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Peet's Coffee & Tea

The premier specialty coffee and tea company in the United States.
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peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
A little bit of French Grey Sea Salt, combined with espresso, caramel and chocolate, and a little more salt on top for good measure. The Sea Salt Caramel Mocha.
itswinsome : My favorite!!!!!! Peets is the best :-)
anaakar3n : Yummm πŸ˜‹β˜•οΈ @donsta15
peetscoffee : @rachel_jarlsberg We use our caramel syrup in the base of the beverage and drizzle caramel sauce on top.
rachel_jarlsberg : Ahh perfect easily veganized then ☺️ @peetscoffee
mia.toledo : Ok FORREAL getting peet's tomorrow @comptonterry
comptonterry : Omg!!!! I was thinking about this drink today...it's SOOOOO good! K lets get it @mia.toledo
24hrbaglady : Why leave cleveland ! It's so sad
angenoevalley : Why aren't you promoting your#holidaygiving program?
olivia13g - beltranmigzmb.78 - longingtostray - page.of.em -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
Here’s Random Act of #CoffeeLove, no. 2! We served Peet’s to the wonderful volunteers at Their Angels, who were hard at work creating care packages – including Peet’s coffee! – to send to our troops overseas. How will you share the #CoffeeLove this week? Show us on Instagram and remember to tag #CoffeeLove!
peets - peetscoffee - theirangels - coffeelove -
peetscoffee : #CoffeeLove #TheirAngels #Peets #PeetsCoffee
patrickdrakechef : Insta-awesome! ;-)
roxmysox89 : @dolcevitabay is that Marion? Lol
dolcevitabay : Omg! Baa haa haa ha
sabrinawebermajzoub : Yahhhh!!!!πŸŽ‰β˜•οΈπŸŽ‰
flarelens : Please, share the love at Ronald McDonald house at Stanford!! Would be greatly appreciated by the families :) @peetscoffee
chicitygirl444 - njhug18 - shescraftymami - peetshawaii -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
A big shout-out to Joseph for sharing his inspiring #CoffeeLove moment with us! Do you have a Random Act of #CoffeeLove moment to share? Post it on Instagram and tag #CoffeeLove and #Peets – we might feature yours!
coffee - love - peets - randomactofcoffeelove - coffeelove -
peetscoffee : #CoffeeLove #Coffee #Love #RandomActofCoffeeLove #Peets
a.rtsyyy : Follow
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peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
We’re pouring it forward this December by performing Random Acts of #CoffeeLove. To kick things off, we brought a round of Peet’s to the San Francisco Fire Department Station 51. How will you share the #CoffeeLove this week? Show us and remember to tag #CoffeeLove and #Peets!
peets - sffd - coffeelove -
xurxoalvarado : #LoveIt Hire my husband at your corporate, @peetscoffee!! 😍 #CoffeeLove
doreenshill : Peet's is the best!
dove223 : @doing_shows can they give me some too!
doing_shows : No you walked out on them @dove223
painkiller2364 : Thank you for liking my picture :) @peetscoffee
dove223 : β˜•οΈπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆπŸšΆ @doing_shows
jnfinds : Yay @peetscoffee !
famerebel : Aww this is why I love working for Peets! I've never met such a personable, hardworking, caring and genuine company! Even the high end management comes and works the coffee counter for us from time to time when it's busy! And I totally agree with @xurxoalvarado since I'm here! Matthew is sharp as a whip! πŸ˜ƒ
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peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
Happy Thanksgiving! From our growers to our baristas, we have so much #CoffeeLove for everyone who’s a part of the Peet’s family — and we’re especially grateful for you and all of our fans. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be performing Random Acts of #CoffeeLove in our community, so watch this space!
coffee - love - peets - thanksgiving - coffeelove - randomactsofcoffeelove -
wherehideego : - I am thankful for peets coffee every day, morning and afternoon.
bandikoto : Peet's Italian Roast made in my Moka pot creates happiness in a cup.
sleepyshelby : #coffeelove @upintheshair @laura_hartness
upintheshair : @sleepyshelby I got a @boldbeancoffee gift card from my secret Santa at Melrose Ave. Preschool the other day! I love #coffeelove, too!!!
sleepyshelby : #YAS @upintheshair
malissanhb11 : Love it β˜•οΈ
peetscoffee : @wherehideego The feeling is mutual.
oliviacwujek : maybe keep your Midwestern shops????
chicitygirl444 - njhug18 - _alyciam_ - caffee.house -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
The only thing more perfect than these seasonal treats? Sharing them.
peets - photooftheday - treats - fall -
maccfrelentless : @cecilyyydianne 😏
tooeleganttolie : I wanna be at a Peet's right now! Stuck in nyc. My peet's beans are at home in Bflo in a state of emergency😩
_cherylynnn_407 : 😍😍😍
smartmonkeee : The cinnamon hazelnut latte is yummy @peetscoffee
raycreational : I have two out of the three cups!
