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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Tonight was the third straight #Pens game that went past regulation time.
pens -
velicm01 : Whaat?
elmerduncan : We don't need to be losing to inferior teams. Just saying...
_liamm_15 : 😣
kingma54 : Boo!
wwe_nfl_nhl_mlb : It's the ot
penguins_savage : Well it's a long season and a lot more games so I sure we are gonna be able to get ahead and get the cup! Hopefully...
mitchell_dyer_ : The penguins losing to the oilers? That funny
hugonilsson_official : Shit happens @c_lanner14
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Final Score: #Pens fall short in the shootout, 3-2.
pens -
jesse.capitano : Cmon guys you shouldn't be loading to teams like the oilers πŸ’―
ethanhilhorst : come to the oil side @abbiefavreau
everything.penguins : PENGUINS COVERAGE HERE🚨🚨🚨
morgy_98 : Yaaaaaa
huricane_fan12235 : Wo ho go oilers
dailysteelers : Steelers fan? Follow here for the best Steeler videos, updates, and newsβš«οΈπŸ”Άβš«οΈπŸ”Άβš«οΈπŸ”Άβš«οΈπŸ”Ά
penguins_savage : Is that the backup goalie? @penguins
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
End OT: To the shootout we go! #EDMvsPIT
edmvspit -
skyleradamson : Actually a lot are having good results kessel hasn't scored in like 5 6 games
skyleradamson : Have had a lot stepping up
skyleradamson : We actually didn't give a lot yes we did give some and the happens with every team
skyleradamson : Yes he started good but who's been scoring all the other goals malkin is on a role but others r filling in too
skyleradamson : It tht happens so much open ice
skyleradamson : In ot tht *
skyleradamson : Ok?
em.rickett : @harlierosss
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
End 3: #EDMvsPIT is still tied up, 2-2. Time for some 3-on-3 hockey!
edmvspit -
velicm01 : πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
hockey_fox11 : @port_dawg66 u probably don't know fuck all about hockey so stop craping on Crosby
port_dawg66 : @hockey_fox11 @erreyzistable FYI, I've been following this team since 1970... you won't find a more dedicated fan. And BTW, I've played hockey since the third grade and coach peewee and high school ice hockey. So I do know just a little bit about the game. But as a true fan, I also don't color the bullshit play of this Penguin team all rosy and nice. Bottom line, and you can certainly fool yourself and disagree, but Crosby just simply has not demonstrated any leadership ability from day one! And Crosby offers nothing but excuses. A leader, leads. Period. That is not happening. I love Sid, but I'm tired of the city coddling him. He doesn't deserve the captaincy, and hasn't for a long time!
kody.kuhns : So stfu
erreyzistable : @port_dawg66 lmfao to this reply
nickdipples : @port_dawg66 I agree man. Give Geno the C. He always shows up and grinds it out. Plus right now he's playing out of his mind good. Something has to change with a team of that much talent.
sean_mccabe12 : Just cause he hasn't had a lot to show on the scoreboard doesn't mean he shouldn't be captain and that he doesn't show leadership. Even great players have points in their career where they don't score as expected but you just have to give him time to get back to his game. Even though he not getting all the points he still makes great opportunities and plays good on defense. @port_dawg66
chrisgeeee : I see us @rachaellb
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
A work of art. #EDMvsPIT
edmvspit -
anton_sheehan : Only thing I like about Pittsburgh @blakeachavez
gawmer : @pikmin_slayer totally babe ✨
gavin_rindt : @kwxdz
cecedun : Awesome goal penguins
katelynsaintt : @sirisaac0
ytdimhcs : @manley45 @jfrywr4 @sam_moran
dolceone : SO. GREAT
devinmizelle : @daniilpiliya71
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
End 2: #Pens tie it up at 2-2 thanks to Geno's two goals.
pens -
hope.shine : @jj72deluxe that's cool
jj72deluxe : Just something we fans can agree on @87_chaos
87_chaos : Guys, it's hard being a hockey player... We probably couldn't do what they do right??? Let's just enjoy them play even within our friendly rivals πŸ‘πŸΌ
dhennon_10 : @87_chaos coundlt agree more
theghostofmurdoc : What's that? Shit talking Pens haters are commenting? That's so new and interesting...
87_chaos : 2-2 end of third πŸ˜‘πŸ˜«
velicm01 : Ohhh yeah.πŸ‘πŸ»
k_feez : if only geno played like this every game...... he could become a legend
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
End 1: #EDMvsPIT is 2-0 bad guys.
edmvspit -
jasandeep_a20 : @andrewmartinez29 yeah but i said lunqvuist wouldnt
jasandeep_a20 : @andrewmartinez29 by price i meant no other goalie but price because the way he was playing he was the best goalie in the world ever
simona.ferrara_ : shut the hell up buddy @charles_phipps_
charles_phipps_ : @simona.ferrara_ exactly
andrewmartinez29 : Yeah but that's not what you said no take backs @jasandeep_a20
rose.z_ : @jack_axe πŸ˜‘
velicm01 : Wth!!!!???
im.called.ron : Lol your a fool @simona.ferrara_
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Jeff Zatkoff will get the nod for the #Pens tonight against the Oilers.
pens -
luistheking_2587 : Thanks for nothing zatakoff losing to the oilers at home when they don't have mcdavid for shame for shame @j.chris.payne
luistheking_2587 : @n_h_l_madness @dirty_dangles_1_3_5
ts4_elite : It's a team game you can't blame everything on the goalie
jaison126 : That's my son holding up the green sign in the background! @rychelle_elizabeth
calthamulya : nee @pleuniebroeks
rychelle_elizabeth : @jaison126 this is awesome! : It is a team game, especially with Malkin tying the game, but I agree with @luistheking_2587 in that Zatkoff didn't hold up his end, I mean come on, beat by the Oilers, that looks pathetic for the Pens
mackennacaryl : @nena_adolfo
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Grab a bite of leftovers because this bingo game will be ready to roll at 7:00PM ET! #EDMvsPIT
edmvspit -
lv.790 : I'm from midtown Manhattan but I ONLY LOVE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS
66pens : Check out my pre game video from today😎go pens!
everything.penguins : πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ
mpb43 : Lets go Penns
sam__c_ : @adam_okinaga did u grab your leftovers ¿
hudsongarden18 : Nope lol Boys of Alberta came up big
itsmegannaylor : That's my sign😎😎😎
apstyle_ : Is Coner McBroken still hurt lol
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Have a very happy birthday, Marc-Andre Fleury!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽŠ
dunkkaa : Happy Birthday !! β˜Ίβ˜ΊπŸ€πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
goalie_ben_29 : Happy birthday Flower!!!
goalie_31 : Happy birthday
xx_mehta_xx : happy birthday
extremekid06 : Happy birthday
penguins_savage : Happy b-day! (Says in French)
jacobbrockmeyer : Happy birthday to you u live in a zoo you look like a monkey and smell like hippo poo
jacobbrockmeyer : @tbone_819
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