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We believe that books are still the most important medium for passing our values to the next generation.
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“I just really love soil, and I really love light. I feel like I’ve done a lot of things in my life to find God or truth or real basic connections with life. Growing food seems to be the most simple and direct way I’ve found to explore my spirituality; to explore who I am and what I am becoming.” - Jan Smith of Quail Springs Permaculture Site and Educational Center in Maricopa. #slowisfast #wordswelove
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laurafrances_ : @raymies, just met my future husband
raymies : β˜οΈπŸ‘πŸ’
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Happy Weekend!
jstonewoodard : @annawoodard1
andrweb : @atdaus
steffyk1ns : @boxopictures @lizzofoshizzo12 @nishadish @kateofmine
chris_latray : Last time I was a there a park ranger gave me a ticket. Kind of ironic.
skyler_mills : @shaynannery
bethanyc77 : @travisherret
winters11 : @mwinks20
nishadish : @steffyk1ns love this cousin!!! Thanks for sharing! Miss you 😘
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"Okay, my fellow fish-heads, here’s the report: Mind blowing. No other way to describe it, especially for the kids and me, with our concept of “normal” calibrated to 21st Century Puget Sound.” Dylan Tomine, Author of Closer to the Ground explores the coast of British Columbia.
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Hooked yet? We are! Only three more weeks the release of Barry Blanchard&IBk-s new memoir: The Calling: A Life Rocked by Mountains.
zbutterworth : @blakegexbutterworth
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Weekend tunes. Dave Seidman listening, 1968. Yosemite in the Sixties.
conradpaulbuck : @catherinemoleski bringing some music while camping
eyeglassesbill : @jloveday
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Enjoy the 'right now' this weekend. (And maybe a copy of "Let My People Go Surfing" too:
jbfelony : How to balance that idea with sustainable long-term solutions.
mac78 : @tdunn510
sailingterrapin : I heard him make that quote in 180 degrees South and thought it was at odds with the 1% For The Planet and all the other great programs Patagonia has and supports. Total respect for Mr. Chouinard in that his words don't completely match his great corporate actions relative to sustainability.
logie_townsend : @baileycanfly5
patagoniabooks : Hi @sailingterrapin - This is just part of his quote. He goes on to speak to his passion for making a difference after. Here is how he continues: "But I’m really trying to run this company like it is going to be here a hundred years from now. That's what's important."
luhseeinthesky : @valcoontree
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"It was a truly epic adventure for us, with incredible fishing, foraging, friends and food, and an opportunity to experience what our home waters of Puget Sound were once like.” Closer to the Ground author Dylan Thomas reconnected to the natural world (and disconnected from the tech one) on a recent exploration of the outer islands of northern British Columbia by boat. This is part one of his series.
dpphelan : πŸ‘Œ
johndcollins : @kiki_deluxe πŸ‘
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Happy #NationalDogDay. Here's to all the dogs who remind us to enjoy the ride. Photo: Slow is Fast.
nationaldogday -
robertomarulanda : @giannimarulanda dog day 🐢
mcgrathaway : @livingwithmaewest
alettinger : @kje222
fredrikvanderhorst : @evensj hehehe
whimsicaltrees : Cute
mercinator : @emiliabedilia80 need this sign
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What was the last book you couldn't wait to read?
rosscurwen : Closer to the ground. Amazing book.
thecowboyprince : " the River Why" James David Duncan
schellow : Into the wild
puravida217 : Just finished "slow is fast" camping last night. All good vibes
traband : Just finished "The voyage of the cormorant " it inspired me to seek adventure in the boat I sail now and not wait for the perfect vessel ! Adventure is conquering adversity !! πŸ’¨β›΅οΈ
parlorskis : Still life with woodpecker is one of our favs!
deems77 : "The Old Patagonian Express" is next on my list.
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patagoniabooks - Patagonia Books
The art of the climb. Squamish Buttress from Fred Beckey’s 100 Favorite North American Climbs.
celeste422 : @mike_dlaw
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