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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveskate @nikesb πŸ“· @atibaphoto
rondnely_sousa : Big skateboarding p.rod
williamshuriken : @_nelsonherrera hay q volver alas trotadas
scraw805 : Smh
scraw805 : πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ˜“
ogprophet : Haha for real @esesmoke
kidcali_futurepilots : 22,000
alecschleyy : follow @boojohnson
adriansoto12 : @johnnyrecall
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveskate @nikesb πŸ“· @hermanjshots
gomauno_ : When was this? When the supra team came last year??
brandohvl : It was last Saturday @gomauno_
gomauno_ : @brandohvl dam I missed out lol but thanks man
brandohvl : Me too haha I was told like a week before and totally forgot πŸ˜‘ @gomauno_
biscuit_188 : Aaaaye @imthealchemist
_nelsonherrera : @williamshuriken bakersfield?
williamshuriken : @_nelsonherrera vamos a patinat
yaniscasari : Top belle photo #incroyable
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
B2B with my boy @mannyslaysall πŸ“Ή @arnaldizzy
forgenerationstocome : Incredible!
celine.db_ : Super cool πŸ˜€
4ever_animali : Looking good ☺️
illesttae : Just great 😍
xxkillerdarkjakxx : When will yall get size 9 boards @prod84 @primitiveskate
joshbthaskater : @chetter_cheese1 switch bs 360 textbook
kevin_g0lf : @albert.molina I can do that
lennyrivas619 : πŸ’ͺ🏽
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Thanks for the love bakersfield✌🏼 @primitiveskate @nikesb πŸ“· @heathmoe
dvillanueva98 : Rad dude
leocruzsb : Love your tre flip paul #inspiration
clawhonify : Damn dude that looks sweet...I sad I missed it. I was there til 2 something but then I had to work :/
hugo_vega_1 : Thanks for always being a boss and feeding the scene!!!!
jordan.bruhhh : Aye I was there πŸ˜‚
cruzeem : @ochoa_sk8z
pxwe : Thanks for coming to bako πŸ™Œ
radicalretard : I see myself @undead_johnathan
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
New @nikesb unboxing video is up on my YouTube channel. Full video link is in my bio.
awwuratrip : @awuramonkhuh
jakejake199 : @beaugureauglass
douarph : what is this ?
d1_ski8o8 : Wish I could get boxes of dopeness delivered to me daily
awuramonkhuh : @awwuratrip HAHAHAH
alexlovtsov_ : you have a surplus of shit you don't need
gnarlydayra : ok @alexlovtsov_
yung.money.savage : Saw that video
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
I'm giving away 2 of my Chinese New Year boards. To enter to win.. follow @primitiveskate and tag two friends below. I will inbox the winners on Tuesday night.
borjabugo : @xvsis es una 8 tolai
xvsis : @borjabugo @jimmmbsb
olivier.vct : @lengletloicia @florian.dhot
shocka50 : @franky1258 @anuminatii
ardent_andre : @jucogroup
abelg95_ : @smokeyeyezz @meeklocc
ethan_hale12 : @charlie_polyak @jakobpobjie
ethan_hale12 : @kye_atkins @tyrhyslangat
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@primitiveskate πŸ“Ή @chrisrayfilms
trent_drums_42 : Dam/
bruce_cheatham : @patlibdsk
bryancontreraskt : Beast πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
jomeeaxy : @benaiahsantos @rianaaacollinsss
bcfcreilly : @harry.langstonn look at the board on itπŸ˜…πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
iaaannn17 : @kkayleeandersonn dang
jimiwoude : @cockleemery
onegod412 : Sick
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@bast1ensalabanzi @primitiveskate @impact_streetwear πŸ“· @hermanjshots
mhaikarl : paul rod
mhaikarl : riguez
mhaikarl : hey
mhaikarl : PAULLLL
mhaikarl : SOMBONG SIAL
peachyyy_xo : Babe twins lolol @skatebackwards
skate_funboy : Text me on Instagram skate_funboy
what_again : BANZI!!!!!
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
Thanks everyone who came out to see us today and thanks to @impact_streetwear for having us. @primitiveskate
_kevikev : Thought the dude in yellow to the left was you lol @sadladygalo
j.sarg_p08 : @abrahammayorga I see you kid...
j.sarg_p08 : @abrahammayorga did you get bast1ensalabanzi to sign your boards
abrahammayorga : @j.sarg_p08 yup yup!! Got the whole team πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
j.sarg_p08 : @abrahammayorga dang!! you lucky man.. Congratulations..
mitchell_christopher : I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me where street league 2016 will be held ? If you know yet haha !
lilybird89 : I spy you in this picture lol @deeago
lucas_tito_3 : I see that canon vixia mini
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prod84 - Paul Rodriguez
@planzskatepark demo was crazy, now off to @impact_streetwear. Hope to see you guys there.
savage.aaron : Ya i see you @zeke_the_geek__
robertovelazco_ : @adrian_velasco looks who's there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
omarthatsall : @adrian_velasco the kiddddd
k.nox : i have that hit in the very front lol
ow3n_x : My house. Is on laurel which is on the other side of the street
naturalmeds559 : @adrian_velasco
natesteeze : @naturalmeds559 @adrian_velasco
naturalmeds559 : Bi
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