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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@katsuyabysbe is soooooo damn good I literally will eat till I can't move 🍣🍣🚽
c6r18s92 : Ès and city stars
ecdctech : pocho mas guero que la chingada
that_kid_rico23 : I love u Paul Rodriguez your awesome πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @prod84
cxxxjxxkxxng : ν”Όλ‘œλ“œ 초λ°₯μ‘°μ•„?
sk8everydaytmclothing : Come check out our skate comp nov 8
ramonxgarcia_ : Wtf are those fingers
joebaumbs : I was there 😏 @rhyszdtv
rhyszdtv : Seems legitπŸ‘Œ @joebaumbs
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Getting serious with @mikeytaylor1 and @garretthill
_tylergacek_ : That last one @wyatt_cessna 😱😱
goofy_grindz : That's what I call an impossible @sketchy_rich
_carter442 : @ryely_25_sworyk
sketchy_rich : Yeah I've seen it before @goofy_grindz
gdiller90 : @preludepaul
andres535 : Dude this impossible is amazing 😱. @aydin_wood
ardacetineill : Boah 😳 @kayywaay
hondo66 : @chris_arro @66kano @thatbwaah_ja
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
I'm loving this one!!! Now available at primitiveskate.com @primitiveskate
raulskateisforever : @efreckled
jencortesi : @josetodopoderoso mira la tabla♥♥♥
justin_adkiz14 : Think I should cop? @mtietz_
josetodopoderoso : Yo quierooooooooooooooo <3 @jencortesi
josetodopoderoso : Check out @edgar_mali
jealousoregonian : Make nick tucker pro!!!
i_is_hector : What about the tupac deck? :( i really admire him and really want to get it @prod84
theartofsammyruiz : Nice design
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
sbpanam -
olimandre : São Paulo, and i'll be there!!!!
jorgesales : @raisonandre carai, vamo kkk
niltonsoca : Perú
deadoralive05 : Yo p rod how much are your 8ts and your my favorite skater and Ryan I might see u at street league and u should see my stepbrother Dylan he sall u once at street league
maty.2014 : Adonde es? @mikelchateau
jorgeruizlopez24 : @prod84 no te olvides de ir a machu picchu -Perú <3
tomas_skateboarding : @prod84 y chile :(
ximenamonsalve31 : Prod presentate en chiclayoooo ;(
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
More cliff jumps with the Chief @jamiethomas. Photo by @buddybleckley
gbrl_brgs : That looks like the rock crusher in hartselle
sargent_derp : @jamiethomas is doing the position arjen robben didπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚NO ERA PENAL
thomas_merkley12 : Hajj hip
amandag22178 : Come east to Knoxville!!
kevin_is_wolf : Your a fagget prod
ilhamdwisyah : waw!
josephguddo : @domsalyeeto lets do this when spring comes
timoduck007 : So cool
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Cliff diving in Tennessee with @jamiethomas .....so epic!!! Photo by @mdpoore
skate_day_ery_day : Where in tn
seppemelis : nice! πŸ˜ƒ please check out my profile guys, I follow, like, spam & comment back! 😊
_furmiga : Só lazer
bryanmeza26 : Where at in tn @prod84
yunggains : whaaaaaat!?! no pop up in a skateshop 😧😩
mabmich : Where on Tennessee?? @prod84
surfer_men : Wow bro that soo cool
sachafromfrance : Hell yeah go Vols! 🍊
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
On the road again..... @brainfarm πŸ“·: @buddybleckley
illhump : @hfzsalleh suro @homeasfuck
angee531 : Fine ass @prod84
myfaces_ : 😍
gilbert_figgy97 : @mellowmarcellus
kondaregton : Prod please answer dm im in Nashville i wanna meet you really bad
kondaregton : Please
twenty_0ne_ : @prod84 can u late ollie
thecupishalfempty : @benny!
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
This is gonna be fun!! @nikesb
fuad_hamideh : Cuando vienen a lima @hugocq420 sabes algo como es vamos juntos
chase_209 : @tha_gheto_kid
wroddexter_ : @tataai_
i0andresi0 : @winoooooo@capitanhaze
robsrawlife : @cxdrxc
tiempo17 : @harry1123 disgusting
ianthebell : @prod84 ck1 better be going!
dichoolmos12 : @cerocha97
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
#dewtour. Photo: @robertbrink
dewtour -
jon_lohps : You should have gotten at least top 3. Same favoritism bullshit like street league. @prod84
supreme_so_ghetto : Post the picture of us that @atibaphoto took @prod84
camren.anderson : what kind pf board do u ride?
camren.anderson : of**^
max_mcgregor_skate : Ur the best also ur new Prod nike sb are the best a kid at my school has em and I said to him we're did u get em cos I saw them in the thrasher mag.You r a legend
davon78598 : Bruh P-Rod you are beast at skateboarding Holmes I wish you can teach me how to skateboard like that
davon78598 : A Paul do you like Mustangs lol
kotiekone : @scubasteve gettin dem angles
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
A few moves from @dewtour. Filmed by @spanishmiketv. #primitiveskate #dewtour
primitiveskate - dewtour -
cms_football_83 : So dope @cms_football_23
theaustinrios : @fvcking.rvdical his tre thoπŸ™Œ
branquiesha : Do you even skate? @prod84 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
diether620 : @hernandez_j4 u in a few years
fistosfuriosos : I wanna goooo soooo baaayyyddd
mg_tony : Ask ur wanna be bf @stevenfernandezdoe @anai.f
anai.f : @mg_tony he is my boyfriend
anai.f : And i never said he wasn't good I just said shut the fuck up and grow up @mg_tony
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