Ros Lee

Lifestyle product designer / design consultant based in Tokyo, Japan. Launched "Polkaros" lifestyle brand in 2011. www.facebook.com/polkaros
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polkaros - Ros Lee
We ordered everything on the menu😂 So proud of this girl @ikuraholic ! We used to spend so much time at work together and travelled almost everywhere together. Really happy to see how much Craftholic has grown! 👏🎉
mingzhou_et : Xx love your outfit! Miss u
ikuraholic : Thank you so much Rossy💓💓We had a very nice time in Daikanyama office☺️🎶CRAFTHOLIC and me was able to grow thanks to your imagination✨✨ありがとう💗💗
polkaros : @x_u Wah thanks 😘
polkaros : @mingzhou_et miss you too Ming! Will you be back in SG in November?
polkaros : @ikuraholic Thank you Iku-san!! I have many happy memories working together!!! こちらこそありがとう💕
polkaros : @etincellestudio I wore 'oui' for the first time the other day and my friends liked it too!!
etincellestudio : @polkaros thanks for letting me know! It looks super cute, maybe I should make a pair for myself 😊
mingzhou_et : @polkaros oh yes perhaps! Exact date u r back so I can try to synchronise the timing!
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Dinner with ex-coworkers at Craftholic cafe❤️🎉
annaroslily : Just bought the beautiful clown vase!! Thank you so much @polkaros for being so creative!! Your work is awesome!!!
polkaros : @annaroslily Thank you so much!! I saw your order and it really made my day❤️nice to see you here☺️I will be shipping the case to you next week!😃
botellita_de_leche : 😍😍
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Working on some new plates..
molly.dooker : Another must have!!
ouipui : So kwaii 😊
teriyakigirrrlz : Lovely…😘want it!
imhomestore : Super cute 😍 x
naameba : So cute that it hurts ❤
wpivs : @happyanimalsrule
mariskayvon : Ah sweet'
houseandhomepr : Dying for this cuteness!!
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Today - vintage clothing shop hopping with @sokki in Koenji☀️feeling inspired by the bold prints and colorways from a different era😍
floraamalie : I know that place :)
fernsg : Ooh it's that lovely shop! Missing Koenji!
polkaros : @floraamalie yes! Of course you do, it's in your hood😉 come back soon!!
polkaros : @fernsg yes! Have you started using those cute glasses yet?
fernsg : @polkaros yes of course! Waiting to serve you lemonade in it haa. Soon.
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polkaros - Ros Lee
So nice meeting @sokki again after more than 10 years?! The most talented and artistic illustrator I know!
sokki : Can I regram this?? 😃
polkaros : @sokki yes!! Thank to @hellosandwich we have a pic together 😭💕
sokki : Yea!!! 👯
hellosandwich : My pleasure! So nice meeting you @sokki !
lisaedoff : I love your shirt and bag!
priscillaahn : Your bags are ridiculously cute just like you!!!
polkaros : @lisaedoff oh thank you!💗
polkaros : @priscillaahn aww thanks! That's the new clutch bag I was telling you about!
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Yesterday at TABF @nessleee's table! Had fun walking around with the cutest @stacehstaceh whom I met for the first time! Thanks for the pic!
nessleee : Awww thanks again bb!!! Till next time !! Xoxo 😘💕
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Lovely finds from the Tokyo Art Book Fair yesterday! Amazing works by @midnightgracie (B35), @nessleee(B15), @kaitensoshi(B06) and Oco shop(A08)! Do check them out if you are visiting!
tabf -
midnightgracie : Thanks so much for stopping by and for buying a poster:) I think the year you, @hellosandwich and me had a row was the best one! ✨
kaitensoshi : Thank you again! 🎉
hellosandwich : That year was THE BEST! SAIKO NOT SAKSUMAN! Let's do it again in 2015!
hellosandwich : @midnightgracie 👆💁
hezra : @arulau 你看这些设计也好美哦!
arulau : @hezra 對也~😍😍😍😍😍
polkaros : @midnightgracie @hellosandwich it was FUN indeed!! Hope we can do it again in 2015!! 🎉
bonjourmeg : @milkjamie maybe we should show here :)
optimist05 - fran_rooso - monmo25 - anastarsia.d -
polkaros - Ros Lee
Succulents growing in all directions🌱
bohemian_artjunkie : I love it!
ouipui : Love your pots 💙
beckyxkw : very nice
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Visited @sophiexchocolat 's exhibition at Gallery Speak For in Daikanyama. This was my favorite painting! Also loved the handmade collaboration pieces by @etincellestudio ❤️
fragolove : Oh did you go too!? It was really fantastic, wasn't it!?
sophiexchocolat : I was sooo glad to meet you!!!😊Let's meet again soon!
purpleserotonin : Great!! 😊
polkaros : @etincellestudio oh I loved the mint green one too!
polkaros : @hellosandwich yes! Time for a beach holiday?!🌴☀️
polkaros : @fragolove yes I went! My first time at their exhibition! it was very lovely!! We talked about your cute brooches too❤️❤️
polkaros : @sophiexchocolat it was soooo nice meeting you both! I had a great time. Thank you! Let's meet again soon!! 💕
fragolove : Ha so sweet of you!!😂💕✨I went to their exhibition again the day before yesterday and popped in the Craftholic pop up cafe for my lunch! It was CHO GUZEN that I popped in that cafe, so it was nice surprise for me and it reminded me of you☺️💕
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Sloth Pancake and cafe latte! Craftholic cafe is opened for the month of September at Sign cafe Daikanyama. Do check it out if you are in a Tokyo! とてもかわいかった❤️❤️❤️@ikuraholic
muskaelvis : 😍😍😍 my daughter would love these!!! Do they have Sloth Bear Mexico? We have been searching for one, for over a year 😔
designbreak : 🐼
molly.dooker : Your photos always make me want to move to tokyo, @polkaros ! #Stuckinhongkong
mikimelina : ♡♡♡
sliceofpai : @tictaccat let's make some 😁
amy_in_japan : @helenlolzzz
helenlolzzz : @amy_in_japan weekend after next??
leadubfrqc : @camilledubcpt trop chouuu
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