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365 days, 70+ National Parks, tiny car, single suitcase, and two dogs in tow. Follow #PHroadtrip and learn more at
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
No-bake mini s'mores cheesecakes! (because s'mores are a road trip/summer food group made even better when enjoyed in cheesecake form!) πŸ‘‰http://www.picklesnhoney.com/2015/05/27/vegan-smores-cheesecake/
summer - dessert - marshmallows - cheesecake - smores - vegan - chocolate -
picklesnhoney : #vegan #dessert #smores #cheesecake #summer #chocolate #marshmallows
hen_family : Oh my, these look so delicious!!
mygreenroots : These look out of this world!! 😍
picsfp : Yummy!
sunfood : Childhood favorite! Must try these!
saradivello : Look gorgeous!
veggiekait - ameliaeatshealthy - game_of_cakes_bcn - owens.marian -
picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
The calm before the storm... ⚑️ We left NY for a loooong day of driving to crash in Cleveland overnight only to have our 2nd airbnb bust. This house was grody but we were so spent, we considered sleeping in a tent on the floor (seriously)...and then the internet didn't work and Aaron was OUT. 😁 So now we're in an air-conditioned hotel with wifi drinking mint tea and doing laundry (for free!). So happy for cleanliness and a shower. πŸ™ And for the record, the YURT was one of the cleanest places we've stayed so far. Go figure. P.S. Hoping to post a recipe tomorrow! I planned to share it tonight but life threw us for a little loop.
iloveshowers - andcleanliness - yurtlife - phroadtrip -
theveganchickpea : What up with airbnb? That's not cool.
picklesnhoney : @philipcurwen It was really nice! So lush and green. 
picklesnhoney : @passionbykait Yeah...not the most fun day, but it all worked out okay. Hopefully airbnb will refund us.
vanillaandbean : @picklesnhoney Oh Nooo Air b&b.... We've always done well with them. And then to have two on one trip!? 😩 I hope it gets better... So glad you found a clean place. ❀️
picklesnhoney : @theveganchickpea It's such a drag. We're finding the reviews don't often add up, which makes it a gamble. The two times it hasn't worked out, the places have both had glowing reviews and been absolutely filthy (like not cleaned in a loooooong time). I'm not sure what to make of it.
theveganchickpea : Fake reviews? Is that possible?
picklesnhoney : @theveganchickpea I don't think it is, which makes it so strange. I know people's perceptions of clean vary, but this was like frat house dirty.
passionbykait : ::hug::
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Our kitchen at the yurt! Pretty well-equipped and well-designed, with a small fridge on the right and an electric stovetop under the counter. The owner studied industrial design before he traded the city for country life and it showed. I think we could get down with a tiny house (well, not this tiny) but I would still want a full kitchen! 🏠
tinyhouse - yurt - waterville - tinyliving - ny - yurtlife - phroadtrip - newyork - kitchen -
picklesnhoney : #yurtlife #PHroadtrip #tinyhouse #tinyliving #yurt #waterville #newyork #ny #kitchen
toastervan : Cute and bright!
susanacgalli : Very nice yurt kitchen!
nomingthrulife : I wanna stay in a Yurt! πŸ˜† it's sooo cute! ☺️
theveganchickpea : I could totally live here.
picklesnhoney : @nomingthrulife If you're near(ish) to NY, this one is great!
naturallycoconut - richmanmarilyn - erin.aperri - divergent.squid -
picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Yurt! Now we can check that off our life list. I'll share a photo or two of the inside in case you're curious. It was small at just 200 sq. ft. and gave us a taste of (very) tiny living.
tinyhouse - glamping - newyork - waterville - tinyliving - ny - yurtlife - phroadtrip -
picklesnhoney : #yurtlife #tinyhouse #tinyliving #glamping ##PHroadtrip #waterville #newyork #ny
picklesnhoney : #PHroadtrip
wellburtt : @pammaloo
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Drunk on happiness and country air. πŸ˜‚ On our way to Cleveland and back on the grid!!
newyork - dogsofig - phroadtrip - happiness -
picklesnhoney : #PHroadtrip #dogsofig #happiness #newyork
passionbykait : BEST PHOTO EVER. Omg that face though... I can't even. Also: welcome back to the grid! Can't wait to hear about the yurt. Muahahah But srsly can I take him home with me?
anotherhungryvegan : So sweet :)
picklesnhoney : @passionbykait You can borrow Barley any time. 
passionbykait : Don't. Tempt. Me.
passionbykait : (Can I also give him back anytime? πŸ˜‰)
picklesnhoney : @passionbykait haha Depending on his level of craziness, you may want to give him back in short order. 
