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Culinary Nutrition Expert / Vegan Food Writer with a penchant for whole foods & a persistent sweet tooth. But you're here for the puggles, right?
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Went to town at @fomuicecream - strawberry, lavender, matcha white chocolate chip. Thanks Suzy & Teagan for letting us sample a million flavors! #veganfoodshare #icecream #research #comingsoon
icecream - comingsoon - veganfoodshare - research -
elizabetheats : I miss @fomuicecream !! Looks delic
lisaveganpact : They hate me when I go in because I try them all 😉 and I've tried them all a trillion times haha
picklesnhoney : @elizabetheats It's so good!!
picklesnhoney : @lisaveganpact It's hard to choose a flavor! They're all really interesting and delicious.
glittercoatedlenses : This. Is. Amazing.
theveganchickpea : That looks amazing!
picklesnhoney : @theveganchickpea It was! Although my eyes were bigger than my stomach. haha
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
(Parsley) Pesto + (White Bean) Hummus. A marriage of two of my favorite things. | picklesnhoney.com #recipe #pesto #hummus #vegan
hummus - pesto - recipe - vegan -
glittercoatedlenses : This is amazing! Seriously why didn't I think to put pesto and hummus together!?
bfrii : @lindsayfrias looks good
kisforkirsten : Yum!
passionkait : Mmmmmmmm
picklesnhoney : @glittercoatedlenses I'm surprised it took me this long too! 
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Playing with a new-to-me ingredient: Irish moss. I don't know...it is so stinky! I'm having a another scoby moment, but @meghantelpner swears by this stuff. #irishmoss #kitchenexperiment
irishmoss - kitchenexperiment -
ladygenj : What's it used for/in? This is the first I've heard of it!
adashofvegan : I can't get past the smell either. I don't use it much anymore for that very reason. Good luck!
picklesnhoney : @ladygenj It's a thickening agent and supposed to lend a great texture to nut milks, smoothies, etc. Also really good for helping to heal the digestive lining and for thyroid health.
picklesnhoney : @adashofvegan haha Thanks! Hoping I can make it work. :)
laurengoslin : When I went to buy it at a local health food store here, there was a label on the lid that said 'warning: may cause intestinal upset and constipation', so I passed. I'd be curious to know how u do with it tho! :)
picklesnhoney : @laurengoslin Eep! I hadn't heard that. I've used the Irish moss a couple of times since yesterday (about 2 spoonfuls in smoothies), and so far, so good!
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Girl Scout Samoas Brownies + Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats Cookbook Giveaway! You guys, these brownies. They have the most insane vegan caramel and it could not be more simple to make. | www.picklesnhoney.com #brownies #dessert #samoas #recipe #giveaway #allergyfree #vegan #glutenfree #cookbook #sweetdebbiesorganictreats
allergyfree - glutenfree - dessert - recipe - vegan - sweetdebbiesorganictreats - giveaway - samoas - cookbook - brownies -
mrsvonjazzhands : Oh my god.
foodandstuffandthings : Ooooo! Looks so good!!
picklesnhoney : @mrsvonjazzhands My words exactly.
picklesnhoney : @foodandstuffandthings They're awesome!
foodandstuffandthings : Samoas were my favorite! I'll definitely be making these!
gagathefoodie : Cool!
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
I have the best smelling block today. #summer
summer -
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
What I did with all those plums: Cinnamon Plum Merlot Sorbet! This is definitely not the super sweet, sugary stuff you will find at the grocery store. Instead, it's bold, sophisticated, and just sweet enough. Get the recipe! www.picklesnhoney.com #sorbet #recipe #plum #merlot #vegan #cinnamon #summer
summer - cinnamon - plum - sorbet - recipe - vegan - merlot -
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
All the plums. #summer #fruit #recipeinprogress
summer - fruit - recipeinprogress -
gingerlysweettreats : @picklesnhoney I just came across your blog and I'm in love!! Your story is so inspirational to me. I recently left my corporate 9-5 to pursue my dreams and it has been such a personal learning experience. I still have a long way to go, but learning about your story and seeing your success inspires me to keep on chugging along!! 😊
picklesnhoney : @gingerlysweettreats Congrats on leaving your 9-5 to pursue your dreams!! That is AMAZING! I definitely don't have it all figured out, but I'm learning as I go. Keep at it! 
gingerlysweettreats : Thank you so much @picklesnhoney I will definitely keep at it 😀
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
My little rescue kitten, Soso (can you tell I was watching Orange is the New Black?) with her friend Veronica (on the left) at their wonderful foster home. Makes me so happy. #feralcats #rescue #compassion
compassion - rescue - feralcats -
eafix : Wow! Thank you for having faith in her and for giving her a chance to live in a loving home!
picklesnhoney : @eafix Thank you for the sweet comment. 
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Today I'm sharing my thoughts on becoming a Culinary Nutrition Expert through @meghantelpner and @culinarynutrition. Learn all about the program, get my biggest takeaways, and find out what's next! www.picklesnhoney.com (photo from my final assignment - teaching a cooking class!) P.S. Already know you want in on the Fall program? Sign up here: http://bit.ly/1p2qhtC #cneprogram
cneprogram -
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Chips! Extra crispy (the secret is brown rice tortillas). Recipe for perfect chips + salsa for dipping in Monday's post! | picklesnhoney.com #chips #glutenfree
chips - glutenfree -
veganmiam - mrs_steveort - theveganrunnergirl - mrsashlilee -
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