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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@bdx_chirosport keeping me in working order. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘
shawndiggs : Watching your route one interviews and it really was disrespectful that nick and Carlos were flow when they were better than most pros
sabysabrina16 : @edgardocaraballo aja eso mismo
nicktucker : About to be on the same๐Ÿ˜
oldmanjenkins0522 : Ugh wtf
shawn117 : @dr_kushgraham
c.mcinnish : Oh my gosh i hate those! I had to do that when I had surgery on my knee. Christmas, I'm having my other one redone and I'm going to have to do them all over again๐Ÿ˜ญ
javierdiasz : That shit hurts !
crediqal : @javierdiasz @c.mcinnish @nicktucker @oldmanjenkins0522 What happened?
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Fun session last night with the man himself @shanejoneill ๐Ÿ“น by @primitiveandy
carlosnera : @davidtsk8 si te animas? Jajaja
davidtsk8 : @carlosnera si nomms con ese parque haha ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘Œ
carlosnera : Están perros los trucos y fucking gringos con esos parques bien chidos jaja @davidtsk8
davidtsk8 : @carlosnera si we pinches pro algún día iré a un parque de ellos
lluiissyus : @dunkslocc
_matisk8_ : #Switchin'
fioreradici : @stefanomaggi2000
jflemsupreme : @quest7
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Sw tre at the Kennesaw demo in Georgia today. Thanks @cricketnation and @streetleague for having us!! #stsa
stsa -
chrishde1 : I live near there and go every day I saw u. U r awesome
anthony_santos12 : Can u say hi to me I have ur pro deck
suck_my_fawk : Ily k? ๐Ÿ˜ข
ericsojimenez : SUP do u have a kik
stephen_mack9 : Why would he tell you his kik name.... Ur so stupid @ericsojimenez
alex.kaiser305 : Bruh this is the sw flip not the sw tre
pablo_sxlva__ : Love ur streat dreams movie
alerdzgzz : ๐Ÿ’–
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
If you're in the area check out the @primitiveskate warehouse sale today and tomorrow at 9925 Canoga Ave Chatsworth CA, 91311
1cee_ivlas : Gay @rosales_juan6264
leo_nguyen177 : @jonathan.sk8
jonathan.sk8 : Cool @leo_nguyen177
rosales_juan6264 : @1cee_ivlas lol you don't like primitive cx
bryantpoppy : Primitives are great boards , they keep there POP at all times
idavidhart : I love the movie street dreams
nowaynick_94 : Wish i was sponsered
oscarreyez_ : Ayyy shout out to canoga though
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Working on my back disasters today at the 4th ward skatepark in Atlanta.
jacksonsentell_ : So sick to meet you today at the street league park in ga, thanks for the inspiration!
__ali_marie : @prod84 mad cool getting to meet you today. Thanks for signing my deck & snapping a pic with me. You rock man!
fransia_alvarez : wasss up
bryantpoppy : Damn dude hella stee!!
smokingpeace : I got videos of him from the event on my profile no joke.
catiemarkus : My brother is on the way corner
dgkbrod : @jeromemooreii look he skates tranny
jeromemooreii : @dgkbrod ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Thanks to my friends @robdyrdek @steelobrim @chanelwestcoast & @mtv for having me on #ridiculousness tonight. I had a blast!!
ridiculousness -
junatapia34 : I sall the sword
domirocks1222 : @cal213
jesus_skates23 : Shut up nigga before yoy get checed
allicat427 : @prod84 I am reaching out trying to get in contact with you somehow in hopes we can be together. Your fucking smoking hot and I want you in my life. Check me out and let's talk soon. Xo
t_t_gopro : That episode was so funny
vanessasanchez07 : Watching the episode right now! Amazing smile!๐Ÿ˜ƒ @prod84
malena_sm : @jmramos03.06 follow him
lillablonde : @swlbow
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
#tbt back to back kick flips with my dude @jeremerogers back in the Yeah Right days. Filmed by: @dariorezk
tbt -
biankaamor : Just cuz I wanna say goodnight @maryannxpena
maryannxpena : Goodnight @biankaamor have sweet dreams
maryannxpena : Goodnight just cause I want to tell you goodnight @biankaamor (:
biankaamor : Stoled my line, goodnight @maryannxpena
maryannxpena : Yes I did @biankaamor
biankaamor : Sweat dreams jk bad dreams @maryannxpena
maryannxpena : Thanks "your to sweet" @biankaamor bad dreams to you too
mmarilynmcastro : @bjosueoff amor mira *-*
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Post a screenshot of your favorite @primitiveskate wallpaper installed on your device and use the hashtag #primitiveskatewallpaper to be entered to win a free "Stripes" deck. Get the wallpapers at primitiveskate.com/pages/wallpapers. One entry per account. The winner will be chosen on Friday!
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wiley1905 : @prod84 u should come down to Venice when your not busy.... my wife is throwing an event at the sk8park in November. Im sure the kids will love to c u. Hit me back if interested. Thanks homie
lucas_skate_guitar : primitive é otimo
cockpunch : @heathmoe hey dm me man, I gotta show you sum
rileyfries123 : Who one @wiley1905
marcusjunnior : Eu queroo
andrew_mont569 : @nickmethot u got it from this
nickmethot : I knoooow you dumb bitch @andrew_mont569
_ijeffrey_34 : Hey @prod84
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Happy birthday @seanmalto!!
kaleblopez_11 : Happy birthday
markmassi00 : Happy birthday sean!!โœŒ๏ธ
chiza2def : Haha part 2 bros for life @up2down4 ?!!
ebaay97 : We have the same birthdays! @seanmalto
mlove_xo : @marlinn21 this is urs paul is mine STAY IN YOUR LANE
marlinn21 : @mlove_xo bitch who are you? Lol
board_4life : One of my favs bro and happy late b day
alex_p.r_scott : Happy late bday @seanmalto
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
SS back tail slide from a few weeks back. ๐Ÿ“ท: @hermanjshots. @primitiveskate @nikesb
chris.nalbandian : YOU BOUGHT A CAR FROM MY DAD TODAY!!!!!!
skater.gram : Tag us in your skate pics and videos
buhlhen : i see you on that matador tip lmao
wesleydente : Follow back I'm a fan @prod84
the_aidan_daubert_ : Paul please look at dm dm
samulii11 : In this pic you look marcelo!
daniela_cerro : Watching you on Ridiculousness right now Prod โค๏ธ
bryantpoppy : Mad POP!!!
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