Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.
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@brittany_griffith & @katerutherford #LeaveItOn for seven days of non-stop action in the Eastern Sierra. See the full video at
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cheong_san_ : That sucked.
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crowlorado : @vivaciousbzoo when we're guides!
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"We have to keep the pressure on. That means being loud and visible in the streets, in town halls and our capitals, and most important, in our elections—voting for candidates who understand we are facing a climate crisis." - Rose Marcario, CEO, Patagonia Stand up for our planet, the food we eat, and the places we play! Join us at the #PeoplesClimateMarch tomorrow in NYC. Not in NYC? Go to: to find a gathering in your area. #VoteTheEnvironment
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zasta2013 : This is the best photo on instagram ever. There is never too much focus on our environment and the change needed. never
bear_kittel : @spanks318 go make history!!!
xlted : I will be there with my CO spirit of the Rockies!
liquidhardware : Thanks for sharing this @Patagonia
liquidhardware : @jacksontisi you should go check this out!
jacksontisi : Planning on it!! @liquidhardware
bottomlinesf11 : Vote @thruthesurface
beeradphoto : All should have their attention and intention on those who are marching in NY. Thank you to all who could make it to the march. I will need to celebrate this day from home in CA.
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Our #VoteTheEnvironment campaign asks artists to create pieces based on why they feel we should all keep the environment in mind when we go to the polls. The #PeoplesClimateMarch is another way to show your support for a healthy environment. We hope to see you there on Sunday! Art: "For The Next Generation" by Justine Beech
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luthmoney : @vtski1 again I'll prove my point. The same UN ipcc that began its research with a very clear bias that humans are the cause of 'climate change' (formerly known as global cooling in the 70s then global warming) actually voted that the SUN has no impact on climate. This absurd claim is so ridiculous that it discredits everything else they claim. They might as well have said the moon is made of cheese.
vtski1 : @luthmoney let me guess. When it snows in the east in early March, are one of the first to go around on social media crowing "where's your global warming now, huh?" When you have a basic grasp of the fact that 200+ years of unrestricted carbon burning by billions of humans (each having their own carbon intensive lifestyle), along with the degradation of our natural resouces through wanton development (think rainforest), actually does have an effect on our closed ecosystem, then perhaps we can have some kind of rational discussion. Calling me a dipshit accomplishes nothing, other than making you look like the angry troll you are. Have fun with that and good luck!
luthmoney : @vtski1 I don't dispute the fact that humans are vastly inefficient and using horrible energy resources (nuclear comes to mind), growing GMOs, generally being wasteful and destructive and destroying the oceans with plastic waste. However To put it simply carbon isn't anywhere near the top of the list of environmental problems. ALL of the data including NASAs has conclusively proven that the average temperature of the Earth has not risen in nearly 20 years. The ice caps are at record levels. The sun just went into a cyclical cooling phase. I'll say it again, plants need CO2. They've needed it for billions of years. Global warming is a giant fraud designed to enrich the elite through carbon taxes, impoverish the vast majority of the world and ultimately depopulate the earth. Just read Ecoscience by John P Holdren, Obamas 'science czar'.
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adammetzger : Snails. In acorn cars.
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n8weaver : Wish it was man, probably good money involved. @awonderfulway
jsabrams_ : Remind me to make something for this @krisula_m
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Ski Ambassador @carolinegleich has been #funhogging for fitness all summer long. Here she is working her way to the top of Torrey's peak in Colorado. Photo: Fredrik Marmsater (@fmarmsaterphoto)
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aracelimiller1 : @karlagalvan2 wouldn't this be awesome?!!!
willballsohard23 : @madskathleen13 yo awesome!:)
karlagalvan2 : @aracelimiller1 Yes!!! I would do this in a heartbeat!
stephanieanderson_ : @kenn_berry21 life goals
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andy_sellers : @janesellers ...and this you.
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Wildlife Fashion Photographer, John Russel with Pete Porcupine - from @patagoniabooks "Unexpected, 30 Years of Patagonia Catalog Photography" Photo: John Russel
tasioceanblue : So cute!
kellytakesatumble : But first we need a small hoodie @kofmehl
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blakejenningsj : @astier $400, rainproof, needle-resistant
tedrow31 : @sherussell I Literally CAN NOT! It might be the best thing I've EVER seen! I can't....
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On Sunday, 9/21, all four Patagonia New York City stores will remain closed until 3 pm so that Patagonia New York employees may take part in the #PeoplesClimateMarch. Patagonia joins a community of concerned citizens marching on behalf of the world and on behalf of the environment. We stand up for a healthy planet and encourage lawmakers to make climate change an absolute priority. Together we will inspire our leaders and our neighbors to #VoteTheEnvironment this fall.
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edtats : U want to mami ? @carmens_pics
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mad22owen : @tomcawood thanks! Very cool
willp102 : That is so awesome! Great that they can march for the environment!
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The original Duckbill cap. Do you still have yours? @wornwear #wornwear
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j2cray : @sprocket_rodgers
davidjmsutton : @carlosggallegos can I get your hat?
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cyliemma : oui, j'en ai une!
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mmwelshofer : Have my dads duckbill and just ordered a new one. @wornwear
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@brittany_griffith keeps the heat cranked up on Chouinard Falls, Eastern Sierra, California #NanoAir #LeaveItOn Photo: @andrew_burr
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joeyclawrence : @jameskydd aiiiii karamba!
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sheepdog133 : Can we go this winter
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daxjustin : I hear you guys do not sacrifice anything to create the best product. I'd like to take some of your gear on my upcoming Winter Expedition, who can I talk to over there @patagonia?
benapres : @pipoandthekids tremendo cuando vamos??
ramm.g3 : #chile #chilelike #argentina #peru #septiembre
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@patagoniasansebastian employee @bip_irastorza happily takes his self-shaped board out for the first time. Hendaye, France Submitted to our tumblr by @bip_irastorza you can submit your photos at
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jennygingin : Daaammmnn I need that board! Thanks for sharing @cdcanales88
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Coming to a Patagonia store near you! "Force" is the collected footage from 10 years of @mikeylikesrocks climbs, summits and misadventures in Patagonia woven together into a story of success, fear, joy and growth. A Duct Tape Then Beer film presented by Patagonia. Photo: @mikeylikesrocks
koboldexpeditiontools : A little jealous of @mikeylikesrocks adventures..
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meganemmm : @r_leanster MY DREAM
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andiemorris : @allieruth12 @meganemmm next summer!
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