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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
School pick up. Tv is on for the kids and I'm working away.
hello_owl : Oh I hate school yard clicks. Don't let them get to you, you are fabulous. Hot tip: never join the p&c committee. Every time I stray from the car and go inside I always lose them so now I just stick to meeting them at the car @mrsgracelee
hello_owl : Where abouts are you located @kay_en_nim
kay_en_nim : Rotterdam, the Netherlands. An 8km roundtrip is doable, at least in our weather it is.
hello_owl : We are doing Europe next March/April and flying out of Amsterdam. Any hot tips? @kay_en_nim
kay_en_nim : Amsterdam is a beautifull city but a bit crowded. Rotterdam is beautifull if you love modern architecture. Alkmaar is a must see if you ask me.
kay_en_nim : If you love nature you should go to Nationalpark de Hoge Veluwe or de Biesbosch. If you like castles you can go to de Haar or Loevestein. For the Beach you can visit Bloemendaal.
kay_en_nim : But if you also plan to go to Belgium Antwerp is a must see and in the Ardennes you have a small town called Coo with a cool amusement park for Kids and an awsome waterfall.
hello_owl : Awesome thank you. I'm off to do some googling. We are going kid free. @kay_en_nim
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Looks serious kid.
onecraftymumma : You can almost catch a glimpse of her older self in this photo.
hello_owl : Such a rare moment of peace when her eyes are open ;) @onecraftymumma
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
I'm not the photographer you hire if you want to go to the beach and wrap silk around your body but occasionally for somebody I know I'll make an exception. My one condition is that you have to come to me with an open mind and be brave enough to break a few rules along the way.
luchipat : Completely agree! Great one!
danimezza : Beautiful xx
l_silk : wow....
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Finally cracked open the bottle of wine @movefuellove gave me for my birthday in JULY. #ireplacedwinewithtequilla
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mrsalishamay : ♥ this photo
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Sweet potato pie using left overs from last nights roast and my own pastry. Violet has already declare that is yuck mum, I do not like carrots. #kidsareawesome #thermomix
kidsareawesome - thermomix -
hello_owl : My kids don't eat sweet potato unless I cut them straight like chips and they think it's pumpkin. We only eat honey carrots and cheesy cauliflower. It's all about picking my battles. @morganvidins
hello_owl : Deal. It's easy peasy to make too :) @beautifullifeindustries
jess_jeanette : Good on her! Carrots are gross!!
hello_owl : With that attitude your not coming over for dinner ;) @jess_jeanette
jess_jeanette : Not if you're having carrot 😜
hello_owl : But it wasn't carrot. It was just orange. She wouldn't even try it. @jess_jeanette
jess_jeanette : You can never tell these days. They mix it with things and trick you. 😃 it does look tasty though. How'd it go?
hello_owl : My kids would know for sure. They are too smart. It was delicious!! @jess_jeanette
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
What's better then dinner from the markets you ask? It's totally the left overs.
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Check it out guys. There is clouds in the sky!! Down side: it's bloody hot!! #bringonthewet #darwin #ntaustralia
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
The down side of doing the groceries while the kids were at school was that I had to pack them away myself. I haven't done that in months.
realfridges -
hello_owl : #realfridges @woogsworld
mumma4kidlets : With my growing (no NOT EVER HAVING MORE not pregnant) family I NEED it lol
hello_owl : At one stage we had the six of us plus two extra adults and we always have people come up to stay on weekends. Our only drama is it comes out further then the benches by a lot so when we get around to re-doing our kitchen the fridge will be in the laundry/new pantry and the laundry is moving to the shed @mumma4kidlets
jess_jeanette : Got eggs? 😊
trickygirl : That's the best fridge ever.
anything_kel : If your fridge goes missing, it's not at my house...
hello_owl : Just remember to take the doors off or it won't fit through our front door ;) @anything_kel
hello_owl : And silky hair. @jess_jeanette
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Afternoon light.
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Violet loves PINK #candyjamleftovers
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