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patagonia - patagonia
This holiday season, remember to keep it weird! #joytotheweird
joytotheweird -
meagmcg : @davemowat contender #1 for tuck?
zoemaurer : @nogieee bahhhhh
iochan26nor : いやいやいや....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
valeriemarieray : @ldieterman
mlhosking : @dombiancardi vail ski suit
zoehuebner : @nahallr... I think @shaverlakepowercenter would do it
rachel_gallo : @klairsquare
miaofgenovia : @cptshawtay
ptwissthefish - jbooton - quinnstgram - nickcheh -
patagonia - patagonia
Our friend @malcolmrjohnson made a zine filled with beautiful imagery and stories from British Columbia to celebrate the opening of @patagoniavancouver. Be sure to check it out if you're in the area. Pictured: Dan Malloy jumping ship in BC Photo: @jeremykoreski
j_lorro : Check my last post bro's... @patagonia best wetty's goin!!
officialharriet_tubman : @katswartzer fred earlier today
hanneswikstrom : @carl_stevens worth!
master_vacilando : @bonfire_weekend
katieducker_ : @emily_thrasher_
saltytimes : Great part of the world!
maysuncallher : Is that you @matthlambert
rath86 : @chickenjoejoe
holyhippo - crisnanpanji99 - _mahsun - atagonian -
patagonia - patagonia
Jump kicks in rad places. Muir Pass, Kings Canyon National Park, CA. Submitted to our tumblr by @Brightwoodphoto submit your photos at patagonia.tumblr.com
jessiejolson : Aww yeah @carrie0lson!
officialharriet_tubman : @katswartzer fred
katswartzer : fred=sport @officialharriet_tubman
elliekiesle : @jnotzon when passes english
jnotzon : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @elliekiesle
darkmaito : This SHOT is so fucking cool! AmaZing!
dsmooch : @lollyapeshit road trip stop ?
winderlynyrd : awsm @toenan
natalia_aguilerav - desiwmulia - wesma - kedama -
patagonia - patagonia
@american_dave and @kyepetersen climb the classic Diablo Couloir in Chamonix, France. Watch #find_away episode 4 #cham_experience at patagonia.com/findaway Photo: @christianpondella
cham_experience - find_away -
cmsmallwood : @kriskozlowskimoore that shit is veeeertical dude.
kriskozlowskimoore : @cmsmallwood think the squad bar Andy would make it up there
mandaflan : So esited Abigail @abzee_
alexlizg : Asi es la doble negra @nacho_apg @jorgearambula
vandepetteflet : @woutervdhaak jaa hèhè
mactmckenna : @dhall12345
whitbran : @bradleyrichardw
chopper0456 : @jamesrcrandell you better hit this
loganduurbeee - connorwetzel - derrickjtomps128 - arborgirls -
patagonia - patagonia
Good news from Washington! Earlier this week President Obama withdrew the waters of Alaska's Bristol Bay from oil and gas development, vowing to protect the worlds largest sockeye salmon fishery. Photo: @ben_knight
am.rocha : @emarble20
lamanzaa : @erjaguar WHOOOHOO the salmon are safe !
ck_and_thegruff : @danbookless for a guy who has so many pics of nature, you may want to clarify your comment or re-think your position. This is a step in the right direction of protecting our wild lands. Most oil pumped out of the proposed areas of Bristol bay or BC will be sold overseas anyways, so it's smoke and mirrors about "energy independence"
tgottsacker : The hypocrisy kills me. Obama, jet setting, for fund raisers...etc. And yes we should be good stewards of this earth but not slaves.
cat2700141cat : Stunning!!!
bangdingow : What does it mean for #pebblemine
chrisfmaurer : Food and jobs for generations to come should always trump temporary profits from finite resources
jonasstora : @janna_muehlena 🐳
j.perezc - hammer_toe_ - juniperbugg - mainetrips -
patagonia - patagonia
Winter green lines under the Golden Gate Bridge Photo: @dondianda
ebopper : @805mark I'll bring down my gear over Christmas
805mark : @ebopper def do it! We'll go shred
pcamardo13 : @davidmanitsky @apasanen San Francisco
britnev : @melisakayla
melisakayla : Ahhhhh I have been to this spot with @awittels!! We were looking for surfers!
melisakayla : @britnev
jessicaburnss : @brookehafiff goals
psousss : @kjephoto
jamonexsted - skiiigram - bryanwayneco - galindey -
patagonia - patagonia
Rob Thompson and Brian Mich pass out in Yosemite on the seventh day of a bicycle touring trip through California’s State and National Parks. Photo: @sparks_kyle
jenaeralyn : @jrgould11 that was an ahhh not an ugh. :)
nounoulan : Sont morts cest assuré @zazette125
berlamontkid : @pipemoraa haha it does! I didn't even realize
ry_flo : @tenley33 would look about right
sandob17 : @crista02 I want to nap there
jwallsmith : @muntherp I'm in
lkuhn_2 : @sbardacus looks good to me.
sbardacus : We should totally go on a bike tour through Yosemite @lkuhn_2
gabyme1018 - merriwetherjoy - _pkaty_ - matiasdiban -
patagonia - patagonia
Jerry Miszewski walks a slackline to the iconic Eichorn Pinnacle in Yosemite. Submitted to our tumblr by Braden Mayfield
james_lough_ : @hannahpellett @tom22p
maktubforever : _β˜πŸ‘
somethingsemioriginal : @byrayclay oh hellllll no
toni.rios : @fulisajigueroa
monkeytoes646 : @sammy426
officialharriet_tubman : @katswartzer fred is good at everything
katswartzer : @officialharriet_tubman I wish I had the kind of money and talent Fred does
sammy426 : @monkeytoes646 fun!
michaelcycles - mcepedaortiz - j_bellllz - j.perezc -
patagonia - patagonia
Our Worn Wear Wagon, designed & built by @jay, got its first blessing from the snow gods this past weekend. She's road tested and ready to fix your used gear! #wornwear #betterthannew
betterthannew - wornwear -
bakernc : @ramtrucks coldn oldies #GutsGloryRam
jake__lawson : @nicholas_haven
brettcjohnson : @andrewmarsh21 I looike dat
miflo23 : I need me one of those @tomflorence_
joaomatheus1 : So cool !!!
iron_sharpens_iron : Jay is the man!
dan_merola : @shellsofme #joetrucks
ghamm : Used to have a 1974 Dodge D100. It was a tank!
yahmadelyn - kh27ushi - georgiarsisk - nicoletherapper -
patagonia - patagonia
@kyepetersen and @american_dave stand firm on Chamonix’ Glacier Rond while the clouds decide just which way they’ll go. Check out #find_away episode 4 #cham_experience at patagonia.com/findaway Photo: @christianpondella
cham_experience - find_away -
kdkuiper : @patagonia what's the best way to get in contact with your social media rep? I have an idea I want to get in contact with you about!
rileysod : @jdking5
mahdi_mi99 : Oh my god.
pezzarifian : @cameelz key berim?!
calmer : @summerrentalnyc realt talk
therealswimshady1 : Take the one less traveled friend
roohudon : Where I'm going @thekornywoman
thekornywoman : @roohudon shred the gnarrrrrr
trace.leches - kh27ushi - humboldtpetsupply - _pkaty_ -
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