Perry Noble

Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church. Author of Unleash! and Overwhelmed.
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
When I think about Sunday at @newspring_church I'm happier than a turtle getting tickled!!
cochranek : @linzab23
vivian_guice : Made me laugh
andydenton : @sarahlizfalter
barrettjmp : @callmecayla
geeahhnaw : @kenziehartung @jenfryyy @jenna_mcgill @foxychicc_fit
olivervanceking : @jessefoster7
backatchuson : @emily_chance13
jkw1275 : @lexiwsiegle lol
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Pray Believe Invite Celebrate - 500 salvations @newspring_church this Sunday!!
fenn_williamson : Praying expectantly this morning!! #500
mstft : I'm believing, I am praying with you! All things are possible!
hnswitzer : @bobbiedanielle89 You coming??? πŸ˜ƒ
jordan88floyd : @leeannestokes
dolanhislop : #atthemovies
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Was cleaning up my desk and found this!!! I think it's a sign I may need a doughnut in the future!
ruthsofy : Haha! Follow the sign
crazydogslife : Yep! Its time lol
joshuame14 : My stomach just growled.
courtneylynn_love : Oh man I shouldn't have seen this. Krispy Kreme is like 25 minutes away lol I don't have time for doughnuts. :p
sfarmer5 : Don't forget the Milk!
ema_emaenm : Lol @chattanooga_vfl
allanyeomans : I couldn't agree more
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
My great friend @philldooley just hooked me up with my favorite pair of socks!!
abetterday1 : Yeah @easymoneysniper!
john_oakes_ : Those are so dopeeee!
ri_smith11 : @philldooleyn ininli
carbates0723 : Awesome!!! @perrynoble
halfblackkid07 : Woah dem some fresh kds!
alw02 : LOVED @philldooley TONIGHT!!!! Hope y'all will have him back soon!!!!! #yougot99problemsbutfishaintone!!!!
the_brandon_marshall : #ThunderUp Greetings from Oklahoma City!!!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Just a reminder... #NoCondemnation #AtTheMovies
nocondemnation - atthemovies -
cb.ballin : Can I ask you a question?
nkelly0705 : On my mirror! To keep me reminded! @perrynoble
stasto83 : Amen!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
God truly has blessed America. It's great to be home!! #Merica #ChickFilA #Starbucks
merica - chickfila - starbucks -
mccallakelly : Gotta love our Pastor P!!
amyramsey3 : Hey, we need one of those cool pullovers!!! Please!!! πŸ‘πŸ’šπŸ’š
thedrewnomars : The irony of the 2 franchises
kellyginny : You're so funny
chuky617 : Awesome! Pastor!
chloeb3303 : That's a quality breakfast right there
mrswaller11 : Didn't your mom tell you not to do that with your eyes. What if they get stuck that way??!! Haha. Love you Pastor!!
cam.knox : Mix ChickFilA and Starbucks and you get minds blown
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
#HeAintInThere #HesComingBackThough!!! #Network2Israel
hescomingbackthough - heaintinthere - network2israel -
lorihuffer : Beautiful #truth!! :)
antoniovalido :
shannoncheriethomas : Praise the Lord!! He's not there! :-)
nicolealder : @perrynoble the trip must be just amazing! So cool
mariplay : There are steps, and you can actually go inside??? Wow. I just don't know if I could handle that, it would totally be an "I'm not worthy" moment.
nkelly0705 : I understand your comment @mariplay I would give anything to see the open tomb, but to walk inside would be a break down moment! Knowing I was one of the ones that He went there for, bc He loved me so much, & I've let Him down so much, I would feel so unworthy to be there! I would break down, the thought of it, brings tears to my eyes to see the picture & yet I still disappointment Him!
chuky617 : Awesome! Pastor!
philipbixby : Pastor Perry I just want to say thank you for being obedient to the call and for leading the way in South Carolina. The south needs more churches like new spring and more pastors like you. My brother and some of my cousins/friends have attended your church for years and I thank God for you because you're reaching so many that would probably not even be in church or serving God right now if it were not for newspring church!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Celebrating 20 salvations today at @newspring_church!! #NEVERgetsOld!!!
nevergetsold -
gordonrodgers67 : πŸ‘
meganjbunce : That's incredible! I loved the message today P!! Reminded me of how Jesus pursued me and fought for me, despite the choices I made! Thankful for a relevant message that not only brought 20 to Jesus but impacted way more!
amyramsey3 : Pastor P. in my book out did himself today!!! Such an awesome message and so intense & real that my husband & I wasted no time getting to the Care Room!!! This is why I πŸ’š My Church so much!!!
normaevans8 : Pastor P. fantastic service! Great songs;)
staceymatsuda : Had to miss for travel sports ...went to watch it this morning online and it says they are not available? Bummed! My daughter has 3 more softball tournaments and we hate to miss service. Why are these not going to be on the website?
chuky617 : Awesome!
lindseykeller296 : So awesome!!! : You're so friggin amazing. I love you so much! ❀
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
This is the place where 3,000 people were baptized in Acts 2. And Jesus is STILL building His church! #Network2Israel
network2israel -
madicraven : @mandalyn_kate_
dianna_chenevert : β™‘ Book of Acts. Wish more people knew being filled w/Holy Spirit & praying in tongues is still a good thing TODAY too.
sdyannelong : Yes, it is @dianna_chenevert! The power that comes with it to face anything and everything is the force against all evil! The joy keeps you against all odds! I love me some Holy Spirit!
dianna_chenevert : @sdyannelong Amen! I was born again in 1984 & church I attended didn't teach or believe it was for today~But since 1991 I've prayed in tongues.
dianna_chenevert : @sdyannelong Praying in the spirit is so natural to me now but I have to be careful. Got in trouble~was praying in english & slipped into praying in tongues (under my breath) privately for a care team member. Leader hear me & later told me not to bc we didn't want to offend anyone.What about offending/grieving the Holy Spirit?
dianna_chenevert : I'm respectful & usually pray in the Holy Spirit/tongues in private, not at church, but sometimes it's hard if I start entering into real incessory prayer. God gave me this gift but the world still doesn't understand it is of God, even though it's in the Bible & Jesus speaks of it
dianna_chenevert : Wish Instagram would warn us like twitter of word limit instead of cutting comments off
joaquinwright : #Amazing
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Jesus walked on THIS water. Nothing is impossible!! #SeaOfGalilee #Network2Israel
network2israel - seaofgalilee -
dlb1959 : The Tomb Is Empty.
solidgroundcc : So amazing!
meikabladzik : GODS NOT DEAD
nkelly0705 : That would be so amazing to see! How awesome, to stand there you could almost picture it in your mind, brings tears of joy!
shwhite116 : Wow
mrsmandybb : So powerful.
summer_baby_jen : I would be sobbing tears of joy!!!
madicraven : @mandalyn_kate_
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