Pure Michigan

See and share the beauty and unspoiled nature Michigan has to offer. Tag your photos #PureMichigan to give us permission to repost.
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puremichigan - Pure Michigan
We're getting ready for #fall in #PureMichigan with the launch of our new billboards and bus wraps. Check them out at michigan.org/blog. This colorful image was captured along the shores of Lake Superior!
puremichigan - fall -
fille_du_fleuve : Sweet
johnsonbrenner : Love yakin this
mwim : Ugh sooo homesick for Michigan
essyelle : @huh_nation eye
masterful_v : Michigan is gorgeous in the fall
bazudy : @bizana one of the only times i miss michigan ... fall colors
dancobe : @laylaeloa
audreyxjeanette : @avstradamvs
bookie_brookie - jenrater - tmzbroderick - chellybaby_xo -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
Happy Labor Day! We hope your day is as relaxing as this view from Oscoda overlooking the AuSable River by @suzys24. #PureMichigan
puremichigan -
joeyy_oey : I love the ausable!!
frattinimmm : Damn suzy on puremichigan @suzys24
mollyyraey : @kristavelasquez
will_sauce7 : @andrew_r17
jay_brash : @gabrielassierp
atappan : @siriusrunner
goncaloneto : @kaydpea I will. Thank you for the tip!
jenrater : @davebenjamin Road trip! We still need to make up for the fall colors sailing we missed in Oscoda. #PureMichigan #Oscoda
stepheilene - mayo0o0oo - caidenp - haydenlukaszka -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
Breathtaking shot of a starry night sky over Little Sable Lighthouse. Thank you to @thecraighensel for letting us share the beauty! #PureMichigan
puremichigan -
mrsbilicki : Gorgeous!
bailey_gibb : @fanricoy chill on me
mikeconnick : @thecraighensel Great shot and congrats on the feature, Craig!
huddasma : 😍
forageandforge : Gorgeous!
perkinsk8 : What a great shot.
kcg11236 : Whooohoo gorgeous pic
joybell0322 : Beautiful
joanne1032 - jcswebe - markhartman87 - stephaniencunningham -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
Happy Saturday! We love this shot of a blazing sun over Arch Rock on Mackinac Island from @joeldanto. #PureMichigan
puremichigan -
jenna_leveille : It's annoying @valuumify
elainephee : We were there this week, gorgeous!!
valuumify : @jenna_leveille lol how.
whitneyrose_18 : I went there!
jo_brand_616 : @pj_cady
pj_cady : @jo_brand_616 Is this where I parked my car?!!!
nikpickle : @danie930
audreyxjeanette : @avstradamvs
eiizabethb - jcswebe - anishkatyal84 - krystellern11 -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
A field of golden sunflowers set against a perfect golden sunset to kick off #LaborDay weekend in #PureMichigan. Awesome capture in Midland County by @dmason4589!
puremichigan - laborday -
detroitgypsy : @itsjustsherm id hoop forever in the middle ✨🌻
nicholefern : @ashleyrose_
bathsheba13 : @dreacakes_xo Wouldn't this be lovely?!
brigentry12 : Shoo @ellison94
chele4104 : @marti411
hmmtayy : @homamdb ?!??!
porcupineshirlie : Love this picture !
audreyxjeanette : @avstradamvs
reddplatte - alikcameron - sunsethickey - caitlinskrodenis -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
Gorgeous day to hit the links on Arthur Hills Golf Course at Boyne Highlands. Thanks to @lucaste for the postcard worthy photo! Do you have any #PureMichigan golf planned for the long weekend?
