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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Celebrating the release of @primitiveskate x @2pac deck release with my partner @primitiveandy today at @primitiveshoes
bingbong9one6 : Are they available online? @prod84 @primitiveskate
one.off.prints : hey everyone! com check out my account for some custom designed tshirts! from $10!! no joke! :D
hunterheitz : ✌️
cameronvodegel : Nice lets get some in my shop bro :) lol
nicoofficial_88 : #vani
beneficial5000 : Andy netkin. Chatsworth High School
trickyday100 : Paul Rodriguez is the best skater period
kayla_campos : 😍😍😍😍
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
The official @primitiveskate x @2pac collaboration deck drops today at 12:00 noon ... in-store only @primitiveshoes. Visit primitiveshoes.com for release party info! #2pac #tupac @djeverede
tupac - 2pac -
_thecrimsonchin2_ : Yes @chris_lillo
jafeturiel : @__king_brown__ topa
__king_brown__ : El maldito Tupac. 😭😭😭😭:') @jafeturiel
dcrck : @curbskateshopgent wanneer hebben jullie deze?
briannahallxo : @jthomp33 I want one!
lilgummyjeans : @veerasace88
lilgummyjeans : @veerasace88 yeah bih
veerasace88 : @lilgummyjeans too late for that
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
The official #primitiveskateX2pac collaboration deck drops tomorrow, October 25th, at 12:00 noon ... in-store only @primitiveshoes. Visit primitiveshoes.com for release party info! #2pac #tupac
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jskagarcia : 😍
royllamas15 : Too down
tarjeihaavelund : BIGGIE
tallmoney_mal : 🚨Do You Have A Active Bank AccountπŸ’³? Do You Want To Make πŸ’²4,000-πŸ’²8,000πŸ’ΈπŸ’°Is Your Account $0 or Negative, Need Help πŸ“ž773-953-7369
jnuch16 : Prod 8 x Primitive would be a sick ass collab P-Rod
mendoncakjd : Cara te amo
_jacobr17 : Was that switch.too xD.@prod84
montana.skates : Cool
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Click the link in my bio to check out @terrykennedy's #FullClipFriday. Filmed by. @spanishmiketv
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_danner21 : But he's still the fuckin bomb !!!!$$$$
ryanvapormclin : He should have stayed on element!
gladysblanco : @leo_benatti
aquiemathmermao_ : nice
fasulka_brett : @mike_kishel
rookie.ofthe.year_ : @dylanmade
francoskeight : Vale ahí calesito
danielreddy_ : Nice
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Couple tricks from today's session..... Filmed by @mikeytaylor1
vco12 : @betancourtskate
ryan_freymann : @matthewjamesparker frontside flips??!!
danielreddy_ : Cool
abrahamherndez : @santiagoagdl
patdelvecchio : @di_l0n
jsebastian.17 : @linadiaz8 el mejor de los mejores <3
tony.m28 : @papatis77
marco_skater : πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Just got some @andale_bearings from my dude @joeybrezinski
thiahen : @daniel_s.k.t ve meu perfil, tenho foto com o paul
breehundreds : Are you single yet lol
bigdjpratko1234 : Skating for days mothafuckas
rob_tittmann249 : @drinere @kaptainkickflip Kevin Costner disguised as a skateboarder
vicskatevg : Joey is a cool dude man
skat3r_for_lif3 : Plan B all damn day
pizzaflip : how are they gonna get copyrighted for something that looks like it. If it was exactly the same i would understand @r6_kevin
r6_kevin : @pizzaflip stfu faggot
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@skate_kreations launching Nov 1st www.skatekreations.com
qtkatiep : @stuckononelove could be an awesome way for you to have sculptural pieces
burnerwong : @natuplazola
sprinx18 : @skate_kreations thnxs
russcalsan : @industrialpark damn man prod tryna steal your business haha
izzul_mustanir_abang : @hamdinorisham @faizznordin kek lapis
hamdinorisham : @izzul_mustanir_abang aku tgk sedap anat. Hahahaha
treflip_everything : @haroshi is the OG at skateboard art
esteve_ : @neetbooster seen ths, what's up?
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Having fun with these quarter pipes. Filmed by @garretthill
fernando_yano : @_thematthew
_thematthew : Ele me viu mandando e quis fazer igual :) @fernando_yano
ntokozo_mngadi : Flawless frontside flip
telmoarrans : Que estilazo tienes...
chunkylamonkey : Lol @steezytrapstar he won't. @lukeaurora 😈
dopebatista98 : @_noalani
stagnantmagnet : @jrponce28 take note
raymond.rocks : Cool
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Watching classics at the crib. #casino #Deniro #Pesci
deniro - casino - pesci -
ivangonzalez1_ : cheto mal pokirlas pokite pute @prod84
satrickpandor : @kingkrook haha he never stops
gavin_cassidy : Wow. You have a good taste in movies! @prod84
prettyboy_prodigy : @_dopestep the feet or a switch God πŸ˜‚
itsmemario1244 : Watch street dreams
_dopestep : Lol. Watch me be a switch god πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @prettyboy_prodigy
henry_jimenez15 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
dill_pee : Haha that movie make you feel boss after watching
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
The @primitiveskate x @2pac "Blessed" deck drops this Saturday, October 25, at 12:00 noon ... in-store only at @primitiveshoes. #primitiveskatex2pac #2pac #tupac
primitiveskatex2pac - tupac - 2pac -
hypnotized79 : @vassal
sketchmaster_ : @exodusskateshop
rob_savag3 : @_super_chris_ πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ™
ferrari_fez : @wutanggg
outlaw501 : I'm about to buy it just to have and I don't even skate anymore
peejypeej : That shit is so dope man @aaron_g82
thizzballzz : @krookiemonsta
maxriske : Jaa man @victorroelandt
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