Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.
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Amy and Dave Freeman are canoeing and sailing 2000 miles from Minnesota to Washington, DC to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act and call on our federal government to halt proposed sulfide mining projects in the watershed of the BWCA Wilderness. Follow along at #paddletoDC for updates as they make their way to the capitol. @freemanexplore @savethebwca #VoteTheEnvironment Photo: @arborealis
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greenbackcutthroat : What can we as citizens do to help?
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Alex Yoder (@yoderyoder) tests the flight dynamics of his Rocket-fish off of a bridge in Niseko, Japan. See more #snowsurf action and an article by @yoderyoder in our new Snow catalog. #Find_Away Photo: @colin_wise_man
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reagan_riles : state beach side of rjs was prime for a fish or egg @iriemitch supposed to be smaller tomorrow but im hittin the early morning sesh on my egg
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"There’s a good reason we all wear a cotton shirt practically every day. We are animals, we are comfortable with nature and it feels good to us.” - John Rapp, Product Designer and Tester at Patagonia. #Reclaimed cotton is neither bleached nor dyed, and is traceable from raw material to retail store. See how we use reclaimed cotton in the #TruthToMaterials collection at
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arthurptj : buy^
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williekul : since I've discovered wool, I ain't never gonna wear cotton again
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Throwing the disk at Alvord Desert, Oregon Submitted to our tumblr by @ninaleaoishi you can submit your photos at
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When Yvon Chouinard set out to develop our River Crampons, he chose aluminum “By trying to make a product that was maybe environmentally a little bit better,” he said, “we ended up making a product that’s better all the way around.” Grab a free copy of the #TruthToMaterials book at your local Patagonia store for the full story. @patagoniaflyfish Photo: @jeremykoreski
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kianamrf92 : @salar_analog ba in havayi ke man mibinam soon ma ham mirim tu barfa 😍😍
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"Fashion is more emotional than we acknowledge. People often want to have the best, the newest, the most fashionable, but many of us also have pieces in our closets that we’ve had forever and wear over and over. I believe these scarves will appeal to both of those desires: wanting the new and cherishing the old. If we love something, we want to keep it forever. Creating these scarves is powerful in that we are giving new life to something old, something with history— and, maybe, passing on some of the experiences those old Patagonia coats held to the next user.” - Natalie Chanin of @alabamachanin tells speaks to her motivation behind the #Reclaimed Down Scarf in our #TruthToMaterials collection Photo: @jeffjohnson_beyondandback
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ekswift09 : LOVE this! @cminzz
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Thirty-five years ago, in the mountains of Nepal, Yvon Chouinard discovered a food that the people of the Himalaya for centuries considered to be the ideal energy source for high-altitude performance. They call it tsampa. Year’s since, Yvon has created and refined his own version in a delicious, easy-to-cook soup mix. We’re excited to introduce @patagoniaprovisions newest organic Tsampa Soup! Get some #TsampaSoup at Photo: Rick Ridgeway
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Dan Malloy and Gerry Lopez in Bend, Oregon circa 2002 #tbt Photo: Thomas Campbell (@umyeaharts / @thomascampbellart )
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skateparkandchurches : No waves in Bend boys! Great town though. Right ne#at Mt. Bachelor !
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@joshdirksen opens it up in the Niseko backcountry as seen in the new issue of @frequencytsj Photo: @colin_wise_man Go to to watch the #snowsurf philosophy come to life in The Norther Sky by @farmleague #find_away
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Our $20 Million & Change fund going on a trip to Hawai‘i! Renewable energy currently accounts for just 10% of Hawaii’s consumption. The solar energy systems purchased by the fund will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 153k tons of CO2 – equivalent to taking 29k cars off the road. Installation will provide hundreds of jobs, including employees of Patagonia surf Ambassador Kohl Christensen’s (@deepwatersurf ) O‘ahu based solar installation company. For more info visit #solarpower #20millionandchange
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