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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Autographed Deck Giveaway 1. Follow @villagergoods 2. Tag a friend I will DM the winner! The deck is signed by @mikeytaylor @andrewreynolds @bherman @atibaphoto @erickoston @skiduls & myself
chrisqvale_ : @anderslindland
yung_butters : @s4_josay
oksk8co : @brianml1983
__sucio__ : @alexduzzit
_zvbn_ - yabat - antoine_tous - alexiribarren_ -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveskate Memorial Day weekend sale going on right now at
taylor21lewis : @the_hard_way103 Just going to say that Cleopatra was Greek(Macedonian). She was a descendent of Ptolemy; who was one of Alexander the Great's generals and given Egypt to rule after Alexander's death. Macedonian people were white. Maybe read up and know what you are talking about before ignorantly tossing your accusations of ignorance.
jay.adrenaline : @taylor21lewis history for the win!!!! Rock on dude
the_hard_way103 : Respected everyone has their own opinion I took as how I took it no need to fued the world is already full with critics and negativity we just have to see it is what is #everyone have a bless day
jay.adrenaline : Everyone has to throw race into everything nowadays let everyone live life the way the live goddamn
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Happy to be a part of the @villagergoods family!!
patstizzy : What a line up,all world class skateboarders, they're all top notch
_starheadbody_ : Nah still dc @jeremym141
young_bt : @cody.boomboom holyyy squadness ! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
oliversancess : Bosses
oscar_ruaro99 - jun11nh0 - jastin_2023 - not_eric_mccumber -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveskate #canada
canada -
paulyoung100 : Should have been Calgary instead of Winnipeg @prod84
daniel_hetfield : Vancouver πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
vaskush : Holy fuck fam did you see this?? πŸ„πŸ»πŸ’¨πŸ„πŸ» @dave_pelosi @yveskolta
majeds_ : Yea for sure I'm down! @jerome23_ , I'll figur rout where it's gonna be !
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Had a good backyard session today with my boy @cheetosantino
zachketrow : Aye that Biggie board, hell yeah.
larryfisherman2.0 : @iamwalkerlivesey @luke.ericks0n
joshuaowen : I don't know @jameslayne I'm pretty pale and I've got a beard. Oh you mean the one with the helmet, yes. :)
primitiveanwar : Where's the edit man ?
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
The weekend is here. Where is everyone skating? @primitiveskate @goincase @nikesb
right_through_space : p rod be like " oh shit dirt got on my deck, time for a fresh one!!!"
_little3 : Nhhhs 😱😡
zemogracso : Diamond bar
joshshughes : I can't I sprained my ankle and snapped my deck 😩πŸ˜₯
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
If you're going out this Memorial Day weekend, I got you. Be safe, get a Lyft. Here's $50 in @lyft credits on me. Download the app here: or click the link in my bio. Use code: PROD
tooofatt : @tbakaoskool @too_baked
madhatterlouielouie : I can't tell which case he's using in the beginning the SYSTM or Slide @goincase
chrisoyola : @ericampoy301 haha watch this and you too @elias_suarez πŸ˜‚
ben_taylr : @squirtle_boii nice I'm sure it is real
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
#tbt Time to Shine from 2006 with @mikeytaylor and @jeremerogers Full part link in my bio.
tbt -
jay.w.m : I had this video! Super old school
toaochicken : You should remake this exact video with all the same tricks in the same spots.
bruce_duecee : Dope @prod84
sebowalker : Soooo good πŸ‘ŠπŸ½
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
#tbt filmed off of @chaseingabor 's πŸ“Ή from my bday bangin on @berrics
tbt -
daniel._.936 : How?
sin4mor : I'm weak. These level of tricks need to be in a part. Been too long big bruh
cameronvodegel : Yew
tristanparlin : @shane_manthey if u look closely u can see him late FLIP with his back foot
gabe_koller - zetu77 - ollietrott_ - inuitaa -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Just got out of a early screening of #XMen #Apocalypse with the @primitiveskate crew. It was πŸ”₯. @xmenmovies
apocalypse - xmen -
fitofaran : @kerbaulaut
fitofaran : Turuu cok
g.sus_ : @steezy_t_ that's good to know ;);)
im_sunshineboy : hhh funny
luis_nando0 - harryhg._ - _leonanskt - jorge.pott -
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