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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Sw flip back tail last week in London. πŸ“·: @cj_photo. @primitiveskate @kingpinmag
marvin_o2 : Sick 😷
dylanthetaco : @_colinsakamoto
gigiro96 : @planvlad i hope sooo!:)
dariomestre : @iliveforskate quase que o apanhava mos
lord.pretty.flacko.matheus : Hey paul my mom thinks your hot but i dont really care cuz u'd be a cool step dad ok thx bye
prince__edward : See you at the @xgames homie
the_sk8ta : Look at the pic I posted @prod84
e_reynoso19 : Yeeeeee πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Thanks @sidewalkmag for the interview. Click the link in my bio to check it out.
g.___.p : @haidandan hey look it's me -.\
julieta.guerrero : @prod84 😍❀️
ibennysmith : @jack_herman_6 is tht u?
thrasherbabe_ : 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
josicarolina16 : @prod84 el amor de mi vida! El padre de mis 74 hijos! Mi amor platonico
haidandan : @g.___.p !!!!!
yoouulie47 : Chunky face still cute
villianmomdeb1 : Man, you look like your dad, only ... scruffier! ;-)
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@nicktucker "bbq" deck, available now at primitiveskate.com. Free gift with orders this weekend plus free shipping for U.S. orders. @primitiveskate
karenerrefe : 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
fardin.taha75 : Ckgfpf
saintarcherbrew : @hopspost there are a few in the back there on the BBQ.
felipe.wada47 : Sim hahahaha @joao_sktt
hopspost : @saintarcherbrew Alright, just looking out. Seems like it would have been a good opportunity to highlight 2 sick brands at once #properboards #properbrews #nocorona #lookslikeamodelobacktherelol #boardsandbrews
x___amigo___x : @vvcc___ buy me this
graham__shuff10 : @evansykes_
bradbeaton67_ : @cdands sick
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Check out @chrisjoslin_'s #FullClipFriday. πŸ“Ήby: @spanishmiketv and @abrahammayorga. Check out the full vid at YouTube.com/ProdVids
fullclipfriday -
loosechange_bh : @muelnash
samo_buq : @donnyderp
_abstrak : Awesome idea
shredforjezuz : Shout out to guru & premier
edwinr0 : Shoulda put the song man
fernando_skate7 : @miguel_joslin
taropanda : Love gang starr
bgray.99 : @downingpeyton
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@bastiensalabanzi's new "first kill" deck is now up at primitiveskate.com!! All orders this weekend get a free gift and free shipping for U.S. orders. @primitiveskate
the_real_sesh : sickest thing ever!
_highimlucaz_ : @lavane001 πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
taylorrandyclark : @orthner31 subtle !!
tms2465 : sick, wish I could have artwork as wallpaper or something
syph09 : @johnjohnsavoy12
alex_roas : @lucas_sbr top d+
ericabowen : This ones cool @sidewayshatch
nalon.eusoj : @j.vandy 😍
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
The one year anniversary of @saintarcherbrew feels like yesterday, but here we are again! Hope everyone can make it out tomorrow for this special day.
saintarcherbrew : @mo_liquor @saintarcherbar
saintarcherbrew : @brandencoler @saintarcherbar
brandencoler : Sd is like 45 min away from me. Awesome. @saintarcherbrew thanks.
tovar28 : @prsncop
benjourno : @d_thrall didnt you post this picture?
89danny_boy : @skatelifeleo @_al_18 @stephmon91
d_thrall : I did indeed! @benjourno we used it for these awesome fliers! Yeewww
mexisicilian : @funky_cold_molina1
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Available now at primitiveskate.com! Free shipping this weekend on all U.S. orders. @primitiveskate @nicktucker @bastiensalabanzi
mamzour : Lyf goes on so dnt wait
deathstatement : @bailey_geissler im gonna get miguel one of these... damn I'm racist
thilkerbaumer : The the amigos! I love that movie. Dear little buttercup
kinglilg_jr : That's dope
serenaluv5 : @orybravo
orybravo : @greget
____llexx : @nick_soliz024 you and you bros should get these
st_slayer : @eldozaur @cfhthe3rd these ones are kick ass too
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
A few moves from last week at #MACBA. πŸ“Ήby: @kylesteneide. @primitiveskate
macba -
joshr_27 : @rorywick
gil_skt4ever : Best @digg.man
dasbake16 : @sc.reyes
rurv123 : @otis_bailey_ steeeeeeeziest tre I've ever seen
ma_holo : @thethwarts yeaaa macba!!
vitokomlenac : sick!!
wiz_cali_fas : How do you put music in your vids
sammi_fit : Woah πŸ˜›πŸ˜„
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
S/O to my boy Mike Epps for always coming through @primitiveshoes for the best shoes and apparel and keeping the crew laughing! #PrimitiveShoes #MikeEpps
primitiveshoes - mikeepps -
chrissniggah : Fuck you @black_rican_420 #mikeepps is a funny ass nigga you #sleep bruh
felicia.rodarte : @victoryaalexis @__carlo_
lil____foot : Ok so quit being a bitch... @prod84 come to Indiana..
big_daddy_arch : @eppsie
kbelo.correa : Kkk resident evil
the_real_odie : @prod84 It's #BlackDoug from the #Hangover
nihat.rehimov : pisbgunundedi
playboysay : Shave
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Sw tre from yesterday's @primitiveskate demo. πŸ“·: @hermanjshots
belgiumskatevideos : Follow us for awesome skate videos!
eddiesharp_ : @lankylurker
lankylurker : @txnyymillxr WE MADE IT ON TO HIS INSTA
txnyymillxr : My n**ga we made it
kbrockman12 : Hey can you send me a board @prod84
anthonyreyes420 : Do you have snapchat @prod84 ✌️
n.baldman : COME BACK TO PLAN B U BITCH πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
james_curtis93 : Nearly won the board he threw @baysixty6 and some Eastern European non skater stole it. Zucks
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