We provide our customer with her dream dress through a seamless and stress-free shopping experience. Shop our feed below! πŸ‘‘
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promgirlxo - PromGirl
No seriously, how lovely would you look in these lace Prom dresses?!
kelly_weaver97 : @alyssaaa76
amanda_griffin00 : @kaychibb I like the middle one
diegosamayoa : @pamelawhite_
alyssaaa76 : @kelly_weaver97 I really like the black one in the left actually
xiomara_marie3 : @promgirlxo what style is all the way on the right?
kelly_weaver97 : Yeah that's the one I like too☺️ @alyssaaa76
promgirlxo : @xiomara_marie3 The style number of the dress on the right is TW-4116. xo, PG  - queeenk36 - lexxeee - ashlee_ss -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
Try the one-shoulder trend for Prom! It's regal, unique and oh so chic.
johana.valdivia : The red dress 😍😍😍😍
simrennijhawann : @aditinx that's like your bebe dress on the left
aditinx : @simrennijhawann omg it's the same
kenyanqueen14 : @katie_nagy12
katie_nagy12 : Do u wanna wear that? @kenyanqueen14
kenyanqueen14 : @katie_nagy12 It would be cute but it shows skin ugh
kaykay_marie123 : @ovotjc
rawan_sharkas - frederique925 - guyniks - u_hn12 -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
Let us help you find your dream Prom dress! Our team is available to chat 8am to 11pm EST, Monday - Friday and 12pm to 11pm EST, Saturday and Sunday!
nenerok1397 : You can't do anything to help my dress is gone and now I can't go to prom
lovelyyshaii : My dream dress is the Cinderella one, but my prom isn't till 2017 ): goshhhh
promgirlxo : @nenerok1397 Hello! I am so sorry to hear that! Would you like us to help you find something similar? xo, PG 
promgirlxo : @lovelyyshaii Hello! We're pretty mesmerized by the Cinderella dress too! xo, PG 
lovelyyshaii : Will you guys have it still in 2017?
promgirlxo : @lovelyyshaii It is a limited edition dress but I'm sure you'll be able to find you something similar! xo, PG
lovelyyshaii : 😭
nenerok1397 : Yes I would love that
tiffany.fernandezjohnson - snm15 - bryn.gym519 - alyssabartkowicz -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
This week's JVN by Jovani Promposal winner is Julia C.! How picture perfect is this?! She made her previous year's Prom photo into a puzzle and asked her date to put it together. Once complete, it said "Let's Do It Again! Prom?" 8 Weeks left! To enter, send us a photo or video with caption to!
sophieee_larsen : @_hayleykate_
_laurbennett : If I entered last week, can I enter again?
promgirlxo : @_laurbennett Hello! You are only allowed one entry for this contest. xo, PG 
_laurbennett : Will my promposal be considered again or is it only by weekly submissions?
promgirlxo : @_laurbennett Hello! There is only one entry permitted for this contest! xo, PG
_laurbennett : So if I submitted already last week, there is a chance I can still win?
thebilliondollararm : Haha, dejavu i guess @georgiawarmbein πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’
cslack_21 : @raelyn_stuart my brother did that once. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
ccspikeit - koyaaaa2 - hplola - alyssabartkowicz -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
Get it girl!! Double tap if you're shopping for your Prom dress this weekend! : Tonight! Get it for free✌
tori_pfeifer : This Sunday!^-^
emma_dawson : @giulsistanbullu Ya baby
maggie__werner : @gracepasini
indys_17 - cresswellandrea - hplola - shaelyn.t -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
The weekend is almost here and we want to give away a $50 gift card! Double tap and comment below with one word that describes how you feel in your PromGirl dress.
_22arual : Beyonce
strawberryana16 : Extraordinary
paigetok : Magical ✨
yeeitsmila : Beautiful
monigirrrl : Comfortable
shaelyn.t : elegant
yordalismichelle_ : I feel like a queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘‘
naomigtz98 : Special ❀ @promgirlxo
pinkgirlygirl - strawberryana16 - paigetok - rk11xo -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
Check out our stunning PromGirl Of The Week Rebecca! We'll be featuring one PG customer each week during Prom season. Don't forget to tag your pics with #PGONME - we just might pick you!
global - pgonme -
rebeccahowlett : oh hey this is me oh my goddddd <3333
rebeccahowlett : @beach.girl15 @hannahalexd thank you both for saying that πŸ˜„
hannahalexd : No prorom it is realy hot on u
woah_itsryry : @victoriasaenzz me
emily.hobart : That's my girl!!! My little model!! @rebeccahowlett so proud! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
rebeccahowlett : love ya @emily.hobart πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
emileemcdermott : Omg that's my little angel! SO PROUD HONEY πŸ’‹πŸ‘Ό @rebeccahowlett
rebeccahowlett : BAE LOVE YOU ❀️❀️❀️ finally I have a photo with more likes than yours 😎 @emileemcdermott
rk11xo - alyssabell1995 - addyson_m - emileemcdermott -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
#Repost @sherrihill Shop this on PromGirl! Style number: SH-32107
As if we needed another reason to love #PLL!😍 Last night's finale was crazy good and Hanna @itsashbenzo looked on point at #Prom in #SherriHill. ❀️
prom - pll - sherrihill - repost -
katemorales__ : Do you know where Emily's dress can be found?!!!
katiijane : @katemorales__ it's a @macduggal !
katemorales__ : @katiijane omg thank you
katiijane : @katemorales__ you're welcome! not sure if it's a released design yet but they posted about it!
katemorales__ : @katiijane ugh I want it so bad!! If I won't be able to get it for this prom then FORSURE I want it for my prom because I graduate next year and I'm going this year with a friend! Thanks tho!
jiayevenessa : @vickkyunicorn @vicckyunicorn 😍😍
luluduran10 - shotsbish_ - marta_trevi - skittlesqueen1 -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
It's PROMPOSAL season! We've teamed up with JVN by Jovani to bring you this year's Promposal Contest and we're giving away one of their dresses every Friday, for the next 9 weeks! To enter, send a photo or video with caption to We'll announce the winner and share their promposal story with you every Friday!
sweetbaby226 : What kind of photo or video?
sissy897 : @j_siebs10 hurry I need a date to enter!!!
allysonlombardo : @angelo013 πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
elizabeth_darbe : @_hannah_carr_
_hannah_carr_ : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @elizabeth_darbe
aqua_marineex3 : @__liciaaa_xo
kristen__alexis : Just emailed my story :) @promgirlxo
adhdelange : I emailed my story as well 😊
miranda_2k17 - unknown_swaggg - skittlesqueen1 - l_needam -
promgirlxo - PromGirl
Graduate to the best-dressed list! Check out these 3 graduation looks that we can't get enough of.
indrapicerno : 1,3πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
ninahood : Lol I had the second dress for hc!!!
chescarsimeon : @neyxtar njoo ujione viwalo vya gradu dogo
jiayevenessa : @vickkyunicorn @vicckyunicorn 3
alyssameganx : @an_ge_li_na_03 the last one would look good with your skin hair and eyes
luluduran10 - allybear_2014 - skittlesqueen1 - barriosale3 -
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