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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
#RP from my dawg @carlosribeiro91 #fbf 📹by: @marcos_rdsj
rp - fbf -
berathefilmer : Ad me on sc @/Enjoi_SkatingXD 4 cool photography and sk8ing
cmariecotto : 😍 @alphapapayankee
dantiexy_4 : Prod know Edgart from El paso
plecks_rok : Lil bday line. Nice beat. @mf_llama
quimbosch_ : Aixo si que esta ben grabat malaltis @pere_montana
pere_montana : Ya veras els videos que us fare quan tingui el ojo pez 😌😌 @quimbosch_
justinwolfsen : Macba @rubenn_sb @l.ymfc @rikspelt
jimmeh87 : @herschelies I seen this line, how easy did he do that!
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@saintarcherbrew is having a 30% off sale all weekend. Saintarcherbrewery.com
fart_740 : @mikeytaylor1 😂👏
dijonmu5tard : @ericao03
joey_magana : @increasinglyaloof
val_p : @bleus74
tom.needham259 : Oooohh ......shit balls
ruderu : @k_marty 😳😳😳
_zavage : What r those
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Shop and save at primitiveskate.com. @primitiveskate
annais_rodriguez : Babe😻
carlos_skates99 : Yes!!!
carlos_skates99 : (J.S)❤
marvin_mendiola11 : Is @christopherchann on primitive @prod84
skater_pups15 : My birthday is on July 4 😁💯
the_hnic : Just bought one, gotta show my support
bsmith_2018 : @lizzie.duncanson
barrera.omar : @rulo_14
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
It's on #prod9 #nikesbzoom
prod9 - nikesbzoom -
skylerscheid : @oddmyl WHAT ARE THOSEEEEEEEEE
adalilq : Nace,,,,
steezyangel1 : @that_kidd_geoo
that_kidd_geoo : Fire 🔥 @steezyangel1
gamasena : @rasyiid_kocit
idayugghallday : With that price i could get three skate shoes, never again buying shoes from nike coming out with these non-durable shoes. made a bad decision with the skate free's sticking with skater owned companies
natefyock99 : @idayugghallday 👌👍👐✋👏🙌
thom_surf : @idayugghallday amen
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveskate 📷: @hermanjshots
argel04 : @chinarlette
mr_andren : @tinymari can I grow my hair out like this?
nick_jefferson : ??? Why is there a target sticker on the top left of his board
jackson.willy : Yeah @r_elkins_7
_siulluis_ : @nick_jefferson skates target boards duhh 😂😂
s.teezyl : @nick_jefferson because he gets paid sponsor money
mespuka : Linduuuu
chrisstheskater : 👌🏻 your a inspiration to all skaters ...I still look up to you till this day🙏🏼 thanks man @prod84
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Got to hang out with @kingjames the other day. #thatwasprettycool
thatwasprettycool -
mishpatjaquez : Step away from the cocky
ferplazac : Ahah que chilo @omaramzbtn 😍💕
jaymillionz_ : Look at the size difference @yungkvsh1
doobnukem : Mason handshake 👀
lcatalds : @the_scharf
otaviogrc_ : To sei @g_carvalhoo
guilherme_edson : Nice picture
jmcrae53 : 2 living legends... @marcopolo000
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
What’s up? #prod9 #nikesbzoom
prod9 - nikesbzoom -
jonny.garcia_ : The 9th @cx_anthony @sloth_skates
_kyletenney_ : @trent_mailman
alesktabreu : Porra ja ta no nove @instagrillado @pedro_bsousa
skatehustledeecy : @leokilel and he strikes again......
yaelh2 : Just get a warning shirt pigeon and we'll be triplets😂@spitfire_chris @pigeon_to_thrasher
glo.fucking.choko : @flops333 👌🏿👍🏿
duartesavage : @joseph.bruh
bobtrannn : See I told you is won't be on Google @20_jacko_02
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveskate 📷by: @hermanjshots
jake.showerperson : @noah_doherty dude felipe is the new nac master😂
aefxcbzczam : #微信:liru226ci#世界顶级美包包美鞋名表celine赛琳秋千包diorissimobv胎牛皮男包#微信:liru226ci#世界顶级美包包美鞋名表celine赛琳秋千包diorissimobv胎牛皮男包#微信:liru226ci#世界顶级美包包美鞋名表celine赛琳秋千包diorissimobv胎牛皮男包
anthonymm : @prod84 great shot
sameheyliger : Am grip @dougdesautels
dougdesautels : @sameheyliger that is primitive grip
sameheyliger : Ik @dougdesautels but the trick is the am grip logo
noah_doherty : @jake.showerperson yeah but p rod is the original master
heykat843 : @sammymckibbin
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Blessings🙏 .....thanks @nikesb for believing in me all these years!!
skater_sander123 : Sb
iceelick : Pisses me off what Nike is doing..😴 They give you a new shoe every year but how 'bout Omar Salazar and Stefan Janoski? They only have one shoe and they e been out for more that 4 years. Also they're other amazing skaters on the team that don't have a pro shoe.. For example Gino Ianucci, Alex Olson Youness Armani, Justin Brock, Ishod Wair, Daryl Angel and more! And Nike didn't even make a shoe for remembrance of Lewis Marnell. I'm most certainly pissed off that the Legend Gino Ianucci hasn't had a pro shoe. Nike's full of shit.
iceelick : Don't get me wrong, Nike has done a lot of amazing things in skateboarding and have one of the best teams.
nike.jp : @iceelick keep buying our shoes
kendal_kleinhenz : Already cop'd these!
christopher._.ramirez : Have them
steezyguy97 : I'm a huge fan of you but can you please lower the price for these shoes because I really want them for my birthday and the P-Rod 9's are so expensive @prod84
lushlifexl : Its not hard to believe in you when you're one of the greatest skaters to ever do it
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Back to backs with @shanejoneill & @mikeytaylor1 📹 by @ericbork
voltslaysall : That's me lol @martinramos__
patrick.26 : @john_diazz_ yo me lo saco ermano😂🔝cundeee
john_diazz_ : 😂😂 yo tmb bro @patrick.26
ondraimpalla : @tiremat
stydio_7 : Awesome!
westside_frylokk_ : @dgkdetroit
youpooface : @carpet_smarties @trudge0475
yannick_schumacher : @adri_bm13
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