citypeekpatti : Lovely! Do you have a seasonal coffee flavor?
peetscoffee : @citypeekpatti We have a Holiday Blend that is excellent as well as a Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte in our stores.
good_morning.517 : Yummy
heartsandstars2013 - peetshawaii - caffee.house - julkashy -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
The art of the perfect cup: giving energy and inspiration to those perfecting art outside of the cup. Creative Director, @buckaroobanzai, snapped this shot during an early morning work session.
peets - photooftheday - morning - latte -
ktbeezmom : Hubby is with the guys @peetscoffee now! #Peets #coffee #mornings
laura_peachey : @peetscoffee come to North Carolina please
esttt1987 : pretty cup! @leejyi I talked to customer service and they told me they're working on a loyalty program, should be out sometime next year! 😁
raycreational : I love that!!! @esttt1987 !!
kathleenillustrated : I love the art that is on the cups almost as much as what's inside! If you're ever looking for more pattern illustrations... Check out my feed!⭐️
kissing_jessy : The holiday cups are so pretty! β˜•οΈπŸ˜
camperri : @malarthur i miss this.
camrvn : @jvstn_
saniakhan101 - _mrs_ella_garcia_ - julkashy - quoteonasleevetm -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
At Peet’s, we love journeying to the ends of the earth – literally – to discover the best coffees for you. Our November Pick of the Month, New Guinea Gold, is one of our favorite discoveries, with its concentrated sweetness and hints of savory fruit. It’s extra rare given its origin and the fact that it’s a peaberry, which occurs in only 5% of coffee crop.
peets - coffee - peaberry - newguineagold - pickofthemonth -
peetscoffee : #PickoftheMonth #NewGuineaGold #coffee #peaberry #Peets
thaddeusbayston : Holiday blend is life
robyn_jolene : New Guinea is my favorite! @peetscoffee
ballyoucan : @mr.ezcloner_
expanding_lungs : This coffee is the best thing ever.
vangiehere : So stoked to have this!
njhug18 - heartsandstars2013 - shescraftymami - caffee.house -
peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
A handcrafted design for your handcrafted beverage. This year we’re spreading the holiday cheer with specially designed holiday cups. The illustrations were hand drawn by artist Nate Williams, who grew up in our hometown of Berkeley, CA. According to Nate, his art conveys “curiosity, play, and discovery”. We love his down-to-earth, warm and distinct style. These cups are only available during the months of November and December, so stop by a participating Peet’s cafe and enjoy Nate's art while you enjoy any one of our seasonal beverages! Nate Williams: @n8w
tiffany_kathleen : Went to a Peets today in the East Bay and did not get an awesome holiday cup 😒 bboooooo
peetscoffee : @tiffany_kathleen Oh no! We're sorry to hear that. Could you please email us at CS@peets.com? We'd like to touch base with you regarding your visit.
mrsparbs : I have an interview at a newly opening store in my area tomorrow! I am super excited to potentially be a part of this amazing company!! I am already falling in love with the product and I've worked for the Bux for quite some time now (and an avid customer before). The quality and heart behind the product is apparent and I am happy to support it ❀
mrsjcoleman3 : When, oh, when will you have a store in Las Vegas? We need a Peet's desperately! 😩
valyssa1013 : Love these cups ! SO much better than the boring Starbucks RED cups. Change is great @peetscoffee !! Just curious, why only special holiday cups ? What about other holidays ?
cinderstar : I was so excited for these cups but I got a coffee today at the lonetree store in Brentwood CA 94513 and they didn't have the cups, what's up....?
peetscoffee : @cinderstar Oh no! Seems like they ran out. We'll follow up with the team to make sure they're well-stocked. Feel free to email us at CS@peets.com with any additional feedback.
cinderstar : If they don't have them again tomorrow I'll do that. Thank you :-) will there be a Peet's coming to Lodi Ca anytime soon? Moving back there and I'm sad there isn't a Peet's...I don't know what I'm going to do. Making it at home just isn't the same πŸ˜”
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peetscoffee - Peet's Coffee & Tea
Fueling 'Trick or Treat' since 1966.
peets - happyhalloween - 1966 - trickortreat -
shit_my_husband_says : πŸŽƒβ˜•οΈ
iamromel : Ha! I love it! The vampire is πŸ‘Œ!
kerinapharr : zomg adorbs
dmicg : What a cute cup family!!! Totally squeeing
sammy.bennett : I love Pete's
my_amandaconda_dont_ : Meh...
chongqinger : Just came to my downtown!! @dana_latta @elise_the_awesome_12 @jkunkel4
dana_latta : @chongqinger awesome! :)
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