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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Brandon Sutter on Marc-Andre Fleury: "He was outstanding. He gave us a chance." Full story on Fleury’s MVP season on
a_crazy_fangirl : @carson_hockey_baseball obviously you know nothing about hockey if you think Fleury should be traded. We would go no where. The team can't win a game if the defense is slacking or the offense isn't scoring goals. He does his job just fine. The other positions as a whole need to step it up. We were so attacked with illness and injuries this year. Bottom line, if you think Fleury should be traded, maybe you should check yourself into a mental institute.
iancava : @carson_hockey_baseball I have been a pens fan sense I was two I am 13 and I live in Pittsburgh and go to every home game so I shut your trap
uremovich17 : @iancava haha exactly that dude knows nothing about fleury
ely.constantine90 : @carson_hockey_baseball u should kill ur self if u think flurey should be traded πŸ˜‚
29kristo01 : @carson_hockey_baseball fuck u again and again you are so fucking stupid u cock sucker fleury played outstanding all year!
_woodring_ : Fleury is the most underrated goalie in the league.. Hes a top 3 at least
_woodring_ : LETS GET MIKE GREEN
granthollingsworth_ : @vedakincaid_ fleury = TRASH
bethany_2727 - jacob_fascing - viktorw14 - noot_noot_7164 -
penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
On this Memorial Day, we remember the brave men and women who served our country and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you.
dev_9_8 : Why have American pens sign when the best player is canadian?
rage_head : Your welcome
_woodring_ : So... When are we trading bennett, kunitz, scuderi.. And all the scrubs?
_woodring_ : Or getting rid of this dumbass GM and coach
chaz_z_y87 : Pittsburgh u should of kept ur old coach
t_ol_bass : @yilush
matt_fjermy : Trading despres was the worst move in a while
jake_thiele : @chaz_z_y87 bylsma and johnson are bad in playoffs we need a new coach again
cassidy.919 - kyler_bloxham - gman8088 - waynehart38 -
penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Repost from Thomas Greiss: "Enjoyed the season. Time to head back home. #penguins #vaughn #nhl #steelcityicebergs #dextersadventures"
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tim_29_nj : Greiss is the best goalie behind fleury @thomasgreiss1
thomasyouhavenever__ : R
hanner84 : Zatkoff or Murray next year please
delaney_randolph : who's a big time penguins fan I need help
delaney_randolph : @jonmraz can you help me take care of some peeps talking shit about the pens
jonmraz : @delaney_randolph yeah
paris_71 : @ryleeliz I
ninja_turtle_noah : Let's go pens
oliviabluhm_05 - jacob_fascing - viktorw14 - haus.l -
penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Repost @kletang_58: "Enjoying the sun!"
ckehoe16 : @olivial14
chunkymunkey73 : That is one handsome little man....that hair is epic!! Love it!!
alicia199016 : 😭😍😡
hockeylandsquirrel : @hockeylandmoose 😏😏
nhl_edits_league : ANYONE WANT TO JOIN MY LEAGUE??
megan_birch_ : @katieb133
benisepic999 : Does Crosby have instagram?
davidmills_29 : @nhl_edits_league I will if you get more followers with my account @_nhl_designs_
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Team Canada defeats Team Russia in the World Championship, 6-1. Goals for both of our guys and an incredible accomplishment for Captain Crosby.
dominikpelan : Crosby Crosby
huskie_hockey : I love Crosby my favorite player and on my favorite team
allyriccardino : Well done Crosby ❀️
crosbeharris : Get On Sids Level πŸ’œ
kung_fu_burrito : Geno is better
swagmastic_man16 : Syd the kid
xxsuperdude613 : Cool
xxsuperdude613 : But cry baby
telphiarose - jacob_fascing - mariusberge999 - xavxav1 -
penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Tomorrow at 2:30PM ET it’s the clash of titans as Geno and Sid faceoff for the Gold.
niicccoooo99 : Malkin
jolo_luca : I love Crosby
gusevaob : Malkin
porodina : Crosby
_arthur_171 : Malkin is better
_arthur_171 : Because he is Russian πŸ˜ƒ like me
itskatys : Malkin
flika.fikki : Malkin and Crosby:)
adamsw1978 - jacob_fascing - xavxav1 - spaceguy086 -
penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
The race for the Calder Cup comes to a close as the @WBSPenguins fall to the Monarchs in Game 5, 2-1.
summers1055 : Just heard the great news that Craig Adams is finally gone, time to buyout Rob Scuderi's contract and Chris Kunitz needs to take a big back seat with this team on the bottom six or somewhere else, the time is long over due to push the YOUNG talent we have into our system both offensively and defensively! And please add some hard hitting gritty players, which were taken away from us. Grab a capable winger in the offseason if possible or some defensive grit. Also, if there is any way to get rid of Love Joy please do! If you agree, like it, share it. blog it! Kapanen and Sundqvist! Let's go Penguins 2015/2016!!
_madxness_ : @sensei_wilson and where were the bruins in the playoffs? Uhhhhhhhhh
eamonn.mclean : You guys got chirped by Discovery
ryan_couture : ^
extremecoasterz : πŸ˜‚ you guys got absolutely roasted by Discovery
dmiller18hockey : How bout dem Rangers and how bout Discoery
dylan_m_linn : Roasted by discovery? I like that. Much happy. So Much win.
zach.mclean : @dylan_m_linn such score very save
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
Repost @kletang_58: "Summer offers quality time with my young man!"
nicholas.good : Can't see anything, it's all white, but it looks like they're playing golf
tokash_eli : So is your team @nicholas.good_
nicholas.good : @tokash_eli at least my team made it past the first round...
conner_keelan33 : @tokash_eli pens suck my balls and @nicholas.good_ good series boy #LGR
nicholas.good : I guess 3-1 couldn't do it for the caps :/ @conner_keelan19
conner_keelan33 : Hahaahahahha @nicholas.good_ amazing goaltender play and we r the comeback kids lmao
nicholas.good : Lundqvist was the reason you guys are in the 3rd round.
kyle_mcleod : @lbannerman
csorbaeniko - jacob_fascing - weston1232 - laughlovecountry -
penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
The @WBSPenguins drop Game 4 to the Monarchs, 5-2. Game 5 will be tomorrow night at 7:05PM ET.
proximacentauri77 : @ice_clams_8 monarchs lead 3-1
perkspittsburgh : Ugh, too many mistakes at the worst times for too long.
rushboy19 : What channel will it be on
elise.irene : WIN THE SERIES!!!! im a local fan and im going tomorrow to root them on!!
theradthad : #Tux I love that guy on #behindthemask Chad you are the man! Let's go Penguins!!!!
coffeeraye : @monsef14j
sevrinr : @francesco.1701 @julien010203
megsmakeup47 : @katiecocoma ITS ME
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penguins - Pittsburgh Penguins
We are here in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton ready to root on the @wbspenguins in Round 2, Game 4.
jake_tuffy1 : Wilkesbarres better lookin than yo girl #lowblow
jake_tuffy1 : @jonathan3thomas
julio_coolio : Yeaaaaa!!!
dlaw74 : I think the Penguins need to stay away. The baby pens win when big pens aren't there!
kodda94 : @dlaw74 which big pens were there i didnt catch the game?
dlaw74 : Idk but their Instagram account said they were
elise.irene : You were there?!!?!? i missed
kyle_vanderhoff_03 : Haha I'm goin to dat game tonight
hockeyking17_ - weston1232 - laughlovecountry - kane_37_hockey -
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