner : Guru!
kwest711 : Krissy
ulysses : Goldie Loc
sol_train : Dead Meat. Goldfish need at least a 100L tank to live a decent life.
bogart.robinson : what kind of home is that? that just wrong Quest- got that fish livin in the ghetto
nmlondon : So did you name it?
phreshflix : Gold Member
darkbrilliance : heartbreaker and questlove
triverse80 - mackenziegreenlee04 - guin47 - sinfulbitchh -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
If I was in the ministry my communion wafers would be off the chain dunny. Once again, great afternoon with the mad wacky scientists of #ModernistCuisine @modcuisine #NathanMyhrvold (remember my cereal porcelain bowl idea) thanks for having me and showing me the art & science behind food. #10DayAdventure Day 3!
nathanmyhrvold - modernistcuisine - 10dayadventure -
jacobblair : If you were in the ministry id go to that church!
linda_eirene : @david_esp90
francineli : This is amazing @modcuisine @seattlefoodgeek @questlove!
kymmy_schmidt : @questlove, I agree with @jackmcnutt.... STICKERS!
monicaanncouture : love it!!
samdotcom_ : Decluster al dunkachug.
victoriascookie : Dude looks like a Native American warrior! Warriors? What? Warriors be rock in' the court!
marion_xochitl : @lookatlen
i_have_a_speical_lady - michael_lovespizza - queenleo08.13 - buds420greenflowers -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
#NathanMyhrvold (he was key figure at Microsoft & got out to pursue his real passion: the science of food for you newbies) demonstrates the key cooking method that allows chicken (duck or turkey) to be ultra crispy on the outside and juicy as hell on the inside) he also gave me a preview of his second #ModernistCuisine extravaganza about bread (remember how Rising Up/Rising Down was a study of violence done in volumes? He is literally writing the bible of the history of bread, from its origins ---did I hear Africa? to Manna to Bagels to Wonder to --just name it (sadly doughnuts and biscuits are in the pastry files, although he confirmed that Krispy Kremes are indeed in the bread family) look I'm dweebing out but my new "must go to" spot in Seattle will be @modcuisine.
nathanmyhrvold - modernistcuisine -
simoneduff : @the_modernman
nayno55 : @norris_nw
kelly_the_red : In my backyard! Thanks Questlove! Glad to see creativity and innovation coming out of the techy PNW. Can't wait to try!
kelly_the_red : Ps enjoy the city! Possible protest downtown today, so mind the traffic. : @chefcobian Check this out :)
cityguy19130 : @mannanourishes we want to show you how our Chef Keith Lucas does it for 750 clients everyday #FoodIsMedicine #NeighborsNourishingNeighbors #LovePhiladelphia @questlove
mannanourishes : ^ what he said! Come by our kitchen @questlove and see what we are all about at MANNA! #PhillyNonprofits #BrotherlyLove
brothajoel : @bigegonup
i_have_a_speical_lady - cwadee722 - hitmeuplater - jamalcarter426 -
questlove - Questlove Gomez
I can't even begin to express the Wonka-like experience I had at @modcuisine (#ModernistCuisine) I was never a science geek in school. But yet as of late I've found myself exploring how science and food are connected (seeing #FerranAdria teach at Harvard got that ball rolling) #NathanMyhrvold's story is mind blowing. A cat that is living his dream and having a ball doing it. Getting into his science compound and getting the grand tour (complete with this amazing 14 course meal) is hard as hell. I am grateful that he made this happen for me. It's the closest Willie Wonka "how does food work?" experience I'll ever have. @questlovesfood @cook4quest #BlindedMeWithNomnomnom
blindedmewithnomnomnom - nathanmyhrvold - modernistcuisine - ferranadria - humblebrag -
plasticities_ : @kaiteresa @amylala_ @iciwici that good good
a_steph_h : @shanalexisg
305.201.215 : @whatsyourgimmick wanna check it out?
jsoleil : Kung Fu Girl is gooooooood!
beezstachio : @cleffysworld @shilpi_p when we going 😜
nola_james : @magnoliamakeup
hotvicness : Loooove Kung Fu Girl riesling!
iciwici : @kaiteresa @amylala_ @plasticities_ mm I miss it! Also u just sent me on a journey through questlove's food obsession and I like it
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