Ros Lee

Lifestyle product designer / design consultant based in Tokyo, Japan. Launched "Polkaros" lifestyle brand in 2011. www.facebook.com/polkaros
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Some no komichi- besides outdoor galleries, there are also many hands-on dyeing workshops you can participate in. These ladies are dyeing their fabric with techniques from the Edo-period in Futaba-en.
blaqueessence : They are making beautiful designs!
yaocly : @sherlynlee we should go n seeee!
sherlynlee : @yaocly let's go next year!
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Today is the last day of the 3-day Textile festival 'Some no Komichi 染の小道'. Do drop by Nakai station if you interested to learn more about the Japanese textile dyeing heritage of this area!
gemmifer : How wonderful!
polkaros : @candycigarette yes!! It's so lively and crowded during the event this year! Many people walking around in kimono! You would be surprised!
freefallsaidfreud : @loyceli 😊
nicedaypaper : whoa cool! that's amazing!
esin1310 : Owww man.. i missed it
mypaperpigeon : Nakai is just a walk away for me but it's raining like crazy! :(
polkaros : @mypaperpigeon what!! We are neighbors then!! Yes too bad it's raining :( maybe next year? There are still some indoor workshops / exhibits you can check out though!
mypaperpigeon : @polkaros ooo! Hello neighbour! ✌️Pulled my vacuum cleaner out a moment ago so next year I guess! 😊Need to check out and remember the dates though! Am nuts with dates. 😅have fun! 👍
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Back in Tokyo, just in time for the annual textile event "Some no komichi' in my neighborhood!
tricotoki : ¿Textil event?😍😍 i want to be there!!!
marcepat : What a interesting!! @polkaros i will search by internet👏👏
polkaros : @runawayrobot oh! Hopefully next year?! This event is usually held on the last weekend of February!
polkaros : @letterloves I am sure you would enjoy it!😃
polkaros : @ouipui ah the event is from 27Feb to 1Mar! Oh you are coming in April! You will probably catch the blooming of sakuras which is awesome too🌸🌸🌸
polkaros : @tricotoki nice event to learn about traditional Japanese dyeing techniques!
polkaros : @marcepat hello! more information on our blog : www.polkaros.com/blog
marcepat : Thanks a lot! @polkaros ☀️⭐️👌
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Ok one last pic from Little India. If I had window grills I would paint them in rainbow colors like this🌈
analoguerock : 💘😍
etincellestudio : So beautiful!!
molly.dooker : Happy Chinese New Year @polkaros ^_^ hope everything is going well! Can't wait till your new pots come out 🐈💜💙❤️
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polkaros - Ros Lee
saraescamilla : @essuperfun
polkaros : @runawayrobot yes it is!! 😍
polkaros : @getbacksweetloretta this is in a neighborhood called 'little India' in Singapore!
polkaros : @bluemoosesgm Singapore😘
selamtayoga : Ok....so this is a cool moment sis. Lol. Because this pic came up on my explore page & it was under "based on people you follow" so at first I thought it was your artwork & then I realized they were actual homes & then I had a lightbulb moment...AHA...I Bet @hiroots.mbc liked this pic that's why it's on my explore page....lol. Am I right 😳😁😝😇?
getbacksweetloretta : @polkaros wow!!! Lovely place! Thanks for the info!
hiroots.mbc : @selamtayoga thanks I actually follow the artist she is great!
essuperfun : @saraescamilla love it!
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Beautiful colors from Little India, Singapore🌟
yaneezanis : @polkaros you're in singapore now?!
sherlynlee : Let's go! @yaocly
molly.dooker : Inspirational! :)
annaroslily : @opheliacurtis 😍
opheliacurtis : @annaroslily so beautiful
windyandfriends : Gorgeous! Love that sign in the window, too😊
avestudiopdu : Beautiful !!!!
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polkaros - Ros Lee
May your day be filled with lots of love❤️💛💙💚💜
polkaros : @merissa_cherie same to you! 💕
polkaros : @hiki_k 💙💛💚❤️
polkaros : @pukhyllested 💙❤️💛💚💗
happyshop : Hello Ros! Happy CNY! Are you back in town? 😊
juliettele : Ooooh i just discovered your work (SO late, i know!)... I AM IN LOVE!
q_mj : Wow:) @guanren1005
polkaros : @happyshop Yes I am back for a quick CNY break! Happy prosperous new year to you!!🎉
polkaros : @juliettele oh thank you💕😍💕
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polkaros - Ros Lee
polkaros : Spent a lovely afternoon with yesterday @hiki_k and visited @yumikitagishi cute exhibition at @douxdimanche ! This exhibition will be on till 15th, do drop by if you are in Tokyo!
thecraftbureau : This looks so cute!
paumesbooks : Thank you for coming! We really enjoyed talking with you🌟
polkaros : @merissa_cherie yes these are illustrator Yumi Kitagishi's cute stationery!! You can see more here: @yumikitagishi
polkaros : @thecraftbureau hope you have time to visit!
merissa_cherie : @polkaros ooh thank you💕
polkaros : @paumesbooks It was so nice seeing you!! Thank YOU for spending time with us! Looking forward to your new book💓
paumesbooks : Thanks, @polkaros !! Ganbarimasu〜👍✨ Please feel free to drop in on us😊
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polkaros - Ros Lee
Took a break from painting and made some marble beads for @lzyjn it's therapeutic and addictive!
sokki : What's this? Something like clay? So cute!
greenlaundry : 😍
anisprastika : So cute □
mayillustrator : Ooo yummy
verejime : 😍😍
bowob2 - heyandywarhol - superangdoo - _estallido_ -
polkaros - Ros Lee
Pots lined up and waiting to be painted in our studio💪
polkaros : @mooderntribu thanks 💕😂💕
polkaros : @molly.dooker hi Rena! Really? Do you want me to reserve a white one for you?
molly.dooker : I wouldn't mind @polkaros !! Though would also like to know what plans you had for them- what color/ pattern would they be? Am still hoping for that multicolored pastel version 😍
polkaros : @molly.dooker ha yes will be making more of those multicolored pastel ones!
molly.dooker : Hurrah!!! Pls reserve one of those for me 😘😘😘😘お願いします!!!
imhomestore : They look cute naked! @polkaros 😍😉😮
angeliateo : Will you bring some home for CNY?
polkaros : @angeliateo oh no.. They are still work on progress😂
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