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potterybarn - Pottery Barn
Dividing a space into zones ensures that every square inch of space used. In this room, there is a lounge area, office and library/display. With a little planning you can live large in a small space! #smallspaceliving #mypotterybarn
smallspaceliving - mypotterybarn -
marinapiagoldi : @kevinastover
stephengullette : @_patrickbruce
ralph_lp : @gracefuldreads me likey very much
kaylinsauer : @domdomsauer
stycy7 : @joeroman09
thereseinteriors : Goodmorning to youπŸ™‹β˜€οΈ
akhabenko : I like it☺️
apassionfordetails : - Mycket fräscht!!@bigpuff1
wiliampob - nanago5460 - mona_skk80 - petersveter1 -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
The key to great design lies in creating balance and symmetry. This furniture layout uses our versatile Clara Sofa as the anchor in this mirrored design approach. #pbstyletip #mypotterybarn
pbstyletip - mypotterybarn -
couturehomedesign : #balanceiskeytodesign
clochary : If you'd called it the Clare sofa, I'd have been compelled to buy it πŸ™‚
photo.kitchens : β¬… Photos of IKEA kitchens
jennyfrazier : Only an amateur here - but talking about balance and symmetry- does it drive anyone else crazy that the sofa etc on the right is further out from the table than the items on the left?
_des_int : @jennyfrazier oh my, yes indeed!
kati_06 : @colombolo26 rug idea for our living room
crystaldecru : They didn't sign a waiver to come in and take pics of my living room! Lol!! Totally kidding ! Beautiful design as usual!!
gabi.tudor : @facherpour
dydoubleu - restoring771 - amirarsalankia - limestonecottage -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
We think that @farmhouseredefined den is the ethos of our "collected home". Layers of artwork, pattern and texture create a warm and inviting space that we are positive is the heart of her home! #mypotterybarn
mypotterybarn -
jeannecampanadesign : Love that table! πŸ’›
yvonne_joshua : @terrysudi 😍😍😍
couturehomedesign : #classic
thejaxns : Congrats @farmhouseredefined!!!!
farmhouseredefined : @thejaxns Thanks Kim! ❀️
floordimensions : Love that pillow!! Is it from PB??
dustyz_pix : @werikbowman
white_n_wood : Yay!! @farmhouseredefined
thevibrantpad - aggeliki_m._malliou - ricardobhering -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
Now that the Half Time show is over can we all take a moment to reflect on the entry of @christiebinteriors? We love the Eagan Mirror and how it adds a beautiful curvilinear aspect to the space! #mirrormirror #mypotterybarn
mirrormirror - mypotterybarn -
the.color.inside.my.world : I still love these mirrors @jbolamperti1
drm3821 : @angmiller18 love this entry
couturehomedesign : #timelessinteriorbypotterybarn
christiebinteriors : It was a super sweet surprise to be featured on @potterybarn! I'm so in awe of my #eaganmirror - it rocks! Thank you and loved seeing all the sweet comments too!
amyharik : @meganheartsbrad
agabriele26 : @shaylett13 our entry one day except on a smaller scale
nrodri07 : I love this mirror @valibee87
fraa_xox : @antoniod87 that's the table!!
masyarii - instachoyy - silbana_sanchez - samon_hp -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
This succulent dough bowl centerpiece from @colonialhouseofflowers is definitely one "bowl" we think is super this weekend! #sorryforthepun #gameday
sorryforthepun - gameday -
taylorbeexox : @abiesiada love this
muanitzagarcia : @daliya_niv yesss
lorrie_kay : @smithco51 love this
phebekatherine : @devilmom1 I actually need this
above12 : @jennywolski yes!!!!!!
joelgodd : Don't know how I missed seeing this. And the candles are the perfect touch. @meeganmakes we can do this.
