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Person. No better or worse than anyone else. πŸ’¬Twitter @PetiteFi πŸ‘₯Facebook.com/petitefi
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petitefi - Fiorella
"It’s only after we’ve lost everything......"
luckyolelo : Awesome
ryanthomasb13 : Great as always.
lechatnoirjones : Creative and well done.
ironerin182 : That we are free to do anything
j_walker_texas_ranger : @gregpazo
hanhftlc : @agirlal - check out the artist & this cool piece :)
gregpazo : @j_walker_texas_ranger
dave.caldwell : Eye of horus.. very well done I love it. Kudos to the tattoo artist and you for thinking of getting it.
boss96_ - worldwidewess - verticalgirl - nexcks -
petitefi - Fiorella
".....that we are free to do anything." Thanks @jimsylviatattoo ! I love them
loverly_kp : All of the adjectives
belparadiso_difiori : @petitefi holly wacamole, both sides!!!?
sshmokin_ac : Love it
geo_antoinette : OMG!!! Sooooo beautiful 😍
mrobs100 : Awesome
xcrament : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
hornetcheer30 : @cageshark
hanhftlc : @agirlal
monasmith529 - brendon_jackson - ginjlee - vadivit -
petitefi - Fiorella
I look like a god dam fool but I don't give shit because I just met MUTHER FUCKING ANDRE 3000!! I CAN DIE NOW! #OUTKASTPORVIDA
outkastporvida -
deanbestall : Lol. The worker in the background πŸ˜†
emichaelbjornson : @petitefi Coffee Black!
godzillaspitface : Holy shit!!!!
petitefi : @mysavageheart in LA at breakfast. We basically ate together....HA!
tianimonroe : Omg how?!???
xcunninglinguistx : #LusciousLeftFoot
surfergirrl : Whaaaat! That is awesome. He is so down to earth. I met him passing by in a Popeyes chicken parking lot in GA a few years ago. ☺️
dglorious : Damn that's awesome
azavala21 - therm_n_ - afrosandhightea - nexcks -
petitefi - Fiorella
What happens when you test your deadlift after an 8 month sabbatical from the gym and you've lost 20lbs? Your positioning looks like shit but you still manage to pull 325lb off of 4 inches Strength sticks around longer than you think. You can always get it back 😏 Now go lift something
_sargemclarge_ : @tiny.miss looks like you lol
chernande5 : @sexy_scarlet_witch dont ever stop
madpuppies : Damn that's hot
allisonbeaner : @petitefi you look as strong as ever! Awesome job!
fro_mrmainframe : @dee_314 @tinytanq @mr.815 @andropolis1ofme @lacystevenc NICE
natleigh04 : So, wondered where u were. Nice to see u again...
d_looooo : Welcome back!
jammins : Well done girl @petitefi
lacystevenc - milllllton - chasefordendurance - nunaferrari -
petitefi - Fiorella
@mymymadisonjane is a wizard New (out)look
persephonepirate : WOW
m_e_mccoy : Honestly I just can't tell if I want to be you or be on you #oops #womancrusheveryday
brian_m_a : @petitefi Instagram will always be there. You will not. Go do.
sgg_dave : Looking great!
thenagchamp : How we've missed you
voxxik : Just gorgeous. Hope Cali is treating you well 😘
profoundbandit : Where do you live these days?
shaneaugustneal : Hotti
sokonvinced - lttd - beri2647 - thecityinthesky -
petitefi - Fiorella
Mic drop #bodypositive
bodypositive -
megfifield : @anniecunna
ghini : Come back to instagram 😒
5um3rchar1ynn : Mic drop lol I've been saying this for a while. As a big girl I appreciated the ads that displayed a plus size model with the tag line "this is what a real woman looks like". Then it occurred to me that not every skinny girl or model is in the bathroom throwing up to be that way. And in that moment I realized that while it isn't fair to discount fat girls for being fat, it also isn't fair to discount really skinny girls for being really skinny. They are just as real as I am. Cause the fact is, what makes me real is not my flesh and bones but my spirit and my soul.
petitefi : @5um3rchar1ynn you're incredible!
