Peet's Coffee

Handroasted in the Bay Area since 1966.
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peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
Treat your Valentine to something special. Our Kona and JR Reserve coffees are our favorite gifts and come with a free Reserve tin. Hurry to your local Peet’s as supplies are limited.
j0j01212 : @dawg8035
easilypaleo : Love! ☕️☕️☕️
kitkatchokokat : I love you Peet! 🙃💋
izashh : @jennahurley
jerseegirl70 : Yum yum yummy
coffeegirl_theoriginalcg : Peers. Always.
jerseegirl70 - nafnaf090215 - muhweeuh - nerdy_derpy_bunny_21 -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
“Mutu” is the Bahasa Indonesian word for quality. That’s the key for our Sumatra Mutu Batak, an herbaceous coffee with hints of caramel and aromas of tobacco.
chefjeff19 : I love your coffee. . I can't believe how many more different flavors are online
kanesdonuts : Love @peetscoffee !! The very best!
hopegoround : I used the Sumatra Mutu Batak for my cold brew last night. So tasty!
zoetreez : More like strong taste of tobacco and very small hints of Carmel
brassicaoleracea : Sumatra Mutu Batak...a nice coffee
jerseegirl70 - anna_ballerina1047 - chadgilmartin.dc - massmaxabe -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
Add a shot, extra flavor, or substitute milk. Let our baristas craft your latte the way you like it. We made this latte with Almond milk just to keep our palates guessing. Show us how you switch it up. #DIYLatte #50yearshandcrafted
50yearshandcrafted - diylatte -
serentoria : @michelleq23
cookie.avila : I love Peets coffee, my husband and I drink at least one cup every day!
ronnievmusic : @peetscoffee Good seein' you guys at Coffee Con!
jennschweitzer : Looks beautiful and delicious. Would love to see you guys add coconut milk as a dairy/soy alternative. Especially in the Portland, Oregon outskirts. 😊😋☕
cmmruiz : Please put a Peets by my office! Oh man I would love this right now!
swirliegurl : 😍
blupiggies71 : For your hubby😄 @oursunflowerassignment
oursunflowerassignment : Yummy!!!!! 😃😋👍👏 @blupiggies71
jerseegirl70 - angelhugs86 - candystoreonmain - futuremrsra -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
Looking for something new? Romel, our Cupertino store manager, love his custom Soy "Dirty" Chai with two shots of espresso garnished with freshly ground nutmeg. Ask for your barista's favorite custom beverage at your local Peet's café. #50YearsHandcrafted #DIYLatte
50yearshandcrafted - diylatte -
mariajlov : Romel is such a pleasant, helpful and awesome barista ✨👍
mariajlov : @primitus
purpledaffodils : @iamromel 😁👍🏽
queen_kitty_28 : Yay..... Best manager and barista everrrrrrrr..!!!!!!
felixhappycat : Make me a Yunnan Fancy tea with a hint of honey! Oh wait. You don't sell it in store any more! Forget my husband's coffee and our breakfast. We'll go elsewhere.
felixhappycat : @felixhappycat aka if I'm going to order tea online, it'll be from Hediards.
arthurq29 : @ayotrevin this will be my bae pretty soon 😍😍😍
94110 : @nancy16montana it's a thing☕️☺️☕️
anna_ballerina1047 - tamburri_412 - elanethomas567 - the22ndbear -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
@captkendall knows how to stay cozy and warm with a fresh cup of Italian Roast. What's your go-to brew to cozy up with?
ed.harmony : Mos def @tom_vartan
bcrosat : Ethiopian Supernatural
alysoneversole : @reid_schioldager 😍
i_love_you__very_much_ : @tideofeternity seriously!!! I wait all year for this coffee!!! I only buy it in 3lb pillow packs. Lol.
jeannehaysh : Aged Sumatra ☕️
eyestamp : Italian. I'll snuggle with a strong dark Italian any given morning!
enigmac4 : My cozy up and go-to Brew of COFFEE is the Ethiopian Super Natural. METHOD OF EXTRACTION I will be using a Chemex 8cup with a paper filter. (Chemex: a piece of art that can also be found at the Smithsonian, and the Philadelphia museum Of Art.) I use a 45g dose of coffee, and water at 200°F. The end result is manna from heaven.