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
We'll likely be off the grid for the next few days while we try out yurt living!! Wish us (me) luck and have a happy long weekend!
lakeplacid - newyork - liveauthentic - livefolk - phroadtrip -
picklesnhoney : #PHroadtrip #lakeplacid #newyork #livefolk #liveauthentic
passionbykait : God. Speed.
clean_cuisine : So important to take a break! Enjoy 😎--ivy
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
I have no idea what's gotten into Honey and Barley the last couple of days, but they are nutty! This is just after we did a pretty strenuous hike up nearly 3,000 ft. I can't even imagine what the people hiking up the summit thought they would find...I would have heard those noises and been DONE.
lakeplacid - newyork - dogsofig - phroadtrip - crazypuppies -
picklesnhoney : #PHroadtrip #lakeplacid #newyork #dogsofig #crazypuppies
theveganchickpea : Haha so vicious!
picklesnhoney : @theveganchickpea I know, right?  Barley has discovered his inner wild dog. He's keeping Honey young!
bauersgovegan - uncrueleats - bwonderful53 - coachphoebe -
picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
If you're in Lake Placid, you must stop by The Good Bite Kitchen. Super adorable and tiny, with a vegetarian and vegan local, seasonal menu that changes daily. We tried the mango cilantro soda and a roasted portobello red pepper tomato sandwich that was the best we've had in a long time. Also, it came with a little packet of sunflower seeds! 🌻
lakeplacid - glutenfree - newyork - vegetarian - vegan - ny - lunch - thegoodbitekitchen -
picklesnhoney : #lunch #lakeplacid #newyork #ny #thegoodbitekitchen #vegan #vegetarian #glutenfree
glueandglitter : That soda sounds fantastical!
picklesnhoney : @glueandglitter Really awesome flavor combination!
theveganchickpea : The sandwich sounds awesome.
theurbanstory - asunshinemission - mirabellenmaederl - fenhongdou -
picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Somewhere between muesli and oatmeal. Warm muesli? I used rolled oats, raisins, chopped apple, hemp hearts, stevia, and too much soy milk. πŸ’ Still tastes good!
whatveganseat - oatmeal - glutenfree - muesli - breakfast - vegan -
picklesnhoney : #breakfast #whatveganseat #vegan #glutenfree #oatmeal #muesli
philipcurwen : Great following you guys!
picklesnhoney : @philipcurwen Thanks for following along!
theveganchickpea : That looks perfect.
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picklesnhoney - Amanda Maguire
Vegan graham crackers in the red box! On sale! It's the little things. Also, my first trip to Hannaford's and I was really pleasantly surprised that there are organic options for just about everything, priced better than Whole Foods for the same brands. We spent around $55 for 4-5 days worth of groceries, including Aaron's Lagunitas. πŸ‘Š Are Hannaford's always this nice?
veganonabudget - whatveganseat - groceryhaul -
picklesnhoney : @veganhikers This is a great comment--thank you! I may have to go back for the sugar cones.
likeacupoftea : @plantbasedmainer bahaha it's true! The Hannaford is real.
theveganchickpea : I miss those graham crackers! And what's a lagunita?
picklesnhoney : @theveganchickpea it's @lagunitasbeer - Aaron love it and just about all of their beers are vegan-friendly too!
passionbykait : My memories of Hannafords are sadly ruined from working there in college.... ;)
picklesnhoney : @passionbykait Hah! Well, that's probably to be expected.
passionbykait : Knew you'd understand! Make sure you get to a wegmans if you haven't yet!
picklesnhoney : @passionbykait Putting it on my list!
sabrinafair54 - coachphoebe - jennipherhulse - veganizedlife -
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