5um3rchar1ynn : :) so are you
karladrummond : @misslindahong ❀️❀️❀️❀️
misslindahong : @karladrummond keep up the hard work! Killin it πŸ™ŒπŸ‘―πŸ’ͺ
kkirst : @sanja_dee
iliang25 - michala_am - rsvr_dg - uzziel_d -
petitefi - Fiorella
The only women I don't stand behind are the ones who don't stand behind other women. Ya feel me?
jozelle_c : How come you don't post as much as you do anymore?
ladywilson : Real talk
dglorious : Amen
katboyette : Amen
sohottsheblazin : Dope #onelove
teaganjeanfit : #truth @fitlinzjo77 @feliciaromero
lam_yalib1 : Love it!
mathmisfit : @guera8816 this one too
essential_strength - yvette88 - savageamused - hanraelund -
petitefi - Fiorella
petitefi : @stefanbrandow I apologize! I was absolutely not trying to pass it off as my own and would have given credit if I knew the source.
stefanbrandow : @petitefi no problem at all! The issue is tumblr. People were erasing my name and watermark off the image then posting it as their own
petitefi : @stefanbrandow well I'm sure this is no consolation but your work is lovely
stefanbrandow : @petitefi totally is coming from someone with a work ethic like yours ✊
captainvis : @stefanbrandow yeah. I thought it was yours. You have a very unique style. I love it. So I just had to check. Wasn't trying to stir the pot. Just looking out homie. And @petitefi Stefan is one legit dude. Always on the grind. Super nice guy.
2nicecustoms : @stefanbrandow πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
mariogtattoos : #Truth πŸ™Œ
maximus_effort : @amaliezinsser great follow... true bad ass inspiration ... I think you will dig homie #blessings
ushiking - hanraelund - kaa_sey_a - claudinefit -
petitefi - Fiorella
We all are conductors. Simultaneously collecting energy and spreading it to the world around us. Be conscious of your effect on the world. Make it pure and positive.
ghitae : Miss you😘
godssmessenger : Knowledge is power @petitefi ✊
bethyg1979 : @hannahxfrd
hannahxfrd : 😊 @bethyg1979
clariquezada : Miss your posts lovely lady. Good to see you are well! Xx
profoundbandit : Miss seeing you, Cass!
unbrokendesigns : Fiorella we would love to send you a weightlifting belt and some other gear. Let us know your email? Or you can reach us here: UnbrokenDesigns@gmail.com
mermaid_mremee : @earthy_spirit
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petitefi - Fiorella
I've made a lot of changes in my life in the past few months. Evaluating your center and exposing your heart has a tendency to do that. I'm headed down a new road. A better road. One that I fell safe on. It's easy to place your marker in the sand and declare your place - what's hard is stepping back and looking at it from another view. Just because you once felt one way, does not mean you must ALWAYS align with those thoughts. If we never look back, we can never move forward and are stalled in eternity. Take a moment to reevaluate. Are you TRULY happy in your life today? Even if it made you happy yesterday does not mean you shouldn't change for tomorrow.
_flipper__ : Sexy as hell. @petitefi
ramsesmanriquez : πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
jm_era : @ecamp214
isaac1a : Well said @petitefi ..what's funny is I'm actually doing the same
buckrogers13 : Marry me already!!😘
houstonb86 : πŸ™
rperez6737 : So beautiful
abbail3y : Funny how things work. I literally recently just started making radical changes in my life. Relieving myself of toxic weight on my life. Struggling with looking back; seeing a person I don't care to relate to anymore. Yet moving forward toward a better me. Crazy timing. I've followed you for sometime now. Randomly at 1am, actually stop to read a post, instead of aimlessly scrolling like a zombie we all are now. In a nutshell, thank you. Very well put. Wishing you all the best this holiday, and to continued growth and true happiness in 2015.
brown_bandit - b_f_m_16 - haileybrajjj - jaceoner -
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