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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
New ones dropping at midnight on @primitiveskate
tricialikesthis : @dobler yes she would love that!
monty_crosbie74 : The peacock deck @lilymorris6 !!!!
antiflip_films : @brodsk8 mira la peacock
huyxhoang : Signed P-Rod Gold deck for sale. 2/500, DM for price - nilbadia - tamirisolive45 - skibaud_vumier -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Happy bday to literally, in my opinion, the most impactful and important skateboarder to ever do it. Thanks @erickoston for all the inspiration and innovation over the past 20 plus years. You're the man and I love you!!!
jaozitos : @renanlemuch
raomh : 就是因为这个广告喜欢上你,喜欢上滑板
_timchau : @prod84 Koston is one of the most impactful but Rodney Mullen is number one on that list bro
_moke : Scope out my page if you're bored.. I post skate videos whenever it's not snowing😢
yuri_kubota - yungvsrt - gustavo___alves - mofire951 -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Not many know that I am a master pongsmith....smashing @seanmalto in Peru last week before our demo. 📸 @thefluff
xenokappellahura : Ayyy I'm from Peru, we got the best food.
mike_diesel213 : Malto can't catch a break since his broken truck at SLS kan city then the ankle devistation
_moke : Check out my feed if you ever get bored, I post skate vids whenever it's not snowing;p
shonofears : Piss the pants and walk away
bang_bang1_ - sami88778 - jose_sk2 - johnnygomez_ -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
SW FS heel Mexico City 🇲🇽 📷 @thefluff @nikesb @primitiveskate
bbygirlcris : @elpinchiemanuel racist
elpinchiemanuel : Its true @bbygirlcris
nollietreflips : Lol its true @bbygirlcris its so ghetto
skatebording_101 : Sick, Man
zacwarren2003 - migodmpristuuphilekazi - jose_farias17 - rocky38_dd -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
#tbt 2003 a few clips from Yeah Right. What's your favorite throwback video?
tbt -
benzillabkk : I love this video since I saw that first time!
thallestex : mlk voa slc
nubskate11 : Street Dreams
kohhhhl : style was so much better back them
student_bijacz - erimkucuk - simon_skater_dgk - ma_mercurio -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
My new @nikesb #PRod9 Elite “Leather”…love these kicks! is the place to get yours.
prod9 -
chantal_jimenez : They look nothing alike @gabemaravilla
tomothy_ : @wrightsa some p rods actually worth getting lol
arytahumana : Mx
shanthjay : @sarahprash elite 9
yahir_lopez_ - jooossseeeyyy - edgarriobo - brandoon.c_ -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@_diegonajera nollie tre down the Santa Monica triple set was crazy. Take a look behind the scenes of how it went down. Link in my bio. @primitiveskate
kingofdallas : @pufffyd
asrrael_ : Fuck the police!!
shawn_54 : @jack_yagerson go watch this shit right now holy shit
niickportillo : Everyone following what prod started
__kenocarroll - vincemllr - jerryfuckingolden - neryjb21 -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Chinese New Year deck back in stock at Tag a friend who would like this one. @primitiveskate
_cheecho : @alv.legacy
chriss.bell : @the_life_of_micky
dg_k__ : @skateboarter
richard_skater_barry : Wow
artist_fox - sidneyamorim69 - skater_phish - rodrigo._.lima -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Mexico City #sbpanam @nikesb @primitiveskate
sbpanam -
cinthia_florezz : Jesss!!!!! ❤❤❤ @yadiraamartinezz
jerez510 : @andrewmakeitreyna hair
moooriel : Why is this literally you @vitto.the.don
vitto.the.don : How do you not know who P.rod is @moooriel
raulgarciaproskater - artist_fox - luisx1901 - mosiahsamuel -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Christmas complete! @primitiveskate @nikesb
yeahmaneddie : Check out my PRod drawing! @prod84
_4_17_16__ : Ayeeeee its clean
theboy_alo : Mountain Dew?
gabriel_chatikul : Paul where that mtn dew sticker at?
xmikeyg1024x - trill.cyrus - ryan_pajares - cjd125 -
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