puremichigan -
stinso15 : @lucaste you're my hero #tson
aaron_mcwilliams : @oliverwilke @hmcwill can't swing yet since surgery 4+wks ago! Played this course a few times :)
shakylimbs : @mspencerman
beachbbygrl : We were there last week
kipnkato : @cpearcy126
reeb44 : @mikerich66
mikerich66 : Holy smokes. @reeb44
flimflamy : @amandacnelson off the slopes/course and out on the water ⛵️❤️
mikeconnick - lumberjackpete - porcupineshirlie - etymophile -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
Wild Michigan blueberries, a scenic sunset and the Grand Sable Lighthouse – Now that's #PureMichigan! Thank you to @smilesbeek for the fantastic photo.
puremichigan -
jannyschacht : So beautiful!!
fredregs : Fantastic photo👌
jo_brand_616 : @surprisedbuffet
mrs_tob : @todd_robert ahhh take me there!!
danivasquez : @anorthcook yeah amen thank you
sweedymcp : Yes take me there
honeymachiasandme : @geeeeeewojo Love it!!! That is an order.
mikeconnick : @smilesbeek Nice shot and congrats on the feature!
hapiegirl - lindylou1120 - jeanette_smith0725 - jsjoberg64 -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
Today is #NationalDogDay! Do you have photos of your #PureMichigan pup enjoying the outdoors? This one was captured by @jzborilphotography on a walk around Weko Beach Campground: http://puremi.ch/1qJxbSI
puremichigan - nationaldogday -
colemcnulty : If you need a collar like that you're a bad dog owner you need to learn how to train a dog instead of trying to stab it in the neck
zeinabobudi : 👏
abbeyr1313 : Promoting National Dog Day with a prong collar is TERRIBLE! If your dog pulls while walking use an Easy Walker or other similar harness. Dogs have opposition reflex and a collar like that won't do anything to stop the pulling. Please do your research and stop using and promoting prong collars.
a_ram22 : Ok @abbeyr1313
honeymachiasandme : It IS an unfortunate choice, to represent the site and the day. Prong collars are just a lazy alternative to training your dogs. Doing better, feels better. Try to rise above...
cherissehyttinen : To many uneducated ppl on here. Some dogs only respond to prong collars and can be a great option if used correctly! The dog is healthy looking and a nice pic
esmitty3266 : I agree- too many uneducated consumers and dog lovers. Those collars are not harmful if used CORRECTLY. I'm so glad that this photo was posted! Great looking dog, appropriate use of the collar, and a WONDERFUL beach setting!! Wish I was there at that beach! :)
dirt8387 : Love the photo. And the dog. And that's why I love pure Michigan!!!!!!!!
e7o2 - nanasha6743 - jamin_smith - porcupineshirlie -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
This bright sunny view of Fishtown in Leland, MI never gets old. Thanks to @kathryncpage for the great photo! #PureMichigan
puremichigan -
ashdog07 : @kaylakoo313 if only I could send you one!
kimkozlowski417 : So many summers here!
sydzvicious : @simplygr8ness
danielledewey : @ellalonde thought you would love this pic!
ellalonde : @danielledewey I do! That view will never get old!
danielledewey : I agree it's gorgeous!!! @ellalonde
sbbalash : @janjan1166 it's our boat!
audreyxjeanette : @avstradamvs
jamesianmott - chickola.22 - samnmi10 - karengrot -
puremichigan - Pure Michigan
Calm water reflects a cloud filled sky at Marquette Harbor Lighthouse. Thanks to @mapimi for the stunning photo! #PureMichigan
puremichigan -
65lak : Stunning
mollymaria9 : @quiltusconundrum I KNOW. I talked to one of my friends who goes to NMU and asked her if there was a lighthouse in Marquette and she said yes. 😑 I guess that means we'll just have to go again...
gladysmccoy : This looks so calm, so peaceful, so calm. I wish I were there.
syl2us : @rleon88
tshear15 : Nice teddy! @mapimi
mulltammy : :);)
waylb : waylb@jansabin - thought you should see😘
honeymachiasandme : @geeeeeewojo hearts Michigan 💚
e7o2 - nanasha6743 - liviasuexo - zrcunning -
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