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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Thank you to all the fans who came out to @streetleague today and those of you who watched on TV. You guys support has been amazing!!! @primitiveskate @nikesb
lee_leo_ : You're a sick skater P-Rod, keep up the great work! Thanks for making time to sign my poster and taking a picture with me. πŸ’™πŸ˜β€οΈ @prod84
laxjt : Hey @prod84 you should make a all gold primitive skate board with the gold deck gold trucks and find some sweet gold wheels it would be awesome Do it
andrewmcabe : Hey Paul, I have been trying to hard to get a hold of you so I can spend one day with you skating, I wanted you to teach me how to kickflip better. You are my inspiration and when I turn 18 I want the same Jesus tattoo as you because I believe He saved me from my sins. And I will continue to try to spend a day with you and if i don't get it i hope I have a better change in Heaven. @prod84
codynissn : @jakec0ttier gtfo
jakec0ttier : @codynissn na g
jose14189 : Ur the best skater Paul just keep on riding
marcos555554 : Can you sign the camera so I can take a screen shot and have your auto graph?
tannysworld : Legend prod
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Watch the @streetleague finals live on @foxsports1 at 5:00pm PST. #SLSonFOX #streetleague
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moni_arami : πŸ˜‘πŸ‘Š
nick_7simon : You'll get there @mannyfresh46
paowow_ : 😍😍😍😍luv u!!!!! I was there're
paowow_ : There *
just.prayz : He Is My Uncle! Im Not Even Lying . Ive Never Met Him But I Would Like To! If I Were To Talk To Him Boit Our Family Line He Would Know Me . Kinda
david_pusheswood : Those nollie heels 
dramomma6 : πŸ‘watched it!! Was awesome!!
sus_josie : @just.prayz yeah he is my dad
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Tune in! @streetleague
michaelcheem : Good luck
blaxxwell : Sendin good vibes πŸ™ @prod84
sebastian_carbajal : Good job Prod!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ @prod84
noggasaki : I'm here I want to meet you!!
toryroxx : Met him!! #bucketlist
best_tightend_ever8580 : Hey man good job on the SLS there's always next year πŸ‘ @prod84
cookbrandon : @tbs440 @rickyhutchison_ @liamkhuz @cameronnelson__
markhallerstrom101 : Oh Man missed Street League by a weekend, really wished I could have been there!!!!
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Hanging with @Cricketnation. Check me out with friends from the LA community in the Cricket 360 Experience Zone. #STSA.
stsa -
wyatt_mac12 : Wtf man your the one who can't jump a new paper box and I didn't I'm saying I have respect girl skate ya jerk so good job bruh @gustavozarate88
bdiana807 : So awesome!!
gustavozarate88 : Am I suppose to feel bad haha @wyatt_mac12
wyatt_mac12 : Sure whatever helps you sleep at night @gustavozarate88
gustavozarate88 : Ok Bruh ;) @wyatt_mac12
joshmchale : That's my thumb bro! #Imadeit #camerabro
owen_k_hanson : @james_halll_ look at the mic
piercetheisis : Cool story bro
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Love hanging with these guys!! @theotisb @shanejoneill @seanmalto @trevorcolden @luanomatriz @nikesb
lulpaz : Ishod???
theobizzari : El mejor team sdel mundo. Lejos
adrian_jimenez01 : You sound like a dick @matti_robertz
anthony_delvillar : U got this prod !!!!
joaomedeiross : @lcspio_ hahahahaha quem sabe ano q vem a gente passa nas eleminatorias
kool.bean : Come on Paul Rod you got this!
gekaay : ><
hazdog231 : Go Paul Rodriguez @prod84
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Enter to win a #primitiveskate deck signed by me. Repost this photo and tag @StreetLeague and @Primitiveskate 2. Hashtag #StreetLeague and #SLSonFOX. Don't forget to TUNE IN to @FOXSports1 at 8PM ET on July 27 to watch the 2014 SLS @NikeSB World Tour in Los Angeles Finals. International viewers can watch the LIVE webcast onStreetLeague.com
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sara_skate97 : Cant wait
raomh : πŸ‘
ctothepowerofthree : @shankiepankie
jacob_banuelos : Awwww I was suppose to go lol
sb_ethan : What is the channel foe dish?
nicholasperalta : Xuuuupa #vailuan
_clayandrews : Did anyone win yet?
juan_vgo : @jesse_espinoza_88
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
The @nikesb @streetleague locker room.
not_tobiastamber : @010k_shoutout_u got me 1k
hyssamteemo : @ghyx01 @youvdgaf
youvdgaf : Nos sièges @hyssamteemo
reuben_raymundo : SOOO SICK @angemor_
kikflipcr00k : @flylife
sabotage_420 : Damm they so luck look at the shoes @robsalazar @robskatesyo69 @datnigga360
sam_dbn : All this stuff only for ONE street league, that´s I have for One Year...
herbalmanwolf : "Skateboarding is not a sport"
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Tonight was a big night for LA skateboarding and skateboarders in general. The legendary west LA courthouse is officially skateboard LEGAL!!!! Thanks to @nikesb and the west LA council members for making this happen!!!
matteodestefano12 : No way @borna12 hint the sarcasm
matteodestefano12 : Nah but I'm loving the Janoskis @borna12 shotgun
borna12 : Can't see em that well @matteodestefano12
matteodestefano12 : And shotgun kostons T-shirt and hat @borna12
jadecooper84 : @nikesb @prod84 @erickoston great work guys! We all appreciate this, one of the best skate spots of all time.
thefly_4 : Is their gonna be like a schedule to skate it
junglebook : @mreltorro let's goo
mreltorro : Tomorrow?? @junglebook
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
About to ride this one. @primitiveskate
capitan_gwapo : Is it MADE of gold or is it covered in gold.
capitan_gwapo : But that's still sick though
am_6_7_13 : @gvbrielgarza
justin_street_skater : Beautiful Deck
_skate_ninja_ : @afraid_of_the_dark24 badass!
afraid_of_the_dark24 : Ikr @_skate_ninja_
eve__smith : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ˜
jassonexcell : Nice deck man
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@Mikeytaylor1 and I in deep thought wondering what damn trick we should try next.
mq.82 : @prod84 .. what a babe!
vinicius_stoll : @
jasbeann : 😍
james_vella : @mrbrandocommando sike! I'm mike your obviously Paul
petko.bonetti.pb : Good board
thrasherluna : baaabe
sk8erfamevideos : P-rod your fricken awesome.
geecodee0819 : @kvthytho
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