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a behind the scenes look into the lives of the andreoli family. weird, wild + wonderful
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
I just packed the essentials. I even left some stuff behind including my husband.
kiss_chasey : Bahahah love this
morganvidins : Wow! I want to see how you and the kids all fit!
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
I can see the broken bones already
taliacarbis : Fhorxnkolff she's so cute!!
katrinas_instagram : So cute!!!
hello_owl : Here hair fuzz has doubled in size since this morning @taliacarbis @katrinas_instagram
mctuckmum : She is adorable.
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
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andrew_janna : All 4 at 7.30. They are 17months, 3yr, 5yr and 7yr. 2 older can have lights on till 8pm if they aren't too tired.
honeyandfizz : 7, 7.30,8
wisb : 8:30pm for my 10yr but he always seems to push it out to 9pm & anywhere between 8pm & whenever he drops for my 4yr old. But he seems to be making it earlier😊
everlei13 : My teenager is off her mobile at 815, gets school stuff ready for the following day and reads between 830 & 930, but normally turns her light out around 9ish. She had just turned 14.
annamayde : 7:30-8 weekdays. On weekend they can stay up abit later like 8:30. My two are 3 & 5.
pictures_of_mine : 2year old 7:30pm, 6.5year old 8pm... As for the 9month old well, she doesn't seem to know what sleep is 😅
aliciamillis : Kian's in bed at 6:30 or 7, and still naps twice a day! ( at 15mnths) Ivy (5) and Ayla (3) go to bed by 8, but lately they keep playing in their room till 9!
morganvidins : Thanks @hello_owl I still don't know many people in Darwin :)
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Afternoon hang out.
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Hit me people. The more I dive into research, the more I add to my list so tell me. Hit and miss where would you go? #europe
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goodfoodweek : @hello_owl the English stat navs which you can pick up with the cars are amazing and so easy to follow ... And if you take a wrong turn, they will auto correct and make sure you get back on track.
notcharming : @hello_owl Rome! Gorgeous! My only suggestion would be to not jam too much in. Otherwise you'll feel like you didn't get to enjoy any one place fully. Ireland is lovely. My partner is from there and we're planning to move back in the next few years so I have a European holiday list as long as my arm :)
suzedeville : Prague is well worth a visit
sallymarie10 : @hello_owl I can babysit
trob66 : Greece
danimezza : ALL THE PLACES!!!
taliacarbis : Prague, Venice, Athens, Bratislava, Budapest - those are our top places!
taliacarbis : We drove all through Eastern Europe on our trip last year & it's surprisingly easy!
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Look what I found at the op shop. A book all about puberty. Our nerd is going to love this.
kiss_chasey : When I was 12 I remember being obsessed with the idea of puberty as I thought surely this is when life gets easier and fun. Could I have BEEN more wrong?!
_caseygray : I donated that to the opshop a few months back! That's be funny if it's my copy haha
ayelee : I did too @_caseygray hahahah good book 👍
themamasaurus : @kiss_chasey Fucking same. 😂
hello_owl : It came from the op shop near the bagot community. @ayelee @_caseygray did you mark it in any way?
hello_owl : Hell yeah! @themamasaurus @kiss_chasey
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
THIS is so much easier without my kids!!
_taralucas_ : I can barely think when I have both of mine with me. Enjoy the 'peace' x
kiss_chasey : Amen
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
We are at the shops minus the pram and I've lost my mother in law + Violet. It's Abigail's nap time and these chips are a short term solution to Abigail losing her shit in public. #thankgodforfast food
thankgodforfast -
mrsalishamay : Mmm id love some of those right now.
kiss_chasey : I've been giving asher lolly pops at the shops because his new favourite thing to do in a trolley is scream bloody murder @hello_owl
kay_en_nim : I always hate people who glare at you like youre a bad parent when you give them chips.
hello_owl : I'm all about doing what it takes no matter what everybody thinks. I do hate that it tastes like hair though. @kiss_chasey @kay_en_nim
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Say chipmunk!!
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hello_owl - Danielle Andreoli
Luigi and I are a shop assistants worst nightmare. #kitchenrenoplanning #weknowhowtoshop
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