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patriots - New England Patriots
tannergroff : @montana_mcgrath dola'
montana_mcgrath : @tannergroff omg
chance_stanley3 : Fuck Deflatrios GO HAWKS πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’™
nicamendola80 : amendola amendola amendola!!!!
ebuckley22 : @vanessaamendola
vanessaamendola : @ebuckley22 that's my cuz Danny!!!!
mathewstanford : Hope to see many more of these this season!
kccocourt : @76willow76
doucheveiga - pjaime762 - anavolks - countryboy_5858 -
patriots - New England Patriots
mrjblank : Blount force!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
mdettorre19 : @lucassaenz
drewdummer1 : Suspension.
joshcauwels : Blount=BEAST
evil_tires239 : 1000 yards this year
aj_saint : Animal
caynelander : To put it... Blountly..... Hahaha
silvachristopher : NEW ENGLAND FANS, PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BLOG -- NOW FEATURING DAILY NFL PREDICTIONS!!! Link in my bio! 😊πŸ”₯😊πŸ”₯😊πŸ”₯😊πŸ”₯😊πŸ”₯
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patriots - New England Patriots
#Patriots debut.
patriots -
tinad515 : I love the Pats..Brady didn't need to do this, we had the game already..still no proof..We won the super bowl and it wasn't because of one game..JS
anettrouer : I don't care if someone cheats or is accused of cheating, they have to deal with them self when the day the done. This man and his team are partly here to entertain those that enjoy the sport, I respect that none the less.
laf5433 : FOLLOW if ur PATRIOTS fan!
bpopsuj : Every time the Pats post something there's way too much hate haha
jayhov413 : Anybody that gets there ass whooped in any sport is gonna try to come up with an excuse. It's called sore losers. Even if the balls were flat that doesn't take away the fact that pats outplayed them. Seahawks didn't produce simple as that....smh!!! #hatersgonnahate#aintersgonnaaint
jazlynamya : GO PATS
fitterb1 : They hate us cause they ain't us #patsnation 4x S.B Champs!
kamuela_kapua_20 : got that right @fitterb1
dat_fsu_fan - isaacalvarado0814 - nashoba10_27 - luki_eisi_ -
patriots - New England Patriots
11 days until #Patriots football!
patriots -
fusiionx : How old r u ? @benjaminecrump
benjaminecrump : @fusiionx old enough to not play with cheap photo editing software
fusiionx : Lol my software cost 350-500 , ur like 36 fighting with a 15 year old , ur a pussy @benjaminecrump
benjaminecrump : @fusiionx you're 15? Holy shit kid. Go drink beer with your friends or lose your virginity. (Tip: don't brag about your software).
fusiionx : Your a fucking loser ! Go suck ur wife's tits @benjaminecrump
benjaminecrump : @fusiionx you're*. And no I will not teach you sex ed.
catkuiper : Both of you are being gross. Go Patriots!
marnz__ : @j_sats 😍
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patriots - New England Patriots
Off and running.
reagan_bolt11 : he's so slow why post this
reagan_bolt11 : I think he's running from goodell @chris.finley
chris.finley : @pat_morrissey9 no even if they freed him he wouldnt play cuz he is so trash
_nketchum_ : Brady is God and f u if you don't think so
yung__goat : Cheater always
yung__goat : Brady's been cheating sense the beginning
catkuiper : Yung goat, it is spelled "since", and, while he is no where near God, he IS the best QB ever and loves the sport, doesn't beat his wife, and stays clean and out of the tabloids, except when people drum up dirt. Read the report, not guilty
mr_mello69 : Amen! ^^^^
hey_its_brino - preston_gomes - tg_fo_hunnid - brendan123456789100000000 -
patriots - New England Patriots
How #PatriotsNation does summer.
patriotsnation -
caitlin.mcmanus : lol because we r amazing @payne5_
hckydad3 : @lbbayne8
ammienh : What the heck!!!!!! How did you see it?!
1__of___1 : @jeremiah.andrews
yung__goat : I hate the patriots
iamcamby : @rellb8
cj_labbe : @yung__goat I've seen your post several times on different post. No one cares.
cee17dubb : @yung__goat you hate the Patriots, yet you're always trolling their page. Get off the page if you hate them that much...
preston_gomes - brendan123456789100000000 - sskings5 - dakorian123 -
patriots - New England Patriots
That time Robert & Jonathan Kraft brought 4 Lombardi Trophies onstage at the end of #bigrevivaltour at @gillettestadium!
bigrevivaltour -
hockeypro300 : Everybody hates a winner big bobby jones patriots all day everyday im from Boston wether u like it or not
cschleer : @brocon8
zack.stewart : CheatersπŸ˜‚
hockeypro300 : U can say that but we beat u so deal with four trophies patriots all day everyday
hockeypro300 : Boston strong
kgraves001 : @a_h3rold you're going to be mad when we get #3 this year πŸ˜‹
a_h3rold : @kgraves001 not happening #PatsNation
kgraves001 : @a_h3rold absolutely happening! #ravennation
preston_gomes - nashoba10_27 - dakorian123 - brendan123456789100000000 -
patriots - New England Patriots
Back corner touchdown! #Patriots
patriots -
stevenhyde4 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @esoto190 that's exactly what I was thinking
jd_hart21 : @thenextarchitect bruh u like starwars, starwars? Are u gay? U also can't say shit cause we beat u in the Super Bowl and the Seahawks have won like 2sb not even pats have a lot more than u so gtfo off this page and keep ur gay comments to urslef
darien_taylor : @t_philemon OH MY GOSH!!! THERE YOU ARE!!!!!!
perky2018 : @
perky2018 : @money_motive25 chill out kid holy crap just cause ur team sucks doesn't mean u can just hate on our really good teamπŸ‘Œ
benjaminecrump : @perky2018 that kid has special needs. Just leave him alone.
enriquelopezmen : @brendawismann @ariquinonesg
dakorian123 : Beast
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patriots - New England Patriots
TB12 days until #Patriots kickoff!
patriots -
ben.berman : #freebrady
roalincoal7 : @benjaminecrump you make me laugh
maria_519 : @kinger_88
benjaminecrump : @roalincoal7 children are usually easily amused
caleb_trost : 12 days till he's suspended
xander_erickson10 : Lol @caleb_trost
foureyedcyclops0 : @caleb_trost 12 days till the steelers lose to jimmy grappolo
_nketchum_ : Brady is God and f u if you don't think so
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patriots - New England Patriots
Big night for @easie99, including this sack!
chaseguilherme : Tom Brady and his brother have more rings then the manning bothers and he doesn't even have a brother
jayyoung12345 : Just wait till the real season starts!!! @presleighsintoni
benjaminecrump : @bjangs14 you look like Gary Busey
bjangs14 : @benjaminecrump layne Norton is sick bro
mjjcarson : @ryan_bone86
geoffreynoonan1 : There's an athlete and there's a football player
aidanjkelly22 : @hollywood_since_99
kctopgun18 : Big night ad the sack
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