Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.
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This is Guayale; a desert plant grown without pesticides in the American southwest, and we've learned how to make wetsuits from it. We've made this proprietary, game-changing biorubber available to the rest of the surf industry. Why? Because when volumes go up, prices go down; and when more surfers can choose less harmful suits, we all win. Photo: Dave Sanchez ( @not_worth_following )
jessie_haley_ : @toddhaferkamp
j3ssbi : @hunganhp
annewilder : Dear Patagonia, I appreciate that you are creating products using innovative means coupled with environmental concerns. Brilliant.
mjaymesmoore : @kelleee πŸŒΏπŸŒΎπŸ€πŸŒ²πŸŒ³
gillestougs : Magnifique entreprise! @justiiiinne
jonlangylang : @scooterlangy this is pretty cool...
scharwath12 : Freaking sweet
josh_gruhn24 : @help_shoutz got me 1k
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A little dirt never hurt. There's no telling how long this 86 year old Sherpa has been wearing this jacket, but it's safe to say it's had an exciting life. #wornwear Pangboche, Nepal Photo: @ziomoo
wornwear -
jennifersurf : Yeeeeeeahhhhhh!
berndog78 : Hey pops @dro805
joaquinaortz : @eslalocuradelsol no provoca reirse mucho o.o
eslalocuradelsol : Con el hígado, jaj.. @joaquinaortz
sender_7 : @brian_trabun
brian_trabun : Hopefully me one day but with more teeth. @sender_7
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r_spags : @rayd_trey
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Two climbers approach the large limestone walls of the Julian Alps in Slovenia. Photo: Jaka Bulc
gdelarocha : @kampmaac
ramseycarr : @ericlaird
seitchka : @maerbearr @hrachelhro @anchkanita our homeland
ericlaird : Mi zavijamo za slovenijo!! @ramseycarr
mattwwoody : @patagonia can you like the photo on my page. That would be so awesome!!!!!
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nattiefofattie : @bazarrr chya
gaaggen : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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@thedutchman70 channels his inner superman at "The Wedge" in California. Photo: @dalton_photo
williammartin : @alx.martin so sick!
mjmartin124 : @Ajf34 Righteous bro!! @kbrown125 can the wedge be surfed?
edbikeandfish : That must be such cool feeling
frickshin : @coteology
annalee1224 : @nidarab anything for you!! Shredding some serious narrrr
maryholberg : @missmaja Det kan du ge dig på!πŸ„
elvis313 : @watergoat5
peytonvifquain : Big wave!!!πŸ„
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Live pic of @patagoniaaus Marketing Coordinator @bearwalsh and buddy @jackbark powering out the 32-mile #Molokai2Oahu race this morning from staff photographer @_timdavis_.
molokai2oahu -
hukimanui : I can barely move my arms after a half mile trek on my prone board.... #props
rosspaulmailloux : @jeffersonhunter
rlc32 : @pappysha 32 miles
coledog : @ottorocket757
bagwellm : @coombs_4 drive past the finish line today. So nuts!!
bradleebo : @dslivinaloha is this pic of you?
mollmay : @ctaylor0820
girls_being_girls : Great shot!
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Jenn Shelton and Krissy Moehl heading toward Glen Pass 50 miles into their attempt at the fastest known time on the 220 mile John Muir Trail. #JMTFKT #TeamYinAndYang Photo: @ken_etzel
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steve_ooo_oh : @sigala138
tazmanianwombatwookiemonster : @amanibear are it kidding me! That's jenn Shelton- the runner I ran into on the rogue river in May!
tazmanianwombatwookiemonster : @amanibear she attempted this run last year- my mom sent me the newspaper clippings.
amanibear : @tazmanianwombatwookiemonster I must've just had a feeling ;)
smeoni : @amandergates I wish I was as badass as these two
atleastabunny : @jlyanuck
joshdoyle_ : @jhonea
jbrown2611 : I mean, this is us @megankillelea
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A new kind of tow-in surfing. St. Augustine, Florida Photo: @smilingweswalker
ksadler : @patagonia Nantucket sleigh ride
swanssen : Du är så jävla sexistisk. Hur fan ska du veta att det där är en kvinna. Och att om hen skulle vara det så säger du direkt att du är intresserad av henne bara för hennes kön!! SUPER SVIN @erikohlsson
erikohlsson : Jag ber om ursäkt för mitt handlande @swanssen
joshdoyle_ : @atgi last one
atgi : @joshdoyle_ I see why you like em.
karabeeer : @hillyrunner
orgjuice : cool!
pfmeira : @aritacampos dreams?
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"December 19, 1973: I only know because our meticulous bookkeeper wrote the date on the back of her copy of the photo. A cold wind blew, which is why so many of us look pained through the smiles. We'd had quite a year: started sewing packs, made the decision to get more seriously into the clothing business, bought the building next door (an abandoned meatpacking plant) and renovated its old wooden-floored exec offices into a proper retail store. We'd gone on a hiring spree, I can tell from this photo, thanks to retail and sewing. You wouldn't have seen so many women around six months earlier. Of the 25 or so grownups here, 41 years later two still own the company, one serves on the Board, three still work here—25% of the original count. Waddya know." -Vincent Stanley, one of the three who still work here. #tbt
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raulmera_ : Great Spirit Patagonia!
kckarl : @elwoodruth @slammer906
mehananui : That is so great. Patagonia!
gmccull : 🍦🍦🍦
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winstonrods : Fantastic!
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hammer_toe_ : Bad ass, I love that location!
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"Had this fleece since junior high 19 years ago and I still love it! It inspired me to start the worn wear blog" - Lauren Malloy @wornwear #wornwear
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nuttynikks : @petermen we need one!
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kyannarae : @brandonthelionheart yes!!!!
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grainy_day : Airstream?
nkcsq91 : Yep. Wish that was my home. @sbkatzel
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"May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds." - Edward Abbey Photo submitted by @dannobobano you can submit your photo at
mxjacobs : @cool_likeac
jdmia03 : @patagonia how can I get some stickers?
johannammurphy : @dannobobano you are a savage.
shopianmarko : Awesome photo and style! You have a wonderful page! We would absolutely love if you could check out our page! @patagonia
nathcrivari : @vaniamatos pra você que ama
vegan_giant : Beautiful words, Ed. @david_a_t
ginasabato : @carusostephanie I love this. Miss you tons. I wish we could be out amongst it all in the woods together. Love you!
emilycschiltz : @jessemilliken this is why you should give them the follow
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