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Patagonia Books

We believe that books are still the most important medium for passing our values to the next generation.
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patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
Simple Fly Fishing beside the fire. #holidayreading Fan photo: @organicpastor
holidayreading -
ruicruzpereira : This is an example how life should be
justinlfricke - bigdaddywalser - joelrivera28 - ashley_ferrell5 -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
"I hurt, therefore I am." #barryblanchard #legendary
legendary - barryblanchard -
rosannachacko : @meowwjill the caption!!
mccalebr : @ryanforsell
mountainmanifest - piiiiiigdoooooog - jlwcrushingit - uhuruoutdoors -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
Our new favorite tower. #giftideas Regram via @patagoniavta: Now through December 31, 2014 buy one @patagoniabooks and get the second one for 50% off. booksthatchangelives
giftideas -
epiyellowstone : Yay for The Wolverine Way!!
trishyface : @the_brawnie_man
onaspringwind : @mn_trekker Here's my Christmas list.
mn_trekker : Hmmm good ideas! @onaspringwind
wellnessfromwithin : @timothyjmccoy you should follow them
outdoorsman7474 - toe_mass_ - kah_tours - anjilliaajohnson -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
Who are businesses really responsible to? From The Responsible Company by Yvon Chouinard & Vincent Stanley #booksthatchangelives
booksthatchangelives -
johnpbrodie : @enjoyhandplanes
jbarbenza : @mariabarbenza
walkergann : Very insightful book. I recommend it to everyone, especially those in the business world
sarahasalem : 🙌right on
onaspringwind : This boob has a permanent spot on our shelf. Love it.
onaspringwind : BOOK!!!! Totally typed book, but must've bumped the "b!" Ugh. 🙈
romankoenigshofer : Nailed it
leloupgris_ontheroad - wildlakes - frugalfarmgirl - a.leut -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
"I simply loved this book, and I’m a weary veteran of one-too-many armchair mountaineering reads, not as easily impressed as I once was by any slab of paper with a mountain on the cover and photos inside of manly men with frost in their beards. I tore through The Tower in two nights, this with a newborn in the house: it’s a classic." – Matt Samet, former Climbing and Rock and Ice editor
stoutrunout : Explain whats going on in this pic?
dhmtber688 : That's the compressor route on Cero Torre abandoned there after drilling an enormous amount of bolts into the wall
colindurst - nocarsgo15 - shaikuu - iremunguia -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
Great stories change you forever! Check out our holiday book sale – buy 1 get a 2nd at 50% off #booksthatchangelives #CyberMonday photo: @sparks_kyle
booksthatchangelives - cybermonday -
johnpbrodie : Awesome.
t_inreallife : @smontypython
ruicruzpereira : Do you send it to Italy? Thanks
capitaochas - chuck_hendo - shaikuu - jlwcrushingit -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
We’re thankful for all of our fans and readers, and for the authors of our collection of books who inspire us to keep surfing, climbing, adventuring and pushing to change the world. Happy Thanksgiving!
colenworld : @raekbrazda we need to get Enos
natuurlijksportief : @teunvdk recovery after training!
teandcider : @lalaland.13 whaddya reckon!
teunvdk : @natuurlijksportief looks good
almackinnon : Ha ha, seems like a good place to sleep! @rustylong
stephenmarchio : @haydenricher
colindurst - outdoorsman7474 - matteo_canaletti - hilde.alnaes -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
Introducing our newest title: "The Tower: A chronicle of climbing and controversy on Cerro Torre"! Read an excerpt in Rock and Ice magazine: “They woke at 2:00 A.M. on January 16, brewed coffee, and forty-five minutes later began climbing. Shouts of joy escaped as they swiftly climbed the moderate lower flanks of the ridge, their frozen breath drifting through the beams of their headlamps, perfect cracks leading them to the first major decision point. They’d more than made up for oversleeping, and sat and waited for daylight. Orange alpenglow fluttered low on the horizon, spread out like baseline fires on the curve of the earth.”
stephenallison123 : Woah!
bobbycorns : Whoa
studiochenoweth : @mastandco
rolo_garibotti : So psyched it is out. Such an interesting book. It has many good considerations about unexamined belief, about our blind spots, things we don't dare to touch because examining them puts our world view in jeopordy. Kelly really did a superbe job.
jeffjohnson_beyondandback : Can't wait to get my hands on this! @patagoniabooks
pwbo : @pciampolini
sarahasalem : @roo_fus
colindurst - andresbasich - wildlakes - manuelguajardoh -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
Serious work. Dan Malloy, Kellen Keene, and Kanoa Zimmerman in action. #SlowisFast
slowisfast -
jeffisfindingit : Yesss! Artists in action!!
sumzine : ✨💪✨
gabyhawaii : get in there!
parisgore : Best photo I've seen all damn day.
zumabum : Sooo I found this book at SBCC the first week of school. I was the first one to check it out and have been renewing it so I never have to be parted from it ...time to buy it
fauncefus : @shazzam227 next level shit right here!
chuck_hendo - joshuarobson95 - mattgloverl8 - saltwaterflytyers -
patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
“But the true soul of this book is not just the exuberance and tenderness with which he writes about his climbing partners and the life and death moments they share - alongside laugh-till-it-hurts boyish antics - but the heartfelt honesty with which he shares intimate moments of his family relationships…” – Lynn Martel Review of The Calling in @The Rocky Mountain Outlook - http://bit.ly/14dmZxU
johnpbrodie : Love this.
jayhawranik - snewoutdoors - cr0ta - thekeepitlocalstuff -
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