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petitefi - Fiorella
Week 1: got to start somewhere! Tested out my conventional pull from the floor to get a number to work off of for the next few weeks. 275lb after almost a year off - I'm alright with it! Be back to 300 in no time πŸ˜‰ #deadlift #Ineednewshoes #StrongerInMySumo #WhoReadsTheseAnyways
ineednewshoes - strongerinmysumo - deadlift - whoreadstheseanyways -
petitefi : @ronniewk ah you'll get there! Trust the process and all that jazz ya know? What program you flowing these days anyways?
br0drick : And the white Cons are back @petitefi I'm glad to see some things don't go out of style!!!
ronniewk : @petitefi I'm not doing any PL specific programming right now. Just a push/pull/squat split. You?
ironstrength : Do it up yo!
chelscool : @soko609
erikrharris : I read them
chantuese : @duuprem
pinaychild : I know the feels you're going through.
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petitefi - Fiorella
Everyone from bodybuilders to power lifters to crossfitters (or just them folks that want a tight end!) can benefit from stronger #glutes! Attempting to rebuild my own #posterior power, I've been tossing in a lot of glute focused #exercises in order to hit those heavy weights again. Weighted donkey kicks of any variety help with just that but I prefer them on a pendulum. It allows #resistance during both phases of the movement, providing that much more work to that glorious rump. Be sure to really squeeze the glute at the top and to slowly resist the #weight on the way back down to the starting position. If you've ever had trouble in locking out a #deadlift or squat, big conditioned glutes are what you need! Plus - who doesn't want an ass that makes everyone say "daaaaaaaaaaaam!" Give em a shot πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰
exercises - posterior - weight - glutes - resistance - deadlift -
petitefi : @aio303 it's by gramatik "chillaxin by the sea" 😁 : Thank you @petitefi ❀️ excellent taste in all things ;)
blaisetrahan22 : Glad u started posting again we missed u
pattigoo : @jolivingcali no. I don't. I need to too ha
neesuh : Ahh i need to do these.. my lockout is where i struggle for deads 😳😧
minimcintosh : @indi_ovy13 I have! Class! Who couldn't benefit from stronger glutes?! #boootaaaay!!
curly.g.wmd : Cant help ya if you dont come @mrsking720
marleee_mar : @mrsnaturallyme
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petitefi - Fiorella
Where my strong & gentle, educated & humble, fierce & compassionate, rational & disciplined ladies at?
_awkward_orchid : @melalaaaaaa
smacgg : @_gc ❀️❀️ wow wow wow
kcascio926 : @figs_carmen
1833_ben : @soosassy I feel like this is you!
soosassy : πŸ’—πŸ’— @1833_ben
mekastylz : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @insta_ari @peppermintmess @kedabuggo
kedabuggo : @mekastylz πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘―πŸ‘―
paige82810 : @jfarlo
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petitefi - Fiorella
First day of spring constitutes #yoga in the park with my friends who make my heart happy. Nice balance to powerlifting ✌️
yoga -
ndova33 : Love yoga. Great mix up in between training
dglorious : You are beaming!! So happy that you're in a good place.
alexpratt : 😊
shellaguillet : Yes!!! πŸ™
c2dag : πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€
wreckit_tina : ✌️❀️😊 I do yoga everyday. β€οΈπŸ’€ we should yoga together.
mr.funker : You look happy))
dreamdiana : I didnt know i could adore a stranger so much 😒😒😒
lenroc82 - fadoua90 - brooklynbuilt77 - xxmike2007xx -
petitefi - Fiorella
Testing to find a new 1 rep max to go off of today. 235lbs at 140lb body weight after 10 months off. Guess I still got some of that squat power after all πŸ˜‰ #ImBaaaaaack #Squats #RoadTo300 #RAW
raw - roadto300 - imbaaaaaack - squats -
lionking_2011 : @active.vela
veronicavanesaa : @jax8829
h.koz : Great job! It's good to see you back at it
wreckit_tina : Yeah of course we still got it! ✌️❀️😊 get it girl! @petitefi
yoameezy : @claine05 killer!!
persephonepirate : just wow
petitefi : @karunamatata this is the single greatest comment anyone has ever left me. Thank you for being so open with your thoughts and for such a high complement. I could wish for nothing more in my lifetime than to promote positive acceptance of everyone and hope encourage others to be their best selves, whatever those selves may be, internally as well as externally. You are very much appreciated. Thank you
copperkarat : ^truth me told that's the reason we are friends. You've never judged me, made me feel inadequate, or like you were better than me. THAT is your true calling I life girl, you are more influential than you will ever know.
mrshuss27 - godsmesssenger - kaligrowntrey - big_papi_poma_fit -
petitefi - Fiorella
With so much time away and so much muscle lost, determining weights for working sets has been a guessing game with a surprise result each time. I can't remember the last time I did any front squats so I worked up to 135lbs and did some sets of 5. Positioning is still all there and apparently so is speed! Good to know next time I can go heavier πŸ˜‰ #GotToStartSomewhere #GOMD #FrontSquatsForLife
gomd - gottostartsomewhere - frontsquatsforlife -
raelene9 : @simply_soniia that is a perfect squat :)
ironstrength : Welcome back!
