"What is to give light must endure burning" - Viktor E Frankl ⚑️ πŸ’¬Twitter: @Petitefi πŸ‘₯ πŸ‘»Snapchat: Petitefi
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mrescamillajr : @petitefi havent seen you on my fee in a min, what you getting?
matthew_gordon : Tell em i say hi! ✌🏼️
lenleye_cot : Great guys!
quesa : Love that shop. @henrylewis77 is the man!
rosenoir22 : @henrylewis77 GAM!! 😍😍😍
lovenessmonsta : Right by my work... El Rio!
sloohka : Hello .. Are you certified trainer ?!
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petitefi - Fiorella
The energy has changed. There has been an up-shift to the next level. I am love. I am healing. I am enough ΰ₯ Rinse & repeat. Sending you all of my heart ❀️
petitefi : @jshaff82 right back at ya 😘
petitefi : @russianghetto I'm so happy we are connected even in just a small way
russianghetto : @petitefi so am i😘
vinnyromanelli : Stunning
megtherhn : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
iamjarrettoneal : @petitefi Beauty:-)
tremont28 : Beautiful
tattooed_weights : Dreamy.
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It bears repeating #YouAreEnough
youareenough -
asia_hernandez : Aw thanks! Love it 😘 @under_azure00
mizmel2210 : @vh11
scognett : @leeset20 @22toyo thanks amiga a
leeset20 : That's right @scognett @22toyo
vh11 : @mizmel2210 thanks pal 😒
lanalin : @codybromley1817 @erica.nicole11
tai_emery : Love you @supersindy thank you I needed this
kamila.michael : Nawww @racheyrooinbalgowlah ditto baby ❀️❀️❀️
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Be careful out there....
mpc46 : @crossfitjetty @cc.straightsix
christiianfresh : Hulk is a popular one lol
cliffakareality : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
crossfitjetty : @mpc46 that's great
shayn3_ : They're all delusional sheep lol
jshimmy954 : @mr_e3345
mxhellbell : Π°Ρ…Π°Ρ…Π°Ρ…Π°))
ctsfitness : Lol
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ATTENTION ALL VETERANS & CURRENT SERVICE PERSONS!! Ginseng Yoga located in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego offers a *FREE* "Warriors For Healing" yoga class every Sunday at 10am. This is a great space to come move your body, connect with your inner self, and take a peaceful moment in your life. Plus, twice a month you'll get to see my smiling face! Please come utilize this great resource - hope to see you here 😊 ✌🏼️ ΰ₯ - ❀️ Fi
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sofeee.00 : @nancylui πŸ˜€
bendogg : This place in town is pretty awesome. Yoga helps the military deal with emotional stuff like PTSD, etc. and helps martial artists/combat athletes stay flexible and heal. Stay awesome @petitefi :)
learnadaptempower : ^^ Truth! Yoga helps a lot with emotional centering. This is awesome that they do this for the military. Thank you for posting @petitefi
wanderingxplr : @mmlite
nancylui : @sofeee.00 lets do it every sunday!!
pauledrobinson : @petitefi that's pretty cool that they do that for your service people. Good job.
jules.hules : Service people? Like police, firefighters, paramedics, and emts? Or active duty? @petitefi
petitefi : @jules.hules I'm sure all of those would be welcome
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petitefi - Fiorella
Wise words from @mallorylucille #bekind #bekind #bekind
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boreano : I am loving your Snapchats! def putting a smile on my face! @petitefi
petitefi : @boreano awe thank you!! That makes me happy that you are happy!
likethepasta : Liking your snap chats! I'm all about that Up life!
rangel368 : @petitefi I fucking love your snapchats hope you have a awesome rad day with possitive vibes around you peace and love
petitefi : @likethepasta @rangel368 thank you so much for the feedback!! It's really heartwarming
rangel368 : @petitefi no problem ✌🏼️
_gaiachild_ : @brittanyrae
lovenessmonsta : Love this...
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I caved and got a snapchat... And I actually kind of like it 😁 Find me at Petitefi #WARNING #REALNESSAHEAD #EMOTIONSFULLTHROTTLE #Itsnotgonnabewhatyouthink
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miguelguzmn13 : You seem more different.πŸ˜‰
oshimages : πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
getfitnurse_britt : I love it!
dreamdiana : Yes😒😒
tattooed_weights : My walls are strong! They have not caved in yet!
petitefi : @tattooed_weights you should maybe check it out just to see what's brewing....
tattooed_weights : Periscope made it's way onto my mini sized mobile device. Oh no! Snapchat gunnar join? Lol. Ever going to be in Denver again? Met you at crossfit lakewood aeons ago.
mpc46 : You should shave (the sides) your hair again. It was a very flattering look
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It's Tuesday after you know where your taco dinner is? #EatAware #NoTacoLeftBehind #AllForMe #SoulSatisfied #TREAM
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hungryfitness : Ahhhh I need these!!!
rinsesalon : Do you work at Gossip Grill?
petitefi : @rinsesalon who's asking? 😏
oskillz : Happy BirthdayπŸ‘ŠπŸΎ
petitefi : @oskillz THANK YOU!
heavyseas117 : if youre. still in san diego check out @fullcircletattoo they are awesome!
petitefi : @heavyseas117 oh I know all about them. Thanks for the tip though!
petitefi : @whatthegel_sick71 tacos el gordo is the JAM!!!
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I've found myself in a creative energy field recently and I'm taking full advantage. Every experience, every interaction, every person I've connected to, has led me to this very moment. It is a place precise and predetermined. It is exactly where I am meant to be. For as long as I can remember I've had this notion in the back of my heart and mind. This ....plan or thought, formulating its structure, attempting to be defined. I had no clear idea of what "it" could be in the physical world but I knew it WOULD day. After years of chopping my way through the bush, struggling to find my footing in the mud, the path has finally been cleared & illuminated. Now I know. And I can't wait to share it with you all. I hope you're still with me but, if you aren't, that's perfectly ok. This is the work of my heart that hinges neither on external feedback nor wide acceptance. This is only the beginning.......🌞✌🏼️
pauledrobinson : Can't wait to see where you're heading Cassie @petitefi
vintagemadame : So happy to see this post. πŸ’—
dettob : Yay! Good for you @petitefi !!
fadoua90 : I hope you're in peace with yourself :)
78_320 : your feet tattoos I have them in my chest :o
copperkarat : #whendaring
ghostpro : Beauty and inspiration all in one package...lead the way
valerichiie : So glad you're back😁
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Rebirth. ⚑️✌🏼️
ramsesmanriquez : 😍
sgg_dave : Still as beautiful as ever!
houstonb86 : Beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸŒ€
hungryfitness : Excited for you!
skojardu : πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
chrismathews69 : Snapchat ?
jamesfaats : @h_coope
petitefi : @chrismathews69 Petitefi
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