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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Been a fan of @therealkiss for a long time...hyped I got to meet him the other day!!
graysteve : @chrispetee @k_nol_sti @ben_heim @robghisu
antoneliaferro : @gordonico pegastes corte tipo prod jajaj soy tony paaa
jetlife187 : @kushgod69 @djackson18 @eat_it69
joshuaclements : Yonkers.
danetheproducer : Dope
hcully11 : 🎲Pauls # is 617-671-5202🎲
planetmoss : @magnuspanther @tylertha1harp
mingfz : @alliifeb
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Click the link in my bio to enter to win a @primitiveskate package from @brianpeacockcrap!!
julian_diaz6 : Done
antony_g_ : @fuckyourgbag @hawkbeyale i didn't think he would sound like that lol
_williams_is_awesome_ : Done
gmack319 : I hope I win
g00dvibezss : Primitive be on some next level game
c3sar.skat3s : I hope i win
playlistofgrass : I entered to win hope I do broke my board today
_clumzy_ : I entered i hope i win
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Available now at primitiveskate.com! @primitiveskate
justin111081 : Cool boards man
pdp03 : @youngboulder I'm bout to cop that psg board
jparrilla10 : @gatoo7
alexintheworks : Eyy dig the last one. Its like the old goosebumps books
asskicker1114 : @prod84 πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’ΈπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
egow17 : Olha que afude o shape do salabanzi @trevislucas
trevislucas : @egow17 afudeee ! da a dica pro @luanomatriz, ficaria mais bonito com as cores do grêmio mesmo!
akidnamednegro : @f.abdias
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
denzelchase : You had a bad day i guess but you're still AMAZING overall dude!
prod99 : @liv_mercado this shits dope
sff_sk8forfun : prod cre!
bin.ya : @jiggy.jaret
housenalagoa : @matheusjmota @davimattos_
d.g.k__ : Soooooo beautiful @prod84
lonely.j.13 : @evan_petes
myworld2970 : I have one like that but its a tech deck and mines is black with gold
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Kickin it .... πŸ“· @justwilliet
underamoneytree : Bae AF.
umanananana : This is a pic of me and squad
shredporvida : Hahahaha @umanananana
shredporvida : Prod your skating influenced me for the better.
torres_sergioo : @publicotucuenta. Ya estan los 10
made_of_rubyz : At least your tried! Great job today @streetleague
steeeezzzy : bro really sucks you didnt win @prod84 maybe next time doe πŸ‘Œ
mary_pattheofield : @mbwalker my next boy will resemble him
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
😍 Available Monday on primitiveskate.com. @primitiveskate
alvinsk8bord : .l
niklaseriksson1 : Haha såg det @mortengrape
sergio_yeezus_a : Prod make new griptape for primitive please I already had the two gripe tapes @prod84
wingz_mv : To doope if you ever need any more designs or graphics I do nice artwork check my page out if you can.
puto_man_ : I like the PSG deck
ramonhernanndez : @iamjashawnjohal look at that psg board
iamjashawnjohal : Dope @ramonhernanndez
d.g.k__ : Rodriguez blue eagle ❀️❀️❀️ @prod84
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
I'll be at @upriseskateshop today from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. If you're in the area come by! @primitiveskate
rmlpz : @andrewjleo go and get something signed for meeeee!!!!
rmlpz : @andrewjleo and his digits if possible. K thanks you da bestest!
caleb46731 : Good luck for street league @prod84
wenstro : @alivazquez90
jrdnthmss : @louis_nzegwu
marksk8 : Goodluck streetleague friend
i_can_b_ur_superhero : When are you visiting Oc cali...
xpicco : L F L
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Love this grip! Repost from @primitiveskate. πŸ“·: @hermanjshots
__theduff : Screw your score last night. You could have gotten a 0.0 and you'd still be the man. Just glad you made it to Super Crown. GO PROD!!!!!!!
is_this_steve : U swallow @vincentconnell1
vincentconnell1 : your mom swallowed when I busted in her mouth the night I made you @its___steve
is_this_steve : Your mom deepthroted the night i made you @vincentconnell1
is_this_steve : Deepthroated*^
vincentconnell1 : I'm your father lil boi! I fucked yo mom till she couldn't breathe! I filled her up big time! Go finish your McDonalds you fat fuck
jose.1.1 : @desttiinyyyy
lexyleeeeee : This is literally Edgar @lacyspates
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
#tbt from the @primitiveskate promo last year.
tbt -
skateboardinghtx : πŸ‘ŠπŸ» πŸ”₯
itsrichietho_ : @supremeboycash od
supremeboycash : Got no WiFi @itsrichietho_
supremeboycash : P.rod tho @itsrichietho_
jose.1.1 : @desttiinyyyy
omarruiz266 : Nice trick prod
jeynoir : @mrtimbow ah junge krass jetzt erst gesehen
seik_31 : Crazy prod is the man yo
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Click the link in my bio to watch the recap of @nicktucker and myself in NYC and NJ a few weeks back. @primitiveskate
danyctinoco : Después checa a donde ira bebe @fv_aguilera
joey_salazar_ : @joshkatz didnt u skate here?
talisluedecke : Paul Rodriguez is my favorite skater..wish I could meet him it would be a dream come true
talisluedecke : @prod84
skaterkiid327 : I'm in the video at 2:35 giving Nick a pound... So cool!!:))
blue.kush : @black.kush baby this guy right here has been my nummber 1 skateboarder my freaking idle PROD one day Ima take you to go meet him with me at a contest or something #lifeGoal
tattoosbyrooster : Tattoo @prod84
future_nyjah : @dominican_sk8 I see Julian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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