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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
There's only a few hours left to be entered to win one of these @primitiveskate decks. I will pick 2 winners tomorrow. Click the link in my bio to sign up!!
eizaamazman : Nice
thebrandongleave : My favourite is the gold eagle,it's soooo sexy
khadeemhenry : 😍😍😍
yuman5 : nice
elibeskaating : Who the winners?
gerardo017 : I want it
austinobe181 : Primitive wont sell shit
skatergabe10 : I need it
chance_garcia - thomas_skt - stevenbuschmann - crazyvibees__ -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Saint Archer is releasing our collaboration with Girl. This limited edition beer will be hitting Southern California this week and won’t last long! Get it while you can... @saintarcherbrew #wingsandarrow
wingsandarrow -
marco.mod : @sktbr
calidrifting : @ghost_with_the_most_ @nohope4louie @jeffx77
farleyzoom : @marco.mod Eita porra! 🍻🍺
laurralouiise : @teddysupply 😍
tymfscott : @dino9322
evvind : @vegardskating 😱😍the need😀 😱😱
briisdabst : @badllama86 girl πŸ’
say_bean : @philip_e_no @chrispychicken19 try to get this guys
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Ss nose blunt slide. Photo: @hermanjshots. @primitiveskate
me_cody_and_me_love_football : Nice
ertugrulucar : What is SS??????
lucask84ever : Switch Stance @ertugrulucar
antoniomjbest : What is a switch stance? @lucask8ever
triistan_jewell : @antoniomjbest say you're regular, if you then stand goofy, thats switch.
antoniomjbest : @triistan_jewell thanks but i know what's switch. I dindn't realize what was stance jjaja I'm not english
thug_geo : @look_shouts got me 1k
jose_skater_ : P.rod I Love you $:
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
A quick clip from Santa Monica courthouse. Make sure to click the link in my bio to be entered to win one of 2 @primitiveskate decks!! πŸŽ₯: @kylesteneide
addictiveatmosphere : @prod84 you've always been my all time favorite skate since I was 12 keep on doing your thing and inspiring people
nevenk99 : ,the shoes kill the video
edawghodges : Go @prod84
gerardogzmn : @jocelynelpzm27
jocelynelpzm27 : @gerardogzmn #skatePorn 😍
ethan__gutierrez : Your a beast @prod84 πŸ™
travi_almei : @izzy_really @ayalathedude that deck tho
freddie_skates_ : I want it so bad
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
A couple of tricks at Santa Monica courthouse. πŸŽ₯: @kylesteneide @primitiveskate
camskatess : Follow @skate_holics
davelau : @thatguy_aidz can you still do this trick ?
helioaleixojr : @am_padovani
sheaporter200 : :-)
sheaporter200 : Jg hh h sweet Nun Nun zags King crux big big Binfield muon x Xavi Mon Zealand
ryuks_best_friend : @_coreywilliams_ cheers
xavz_24 : and why the fuck you dont do that at SLS? maaaaaaan
dakota__clark : U good af.
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Enter to win a @primitiveskate "Honcho" or "Gold Eagle" deck. I will be choosing 2 winners this weekend. Click the link in my bio to sign up!!
that_1_m3xican : Hope I win need a new board πŸ™
noah_wichert : Who won
thajoker216 : Who won the boards?
csmerdrigz : Who won? @prod84
skate_or_diez : Did anyone win
elibeskaating : Choose me please
panchokid : Panchokid @prod84 please
matchu_pouch : Yo meee
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Me telling @mikeytaylor1 "soon I'll be as tall as you and by the way happy birthday big dawg!!"
rebel_love.song : Fun files on Youtube I saw that video
ro87binho : Cara vcs são 10 parecem ser muito gente boa sou brasileiro acompanho vcs dês da época #CityStar⭐️⭐️
marilyn_calvillo : One person I'd ever want to meet in the entire world, is Paul Rodriguez! The switch master.
singleprofile : Your a great friend! @prod84
angnoelll : πŸ”₯
johnny_knight : no homo gotta admit P Rod is hottest skater
pumask8201276 : Muito fam dele
drummond31 : prod man come to Ottawa bruh ur sick
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
A few moves from @streetleague last weekend. Click the link in my bio to view the full vid. Filmed by @kylesteneide
mohamed.bboy80 : Nice bro
giobo98 : Pig god
union_baseball_4 : Sick
nicolas_medina_enriquez : you land every thing so clean its awesom
bryantpoppy : You skate switch like no other! Thats what makes you PROD!
jmarin98 : His pant color changes from tan to grey on the bs tail haha @kayrab_ali
tavodoe : @jmarin98 just noticed that lol
jonathan_martineau : Sick
jake_shepherd - cesar_polino - its._.diego - karina_9000 -
prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Congrats @sammorris5610 for winning the "Classic P" gold deck, sticker pack, and mystery prize. Thanks to everyone that entered!!
mcrhude : You should do a china trip and make it to chongqing
hulkboy9 : Now that was awsome
tomnapsone : When you visiting Saint Archer brewery home slice?
bcruzer1 : Hey prod I'm a big fan
basedless : Next follower gets a shoutout!
cxnnagram : You are a roll model bro @prod84
fcck1008611 : gold shit..
medusarapesme_ : @tkmiguel
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
I am LOVING having my own skate company. Working with friends on insanely fun projects is seriously the best feeling! I can't believe that @primitiveskate has the opportunity to collaborate with the late, great #Tupac Shakur! I hope Pac is up there with that big smile of his digging this board as much as I do. I feel blessed! πŸ™ Tupac deck available soon!
tupac -
blake.hayward : Thas dope @corbin.stern
lozclm : @conradlott @benjaminfriley
matiollie : Nos monitorean fuerte @santaog !!
karlos_jr : @creighton__oso @xxjaimeriosxx tupac
ceasar__menaa : You should make a biggie smalls deck too
luuuis__ : when is it coming out ? πŸ˜‹
_offical_alex_ : @branden_tepaz
2pacalypse_forever : Just release it allready! :-D
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