Perry Noble

Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church. Author of Unleash! and Overwhelmed.
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
I can't wait for this Sunday at @newspring_church as we talk about how to do this!!!
sambodyspecial : @jacq_maynard
kayceewells : @rshephard
oldphotograbber : Obedience is easy; it's submission that's hard. #ListentoJesus #DoWhatHeSays
rhunt2446 : @elleryhunt
ambular3112 : My life verse πŸ’š
luckyu79 : Exactly. God knows whats best for us
summer_baby_jen : Mine too.....❀️❀️❀️❀️
lindseyhooker : @evan_stone01
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
If God called you to it, He will see you through it!!
allycoker : @jancan03 have a wonderful weekend and know how much I love you! ❀️😘
ronayy33 : @bellamichelle14 I pray that God will show up and show out in your life today and the days to come! Sometimes our vision of his presence may be clouded but when we have eyes that want to see and seek his face he is right beside you, holding your hand. When he moves he will move you to tears, when he does only what he can do it changes what we see. It changes everything.
syllusc : @mrshpeacock πŸ’– you girl
sam_eye_is : Amen! This is so to the point. Jesus dropped the mic after this statement I'm sure
jancan03 : @allycoker 😘 ❀️u
jrgehl : @mattcapassosr
another_guy20 : @ms4tigers09
troy_rigby : @laura_rigby
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
25 years ago today Jesus brought me from death to life. I'm so thankful for His grace, that His mercies are made new every morning and in Him the best is yet to come! Everything good in my life is the result of knowing Jesus - He has been so good to me!
deanacharlie : Proud of you .
mrsdebbierector : So excited you have allowed God to use you in so many ways especially with Newspring! Attended the Sumter meeting last night so many of us excited about a Newspring in Sumter SC
regansanders07 : Happy spiritual birthday ❀️
alison_stall : So glad this happened 25 years ago! My life is changed because of it!
joelthereid : @perrynoble Incredibly thankful you said "yes" to Jesus, His calling, and His love. You're an amazing leader. @erinreid, Zeke, and I are a testimony of your faithfulness. Thank you so very much. #thebestisyettocome
erinreid : Our lives have been changed because you said yes to Jesus! I'm so thankful for your leadership and the way you so highly value listening to Jesus and doing what he says! #immeasurablymore
bradhedges : Yes!
tlewyq : You were made to work for the Lord! Your testimony love ️and honesty is changing so many lives! I'm blessed beyond a doubt to serve for my Church!
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
So thankful that in Christ a tragedy is never wasted. Things might be tough today...but ONE DAY Jesus will make everything right!!
allycoker : @jancan03 πŸ™ŒπŸ™β˜οΈ keep pressing on my sister. I ❀️ you
123.brandan : Amen
shamarahoward : That just gave me peace. @clofton580
kayceewells : @rshephard πŸ™
killerkeller61 : Yes!!! Right on time!!! You sir are an excellent servant of CHRIST!!! One day, you,Dave Keller and I will get some trigger time together!!! I'm Dave's dad. Mike Keller
killerkeller61 : It's a nice thought anyway. It is a great stress reliever that's for sure!
katerunner68 : This is my son's life verse
jake_brennan12 : @allison_salo
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Thankful today that Jesus knew every stupid, selfish, self -centered decision I would ever make...and yet still saved me, called me, equipped me, empowered me and has promised to always be with me - His grace really is amazing!!!!
michaeljoelherring : Yes it is!
nanciweeks : He is faithful!!!
oldphotograbber : It is the most profound and beautiful mystery ever crafted–that 'Christ my Lord would die for me—a completely broken & screwed up sinner—and then rise to make me righteous.
dlack10 : C'mon
emilyhopkinssargent : So true!! @kdanciu
bej94 : Great to meet you today on the plane!!
chuky617 : I am thankful too . Sometimes I think he should have flicked me on the head and been done with me.
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
I pray we will never forget the men and women who gave their lives so we could live in a free country.
killerkeller61 : Thank God for their service,sacrifice,dedication,and commitment!!! God be with them & their families!!!
m_po5 : I have some family in the service. But none of them died in the service
m_po5 : But my prayers are with the family's that lost a loved one or friend
proj_redout : My grandpa died in the army
almond_boy : πŸ™Œ
mmccullough_25 : I give thanks to all the men and women who gave up there lives to protect there country. And to there families. People often forget there families.
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Such a powerful message from @kalebcarlwhite today @newspring!!! CELEBRATE with me the SEVEN people who prayed to receive Christ! #WithoutADoubt
withoutadoubt -
oldphotograbber : WELCOME HOME NEW BELIEVERS!! #thebestisyettocome #getyourhopesup WooHoo!!
mayfieldjourneys : Loved seeing how 2 of our salvations at #NSPOW today were folks who many have been praying and caring for several weeks now! Caring deeper! Woman searched everywhere for her coin! Praying we keep searching as much as possible to find those lost!!
gordonrodgers67 : Amen πŸ‘
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Believing with all my heart that we are going to see people's lives and perspectives CHANGED today at @newspring_church!!!
almond_boy : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ amen
ashley_ryley : πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
killerkeller61 : Right on brother man!!! God is always awesome!!! Especially when we wholeheartedly submit ourselves!!!!
michaeljoelherring : #Withoutadoubt
natacharamos91 : I pray the same from Venezuela! God bless you and your beautiful church. May the Lord keep using you to inspire others!
chopblocks : Can not wait to see the sermon!
courtneyyxxoo : @itsjessicamariexx psalm
itsjessicamariexx : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ @courtneyyxxoo
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Hey @newspring_church - Jesus IS building His church, and tomorrow is going to be amazing!! Don't miss week two of our series on doubt!!! #WithoutADoubt
withoutadoubt -
mallory1262 : I love my church❀
mallory1262 : Oh and I won'tπŸ˜„
rachleatham : Hollla
papathomp1965 : We love your Church too! Prayers for tomorrow's events coming your way from Freedom Hereford! πŸ˜„
mz_mel2u : I will be there.
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perrynoble - Perry Noble
Hey @newspring_church, let's CELEBRATE that 737 teenagers prayed to receive Christ at #FSKO!!! Thank you to everyone who prays, serves and gives to make this possible - THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!
fsko -
zachsullivan_ : Yes!!!!
scsoccermomma : It brought me to tears seeing so many move at NSPOW! I got to pray with one who received Christ. So thankful I am able to serve!!
thegoddess._ : @scsoccermomma thank for all you do!
1sarah_hare : Amazing!!! πŸ˜‹πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
gr8fulwayne : @perrynoble and @newspring_church Thanks for being a pastor and a church that brings Jesus to 'the next generation'. To all Fuse volunteers that thank me for bringing my daughter - Thank You for modeling Jesus to her!
oldphotograbber : His church is in good hands. WELCOME HOME NEW BELIEVERS!! The best is yet to come WOOHOO! #BragOnJesus
lindseykeller296 : So awesome!
queens.loyal : There is more on the way! #newspring
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