misses_d_78 : @simply_soniia @raelene9 those are hard and they feel awkward! I don't like them!!! Lol
javierstarks : Fiiiiii, glad to see you back! @petitefi <3
antonio93portillo : Get out of here dang you are unique keep up the hard work im pretty sure you will kick ass
leonoflondon : Muscle memory, you never really lose it :)
manzanas_naranjas_ : I can't wait to get back!!! 1 more week!
lilmissvron : @wildcraft_
miss_muscles - kaligrowntrey - big_papi_poma_fit - tonywave -
petitefi - Fiorella
Attempting to code websites, researching mixing equipment and navigating government websites....... at least the sun is shining and I don't have pants on 😎
petitefi : @ironcladbeard definitely been using code academy! I'll check out the Odin project - thank you!
ironcladbeard : Yup!
melovibes : Sf Bay Area ^
petitefi : @melovibes I appreciate it! I don't think I'll be up there anytime soon however
aubrieoreo : You're gorgeous ❀️
hungryfitness : #tricep you're a babe! Miss you!
o_bone : How have you been @petitefi ? I hope this finds you well. Enjoy the day
mr.coachfield : 😘
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petitefi - Fiorella
Banded leg curls in order to rebuild that squat power! Everyone seems to think that strength is built by the big lifts and the big lifts alone - not so my friends! In fact, that's really only 20% of the work. Accessory movements (aka bodybuilder movements) are what help build the small muscles necessary to push big loads around and helps increase muscle endurance and hypertrophy. Throw some GHRs, Reverse Hypers and these guys into your routine after squat/deadlift/oly days and watch your numbers soar! I'm a little weakling at the moment - but not for long πŸ‘Ώ Oh and anything booty is ALWAYS powered by Beyonce. Standard. #HumpForHamstrings #Legs #SquatSecret #FaceDown #CrushYouWithMyThighsGoals
facedown - legs - crushyouwithmythighsgoals - squatsecret - humpforhamstrings -
mirrann29 : @lil_miss_meliss I want to try it. Lol. I prob will only be able to do 1.. πŸ˜•
lil_miss_meliss : @mirrann29 I can't extend my legs all the way .
lil_miss_meliss : @jessash7
pleeplon : @plattomi
psadpsad : Pa ti @jenniferrgomez @rafacamilow
ellie_writes_notes : Your my inspirationπŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ @petitefi
ciaramist10 : @deeptissue222 we need to do these
o_n_los_momma : @natdantho yup
lenroc82 - mrlbb - hungryfitness - tonywave -
petitefi - Fiorella
Say it again - You are NOT in competition against your girls. Intimate friendship is the most POWERFUL force in the WORLD! Repeat it. Know it. Live it. #2getherStronger
2getherstronger -
marydoonan : 😘 @decorachel
yocolette : Just read the red tent. About the bonds between women. I loved it. We need each other in all of our mad ways.
mvrwna : @justdoitelisa I love u !!
deetebbs : @kelleestephens92 @picardcm @krisbolger ... touchy feeling emtional moment.....and moving on haha πŸ’ͺβœ‹πŸ‘
stay_garnet : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @caiterrade @decorachel @jennypurp @ambernichole706 @jasmineserrano
camvidaproject : @_chabelly
iamlanny : Shine theory @tessisthemess
_chabelly : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @camvidaproject
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petitefi - Fiorella
High school was an odd time in my life (as it is for mostly everyone). Mine was spent in a haze of smoke, a pool of liquor and party after party after party. In fact, I don't really remember most of those 4 years all that well as that was exactly what I was attempting to do - be as numb as possible. You see, I've copped with depression and PTSD stemming from severe situations in my childhood all my life. During my years of 13 - 17, I felt so utterly hopeless, lost and confused that feeling nothing at all was a preferable state of being. Fortunately for me, I have always had guiding lights in the form of human souls find me in my pain and keep watch over me through the darkness. This man here is a prime example of such. I met Leo only briefly in the eye of my storm but our bond was so strong, it's lasted beyond years, miles and separations. 12 years later, my former English teacher is still one of my strongest supporters and influencers. His innocence & wisdom is infectious in his presence. Without him, I dread to imagine where I might still be. I am BEYOND grateful for his love. Fortunate for his friendship and forever indebted to the joy he brings to not only myself, but everyone he's influenced. What I've come to realize is that life is all about the connections we make with others around us - and in that regard, my life is pretty fucking great! Make sure to take a moment today to appreciate someone who has loved you - light or dark. #Grateful
grateful -
dirtydiana85 : 😍
water2stone : Thanks for sharing and good luck in your journey.
cfpjoe : Well said πŸ‘Š
patella_makaio36 : Love
alysonalleycat : Your early year sound like mine... The human influences that came in and out of my life kept me from giving up. In HS, I went 3 foster homes. My final one...was a gift from God. I am so blessed they found it in their hearts to take me in and show me the lighted path ahead.
hafreezeislands : i wanna b a teacher too
wreckit_tina : You are an amazing soul. I appreciate you. ✌️❀️😊 xoxo @petitefi
taylorcotillaphotography : Wanted to share this- I read this article and I counted those people... I know exactly what you mean. Here's the those Heros!!! "Remember this, too: ACE scores don't tally the positive experiences in early life that can help build resilience and protect a child from the effects of trauma. Having a grandparent who loves you, a teacher who understands and believes in you, or a trusted friend you can confide in may mitigate the long-term effects of early trauma"
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