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Horrible weekend. There's obviously no other solution to end it better than to watch tangled. #iamrapunzel
iamrapunzel -
brievictoria : @meaganbrytnie best medicine ever. haha
lfaulk26 : For ur niece bday party I want u to be tangled k?? And Derek be that guy
brievictoria : @lfaulk26 that would be so perfect. Haha @dncleary 's ego would fit that part perfectly :P haha
lfaulk26 : @brievictoria yes it would!! I'm serious so y'all better start making the costumes lol
brievictoria : You have to work on her though. Casually throw in the fact that her aunt is rapunzel...every day. Ha
brievictoria : @lfaulk26
lfaulk26 : @brievictoria ok I will lol
meaganbrytnie : @brievictoria any Disney movie is the instant cure to happiness!
iii_love_love - juloopi -
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