the_filipina_humorista : House Blend Dark Roast ☕️ 🙋🏻
elanethomas567 - suzana.uzelac - urban_veghead - nyetgains -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
Sip our new light roast, Costa Rica Aurora, and savor the flavors of dark, silken berry and bright, citrus sweetness.
mariajlov : @primitus 😜must have
_frandeska_ : @prycelynae I'm drooling
kerryrovan : Looks so good.-Moe.
saywahmarie : @bmckenzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!
bmckenzz : @saywahmarie 😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍👍🙊💜💚💛
tom_vartan : Major Dickason's is the best, hands down!👍🏼
regan.101 : @shutupsilver get it for me!
emilynminer : Oh how I wish I could find your organic options by me!
gfpalma1068 - bbigwig11 - finestwhiskeyboy -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
What’s your favorite way to style your latte? Try your favorite or a new twist with 50% off any customized latte with food purchase now through 1/11. Link in profile.
jesluvly : The tail @alitastic
pretending_its_paris : The maple latte is the best I've ever had
emmyyb11 : Looks like a heart/leaf-cute latte art👍🏻
msjaners : @s61bader get dad a latte so I can live vicariously through this deal!! 😢😉
s61bader : @msjaners.....he would love this!
ttboy959 : @__lilith__ I'm crashing early. Should be good for coffee
arthurq29 : @ayotrevin can you make this for me when I visit? 🙏🙏
jerrod0 : @ros_yie
angelhugs86 - mommyinpearls - fluf1213 - californiacraftbrews -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
#TBT to where it all began 50 years ago: Alfred Peet, circa 1966, in Berkeley, CA #50YearsHandcrafted
50yearshandcrafted - tbt -
judyhlee : @chuasterr muhaha 🤓
devonchase_ : @caterzzz
langowski1 : Touch, been there
sitaaara : @amelia.bomb 😍
oursunflowerassignment : Peet's here I come!!!! 🌉🌁☕️💥👍😃😍😋 lol! @blupiggies71
themacjesus : @yourphotostyle old school #Peets
blupiggies71 : Oh yeahhh! @oursunflowerassignment
mariajlov : @primitus
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peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
Happy New Year! #2016
2016 -
ozzer1 : @eklidbury
sabrinawebermajzoub : Love my Peets! Happy New Year and here's to many more cups!!!☕️💜☕️💜☕️💜☕️💜
deanne.michelle : Enjoying my Peets Coffee in Solana Beach right now. Great way to start 2016! @peetscoffee
chloe_esq : @jackiieriichland
ttboy959 : @__lilith__ since last year
azmanhussain : @kyrrarichards
therosethatgrewfromconcrete510 : i had a mocha with an extra shot in emeryville, ca. i drive there all the way from san leandro because i love it so much. but it was so disappointing last time. my mocha didn't taste like cocoa or good coffee. tasted like artificial chocolate flavoring. 👎🏻💔 now i just make it at home.
peetscoffee : @therosethatgrewfromconcrete510 Oh no! We're sorry about that. Could you please email us at We'll address your concerns.
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee
Stay up ‘til the clock hits twelve with Cold Brew Batch Cocktails. Just mix 2 ounces bourbon and ¼ ounce simple syrup for every 8 ounces of cold brew coffee. Multiply by number of guests and put in large pitcher. Guests get a little DIY by adding their own ice, cream, and garnishes. Cheers to you!
sabinerividi : @diplobrat :)
jswphotos : @addiekapin Bring the bourbon! 😉👍
colourme_cait : @macmollyolly With a nap and this tomorrow, we'll be golden!
addiekapin : @jswphotos on it. 👍🏻👏🏻🎉
kmurf25 : @collsmurf
jennaobidi : @jennmarie99 haha! I'll drink the cold brew and @obicity415 would drink the bourbon haha
fawnautumn : @kimikong all the yes!
foodmusiclover : Ooh sounds good! @thinkofaname
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