Perry Noble

Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church. Author of Unleash! and Overwhelmed.
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
This is David... The guy that would not give up on me and kept inviting me to church! So glad he knew that found people find people!!!
gmbolling : Example of one life that has changed and continues to change thousands.
gmbolling : Awesome message! @perrynoble
gmbolling : @jamaljay41 Meet David
caitlynreed : David Whiznant. How awesome! Known that man for a while @perrynoble
mimic6 : Hey Daddy Whiz!!!! @perrynoble
johnnydrew14 : Go David if it weren't for u this church would not have been started
lancefuller1988 : @perrynoble just think about this if it wasn't for this man. we would not have an outstanding awesome Pastor like you . And reaching people to Christ like my self .. Thank you David for inviting Pastor Perry Noble too your Church.. he's a outstanding loving man
billydillard_ : You the real MVP David.
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
This is Blake... Blake wasn't signed up for baptism today, but he came with his mom to @newspring_church Spartanburg anyway because he wanted to be baptized. However, through a conversation with a care team member as he was signing up for baptism, Blake realized there was never a time in his life where he'd started a relationship with Jesus. So today Blake prayed to receive Christ AND got baptized immediately after!!
angfanta : Is this @westgateblake????
diamonddave287 : @turner1989
djcarlson : Amazing
lackdaddy21 : Awesome
westgateblake : @angfanta yes Angie that was meπŸ˜„
westgateblake : @perrynoble thank you perry!
lizzyswim704 : @westgateblake you just made a choice that will change your life forever. And thanks @perrynoble for blessing us with your service.
alexandria_god_gymnastics : Awesome
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Hey @newspring_church- CELEBRATE 287 baptisms across the state today!! #RaceDay
raceday -
alexandria_god_gymnastics : Amen I went to the 11:30 at Columbia. Btw awesome service it really stood out to me and I really liked the parts- if you choose to sin u suffer (that sure reminds us twice when we sin) and I liked that we can't move on untill we forget the past!:)
alexandria_god_gymnastics : @perrynoble
alexandria_god_gymnastics : Also that position is greater than intention!!!!:) so true. Uf you say you are not going to do something but put yourself in that position then u sin! Amen u r such a great pastor!!!:) @perrynoble
marylanierd : @katierbailey @mattlbailey That picture is amazing! πŸ’œ
dav_bentley : @manofsteelman is my hero!
annemarieb_ : The best!!!!
mrs.lawrentz : @lawrentzt πŸ™
ericadolinar : My sister and step dad were among them :)
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
So honored to have gotten to spend some time with Nascar Nationwide Series racer and @newspring_church owner @jclements51 and his team today!
davidhall810 : Jeremy is the man!
gulfstreamgal : Looking good @naclements73 and @jlc_clements_51!! 🏁🏁
jclements51 : Thanks so much for having us! We enjoyed it!
lancefuller1988 : shake N Bake lol Pastor Perry your awesome
shdixiegirl : Some of my fondest memories are when hubby used to fly some of the Nationwide (then Busch) drivers. Fun times at the races!!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
This is Joshua and Amanda. They came to the Green Room after the 10 service in BSP, and they asked who they could give their flappers from the bulletin to. Our BSP campus pastor @cosulli noticed that they had both checked "Baptism" as a next step. Because we still had some slots available for the 11:30 service, they JUST got baptized!! #celebrate!
celebrate -
terrific_timothy : Awesome !
aka_emmie : That's awesome!!!!!!!
playmaster934 : Me and my dad use to mentor him along with alot of other guys at the miracle hill boys home in greenville. Its great to see God work through him and to be able to see him take his next step in his walk with Christ.
mariahurd1 : Yay!!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ™
trey_burns : @cosulli gettin' it done!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
These two precious little @kidspring girls asked their mom to delay their family vacation so they could be baptized this morning! #NextSteps #RaceDay
raceday - nextsteps -
aka_emmie : Aww so sweet!!!!!
tifftucker82 : LOVE!!
aligreg11 : @xoxo_cdowg
gordonrodgers67 : Amen πŸ‘
shdixiegirl : πŸ’–πŸ’–
alexandria_god_gymnastics : Aww
jaron_a_m0 : Hmmm...I Wonder if they really understand the sacrifice at their age.
terrific_timothy : Awesome!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Tomorrow we continue #RaceDay at @newspring_church, and this crew is ready!! See anyone you recognize??
raceday -
jaysizzle31 : Thank you @brandonlybrand. I'll be working on my backflip.
haydenmarkley : @bradcooper looks so right
luvzya102 : Oh wowπŸ˜‚you guys look gr8
mirandajohnson13 : Oh perry πŸ˜‚
andreaevansrn : michael in the budweiser?? love it!!!!!
brandon_a_long : MM is the bud light year!
hsnowz : Haha!
debwilson13 : Yep....Jimmy Johnson is your favorite driver....ADMIT IT!!!!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Redneck appetizer! #porkrinds
porkrinds -
__josy_anne_ : JUST WENT THERE TODAY!!
sanekia : Also known as "skins "!
aprilmason100 : Ew
tammy_woodbury : In vinegar. Dipped in vinegar
skipcummings : Try'em with mustard
donnahamson : Oh yeah!
big_jay_01 : So good!!
kathrine.lollis : Just wanted to say my brother is overwhelmed that he got to meet you tonight at yogurt mountain, he wanted me to let you know 😊
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Leaving the church office parking lot I see this! #churchdiscipline
churchdiscipline -
annemarieb_ : MayMay cutting it close in the background. @margie_bear
loripmullikin : I have absolutely NO IDEA whose truck that is πŸ˜‰
margie_bear : @annemarieb_ I'm the worst Parker ever. πŸ™ˆ
djcarlson : Lol
kinz1980 : Hahahahaha
erin_reallyy : Hahahahahaha! πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ perfect!
vivian_guice : LOL
sarahnmassey : Uh, oh!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
If you caught last weeks sermon you know how this makes me feel! :-)
erinmgiles : @loudme @lamaronkeys ha ha
joelthereid : πŸ˜‚
carolinetrogers : Lol! I just spit my coke out!
michaeljoelherring : Show some grace P.
jsuggs328 : Came across one of those the other day! My immediate thought was "There is one of those dang people Pastor P was talking about!"
kay_animal : Literally listening to the podcast RIGHT NOW and just laughed at that part! Have a good day :-)
etw_ : hahahaahahah I juss lol on this!
loudme : My #1 pet peeve!!!!
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