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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Feeling the itch. Feeling the need for space. Feeling the need to press the refresh button. Who is jumping on the plane with me. #runawaywithme
runawaywithme -
hello_owl : @jaggerfiles a girl can dream.
hello_owl : @beautifullifeindustries short and sweet totally bali and next time.. I'm thinking Tasmania for some soul food.
danimezza : Yep that would help but seriously, girly trip HAS to happen at some stage.
hello_owl : 2018 is looking good. First in best dressed. Not even kidding about this. @danimezza
melaniehumphris : Oh I love Singapore been twice but only without kids. Only been here in Thailand for 4 days but love it. We are currently in Khao Lak about 1 1/2 hrs North of Phuket. Still heaps to do without the crowds and drunk back packers. So far I'm likely it more than Bali. However I always like to go to new places and I have done Bali a few times. Kids love it, Food amazing. We had a massive spread last night 6 adults 7 children and it came to just under $100.00 Australian ๐Ÿ‘Œ. 6 more nights here and then Kuala Lumper for 3 nights shopping.
hello_owl : Sounds bloody perfect!! I agree I think everybody from darwin goes to bali because it's so cheap, a flight to Sydney is 3x the price but you have to be careful not to over do it. @melaniehumphris
danimezza : Serious? 2018... Aidan will be 9yo! Then again we'll hopefully be buying a house in a year or so, I'll be broke lol.
hello_owl : Yep. 2014 shed, new kitchen (maybe 2015) Singapore/manilla 2015 brisbane, Europe, cairns 2016 europe with kids + mil 2017 UK I think I'll be going back to work with this schedule. @danimezza
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
I strategically invited a group of friends over for a lazy Sunday gathering and a bit of friend blending only to have all of them cancel at some point over the weekend. Perhaps it's a sign from the universe. But hey at least we have cake!! #partyplanningfail
partyplanningfail -
beautifullifeindustries : I always friend blend, Ummm cake. Yes please xx
debpotteringabout : Oh shame :(
kiss_chasey : Ugh. People cancelling like this really bums me out. Such a disappointment :(
e_a_munro : That's a shame... Of course on the upside you don't have to share your yummy looking cake
kay_en_nim : Too bad we dont live near you, i'd love to have some of that cake, it looks delicious.
mezhead : Mixing friends can sometimes be like crossing the streams....๐Ÿ˜‰
pheebsb_x : I hate that, enjoy that beautiful cake though
hello_owl : I guess it's all part of the fun of finding your people. @kiss_chasey :)
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Fashion show with the girls. Super high heels and a tutu!!
hello_owl : @mile_tatum do I pass :p
mile_tatum : Absolutely gorgeous girl xx
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Who gave the mums alcohol?
danimezza : ๎‰
beautifullifeindustries : Woooooooooooo xx
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
By some miracle had the kids out of bed, fed, dress and at the golf club by 9am only to be told 'Sorry Danielle it's not on today, we told everybody last week. I walked away feeling like a horrible mother only to get the kids in the car and realise we were off sick last week.
teganmcintosh : That sucks. New adventures instead?
hello_owl : Home to chill on the couch and watch cartoons and me to organise the filing cabinet :p they are in heaven and We have big plans tomorrow. @teganmcintosh
gemmahealymaver : Oh well good work for getting there- a fun spontaneous day out?
teganmcintosh : Woo hoo for big plans!
hello_owl : We came home to the shops and then home to vege out watching a movie while abi naps. It's joss's birthday tomorrow so that one will be busy. @gemmahealymaver
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
I'm always complaining to my post office lady that I am always picking up parcels and never get any myself. Today when I handed her my ticket she laughed at me and said your going to like this one. #canthatboxgetanybigger
canthatboxgetanybigger -
kiss_chasey : Oh you're the CUTEST THING! @hello_owl
sharonwey59 : What's in that box
hello_owl : I try my best ;) @kiss_chasey
hello_owl : Some breakfast stuff. I'll Save some for you. Probably good for dad. @sharonwey59
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Somebody has been practicing her don't take my photo face with her school photos AND her passport photos.
gemmahealymaver : ๐Ÿ™Š
womanofstyleandsubstance : ๐Ÿ˜ถ oh dear
yardleychase : ๐Ÿ˜•
life.love.wanderlust : Hahaha. Super impressed.
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Abigail just had her needles. She was more pissed off about being taken away from the toys then somebody jabbing her in the arm. Afterwards she didn't cry she just jumped down from my lap and went and played with the toys.
_taralucas_ : ๐Ÿ’ช she's a tough one that one.
gemmahealymaver : Toughy!
morganvidins : Haha I got the same reaction from my daughter 2 weeks ago. I thought I had escaped the meltdown until it was time to leave haha
hello_owl : Oh yes. There were tears. She tried to steal a book @morganvidins
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Cloth nappies. What is everybody loving nowadays? #justliketoputitouttherenotpregnantnottryingimdonewithbabies
justliketoputitouttherenotpregnantnottryingimdonewithbabies -
hello_owl : We used baby beehinds exclusively. No reason why we were just happy and didn't see the need for anything else. Now have a friend pregnant and I have no idea what's out there. @beautifullifeindustries
beautifullifeindustries : Yeah same with us & CT @hello_owl. They were great and I'm sure they all have their pros + cons, cause let's be real they are just catching shit & wee all bloody day xx
danimezza : I loved Aidan's BumGenius nappies. I'd kept them until we moved... just in case. Gave them all to a friend who had just had twins. She'd used cloth on her first and was committed. Felt nicer to give them to someone who needed them than to try and sell. Baby door is well and truly shut around these parts.
shellnel : @kbobby
dtrhproductions : Just purchased some baby behind multifits online. Hoping they will be good!
my_vintage_childhood : I've cloth bummed all three of my babes with the vast majority of my stash being Baby Beehinds my multifits. They have been hammered for five years with them being used for all three of the kids, they're on their last legs with Fraser now, the inserts are starting to wear through and die, but most of the shells are still doing fine. I think it's a pretty good investment since the constant use and the they are constantly peed and popped in.
gr8ozroadtrip : I make tiny people and love my itti bittis. But travel cloth is all about the pocket.
morganvidins : We use Baby BeeHinds sized magic alls. Another friend uses the same as us and another a mixture of Cushie Tushies and Itti Bitti. I wish I had know of other brands before I got the BBH. I never know what to suggest to people as far as brands, but have heard some don't fit some brands as well as others.
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Came out and found the kids in the esky. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive. #darwinnt #darwinnt #ntaustralia
ntaustralia - darwinnt -
beauhayes : Cute!!
kiss_chasey : Are you quoting 2pac or is that just a coincidence? @hello_owl
hello_owl : I wouldn't know 2pac to save my life ;) @kiss_chasey
hello_owl : They have their moments. @beauhayes
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