reginaptata : @juliana__marinho Olha que coisa mais linda!πŸŒ΅πŸŒ±πŸ€
ekleymann : @bmccaw @abbysup 😍😍
amirarsalankia - groundbreakingandbuilding - monicasilvacoxhead - noonadyana -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
We think @ikevindelgado did a pretty terrific job with his styling project especially since it features our Louise Marble Table! Bravo! #homestyling #livingroom #mypotterybarn
homestyling - livingroom - mypotterybarn -
jennakline24 : @hagoodwin gray couch will look awesome in your family room (similar carpet color too?) and, Your coffee table will look better than this one πŸ˜‰
ehanson1010 : @michele.klemetsrud coffee table goals
michele.klemetsrud : @ehanson1010 πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
meganamyyy : My perfect house except with a zebra rug instead of a regular rug
katherinewisniewski : @breannabisharat
allisonleaaa : @ashlee_poland3
courtneyboisvert : @coryfowlie 😍😍
theathompson : @thesephlasley πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
ricardobhering - handmade_with_wood - norah_menard2 -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
We think this furball is what is technically called a "blanket hog" but can you really blame him on the biggest game weekend of the year? How are you spending the weekend? [πŸ“Έ: @chaddytucci] #pbpet #mypotterybarn
pbpet - mypotterybarn -
katy_bijoux : @mehrnazm4 vaaaay pishiiiii jaaaaann
mackenziecampbell : @hcampbell0 WOAH
ann_espinosa : @ellespinosa @lauraae11 soo cute!
thereseinteriors : πŸ˜³πŸ˜„
lai_tiffany : @lileymew
themirandaelizabeth : @miss.ron 😻
couturehomedesign : #cuddlecatbyPB
chaddytucci : Thank you @potterybarn for sharing the picture of my little girl~she loves your faux fur blankets & so do I. Thank you for all the comments & likes~ xoxo
weekendchef_ - m.ebrahimy67 - shaunatuso -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
Decorating for Valentine's Day doesn't mean a room full of red and white. Take a #pbstyletip from stylist @tzneedham who incorporated just a touch of whimsy with a Valentine banner but kept everything else soft and floral for romantic, adult take on the holiday. #valentinesday #florals
valentinesday - florals - pbstyletip -
christygriner : @leabl I can make you and jason one of these for your Valentine's Day table πŸ’•πŸ’—♥οΈπŸ˜œπŸ˜€πŸ˜
leabl : It's beautiful @christygriner @agcurrier
colonialhouseofflowers : @tammyzabenko77 us too!! she's just like her mom!
jennsmitty : @_kdawgg goals
_kdawgg : Obsessed @jennsmitty
julianaq90 : @cx.lupita.cx
emilybilotta : @tmonaco2 @jaybilotta reminds me of the Hamptys house
jaybilotta : @emilybilotta @tmonaco2 but 40x nicer lol
s_d232 - bengwarrior - paradienkongolo4 -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
Who says functional can't be pretty? Be like @deborahstachelski and use beautiful baskets tucked into little nooks to keep yourself organized. #pbstyletip #pbgetsorganized #mypotterybarn
pbgetsorganized - pbstyletip - mypotterybarn -
daydreambeliever85 : @lovelydreams42 - baskets for organizing! 😻😻😻
sergeantcalypso : @lisazipken
shazmgoodman : @adriennedunstone I know it's good
elizabethbtucker : @daniellebearethompson πŸ’› the table!
keldix : @tonyjunior22 there it is... Exactly what I've been looking for πŸ‘€
court_uk : @jess_mcclain my thoughts exactly.
adridiazaponte : @alidamontenegro mira q bellas las cestas
designwithrev : @doron83 if. Someone loved me, they would buy me a mirrored vanity table
lawsongabebecky - wowurhome - kristygomugomu - kathymalkinski -
potterybarn - Pottery Barn
Our Rustic Glass Pendant looks perfect in the kitchen of @meadowlark_park - almost makes us feel guilty for ordering take out! #whitekitchens #mypotterybarn
whitekitchens - mypotterybarn -
villarrealy : @mm_villarreal
ellietvedt : @mackenzieurquhart
a_v.a.l.e.n.t.i.n.o : Yes! @cayceeg
ah144705 : @tmh1125 look at the pendants.
michellepowelson_ : @jess_fayad
jjusteen : @leahchow Dream kitchen right there! Maybe someday?? 😐
devin__89 : @katrinaeileen13 goals
jennnabaker : @andybrown83
katiepie66 - kverdries - melissapiccirillo - hollyoetken -
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