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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Clips and photos you won't see anywhere else ... Follow primitiveskate1 on Snapchat!
mattycrosss : @jackkanthonyy reason to use snapchat? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cenanluca : @placidgp
samstre_ : Why don't all skaters do this? @awhorewithamohawk @jaklukey97 @nathanclarkin @mx_wy
torrez712 : πŸ‘
jackkanthonyy : @mattycrosss Cheers brah
mlk_theus : Uouuu
hawt_boi : @sammy.is.legit
hawt_boi : @i_am_edward_1209
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Taking it way back today.
raphael_han69 : @charlie_grosvenor green dayπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
olly_fawcett : @harrybasey
annad023 : Best album cover.
leo_headrington : Paulllll my dad
dannyyoureawesome : Oh shit best band ever _\m/
dieff_rodrigues : Best album
rickiedelgadoofficial : @prod84 u should make a green day deck that will be awesome ✌️@prod84
khuban5 : @get_102_follows_here
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
My good friend @zarazua1987 is dropping a part on @berrics this Friday!! Go check it out he worked really hard on it.
n_i_c_k_650 : Where is that blue ledge at
titao777 : so great
tabrisando : ;?
arianagrande.gremlin : Hurricane grind @yo_its_fe
feshh_boi : @_niqie
edwin_facunster : @_.jackiiee
yung_wolf_haley.2002 : Song?
t_rod98 : @stephon_skates
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveandy still got it.
theotisb : @primitiveandy Damm
jordon_mulvoy : That is so bloody sick
jeffreyy09 : @dada_mora @jesse_perm @supreme.luiss
robert.tovey : Damn πŸ‘Œ
skateboarder.jay : Nolie backside flip was clean
kamikazemane : @vickyalldaaay
kameron__4 : @jasonn__vo try this
elliotgherardi : @bodiecowen
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Some clips from last weekends sessions. πŸ“Ήby @kylesteneide. @primitiveskate
westcoastchristian : @jordanwrx
jordanwrx : butter @westcoastchristian
ryan.costaa : @leor.yosefzon ELCO
denzel333 : Your try flip are always clean
marlonmenezes035 : @zieep
caleb.562 : i live by there
gnarxfiddle : i got this , dun wry πŸ˜‚ @maria._.tellez
maria._.tellez : Lol πŸ˜‚ @gnarxfiddle
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@hypebeast spent the day with me, check it out on hypebeast.com. @nixon_now
donalrooney6 : @conor_wilson1 dat hair doe
conor_wilson1 : @donalrooney6 I'm much more handsome but
donalrooney6 : @conor_wilson1 give zac
angelbracks : @robertothedounutboy
gigo_sk8gram : @orionskate @lepimarijou pari na mene
orionskate : @gigo_sk8gram sjena na bradi...
__jessica05 : Hair goals AF @migrod98
lepimarijou : @gigo_sk8gram Gigs tvoja kosa ima postojan oblik :D
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Bout to set this freshy up....@nicktucker @primitiveskate
ltuckers_100 : Yeah @hazza_gosper
sadboyshawdy : IMA Baker boi but this deck is flat @emma2hood
daron_ledgelife : @prod84 @primitiveandy @nicktucker is it out yet?
daron_ledgelife : @conner_smallwood I want this so bad
oscar1821 : @black_finlay
black_finlay : Holy fuck thats raf @oscar1821
oscar1821 : So good @black_finlay
conner_smallwood : @daron_ledgelife Hell yeah dude, it's a clean graphic!
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Keep the faith.....@primitiveskate πŸ“· @atibaphoto
skateinparis : Follow us we are skaters from paris
what_the_williams : U catholic
marcos_skatez : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™†
jack_skated : Hi
t16671 : @_onlykah xu olha esse skate , scr 😍😱
live_free_and_die_skating : @harlem_hippy
_noah_jordan_23 : We're do you get a skate bag from @prod84
lollypops139 : I want that deck
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Set up that young @nicktucker board!!! @primitiveskate
kristine220 : I love u.
kristine220 : I kove u
balleesme : @verduzco_alejandro @nicktucker
sxs_skate_x_skateboarder : Sweet board dude.keep it rad
samuelsiv_ : @danielsiv_
jordan_gril : Hey I ordered a teeshirt from andalè and it keeps getting canceled ? I'm Australian
joseph_justice30 : Dope board
thivanka_wijesingha : @malinga_de_silva
ethanthomas_7 - iamjuanlobo - skater_boii133 - alexsanjuann -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Skated with so many amazing people today but was really hyped to see my old friend @evanhernandezfs it's been way too long!!
terrioncooper : @prod84 do the NAC from Street Dreams
jacob.fischer : πŸ™Œ Very Nice! Mind checking out my feed and let me know what you think? πŸ‘Œ
soulflower_91 : Omg had huge crush on evan back in the day I was in middle school πŸ˜‚
soulflower_91 : @evanhernandezfs
mrksteg : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
matthewgallard0 : Favorite skaters growing up 🍻
burnerwong : @royal4news
thehomienerp : Whats good u signed a sign for me back at ur first dew tour.
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