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Long approaches in search of the weakness in the wall. Watch the full video at #findaway Photo: @forrestshearer
findaway -
bengtssonp : @shauna_fay @jeannie_tesia @lukedknight And a St Bernard with a cask of Macallan 12 on his collar.
annmaris_walton : @skindog27 let's go
shauna_fay : @bengtssonp Oban 14
jamieobrien_ : @tucked_in
bengtssonp : @shauna_fay touché
sarajeaner : @taki_lovercv
nickrjan : @daniromo whhhoooaaa
iakderboss : Dope! ♥
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Introducing the Worn Wear Wagon, a custom built clothing repair vehicle created by artist/surfer Jay Nelson (@jay). We’re on a mission to change people’s relationship with stuff one garment at a time. #wornwear @wornwear Photo/drawing: @jay
wornwear -
bethanybenson : @crotchibaba
tjschumm : Yep it's decided @chiefclul @seivlauth
karlyconner : @elliotgray__
kalinknight : @tiberiusthomas this shall be my new home!! 😍
haywardben : I am currently commenting from inside one of these that I built...
elliotgray__ : That's myyyy car @karlyconner πŸš›πŸš™πŸš•πŸšš
petternajs : 4real @kristianertnes @bajsola
andiecandy : @duarte_ecohustle
orkhan_cafarov - philmalget - global_expedition - jkjell -
patagonia - patagonia
@aprilvokey in her element Photo: @jeremykoreski
drueworrell : @katiebarrie
begonhia : πŸ‘
katiebarrie : @drueworrell daydreaming that's me fishing in the river
ericmhadden : @tessy_ilardi I legit already followed her here's to dreaming
squidney92 : One day! @heavymeals
noabuyo : Futuro @lapanui_nui
katherine_christie : @cwmiller21 ya so what I like to fish?????
jonigan11 : Cuando pescamos con una de esas @rafaelmagm
kesslermarkus - sugijirushi - iakderboss - disneyred -
patagonia - patagonia
A mountaineer admires the French Alps from the Aiguille du Midi observatory in Chamonix Photo submitted to our tumblr by Mitya Malinovsky
nizonashed : Yalla @nadia_nt I've already got the gear
roccoinstant : Been there
trickytrev : @timteton yew happy birthday digga
meehokim : @elizanowack omgggg
elizanowack : I know! @meehokim unreal
hannabjorndal : @andreaswid
shaunclement : @sherlytaalviona
cheezeburgerz : @down_wrong
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Minimize the commute Photo: @markomcinnis
tylersc13 : @laur_cross @adewey7 we'll go with that... πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š
carolinenoblee : @edy_orand dang wish we knew someone who had a car suitable for camping... OH WAIT.
edy_orand : @carolinenoblee this is a truck bed with a camper over it, but I feel you. You wanna sleep in my car vs my tent?
carolinenoblee : @edy_orand could be fun :)
edy_orand : @carolinenoblee yeah I agree!
chelseawaco : @crikitbh4bridin
jaimielandreth : @ericdamon spruce will be so fun to camp in!
markomcinnis : Thanks team!!! @patagonia
acygrayson - markomcinnis - pablaventura - felipetab -
patagonia - patagonia
Surf Ambassador Kyle Thiermann (@surfing4change) just released his new film #SaveSanMiguel to bring awareness to San Miguel in hopes to gather enough signatures to make it Baja California's first State Park. To see the full film visit @stwcoalition
savesanmiguel -
osmith40 : @theo_door94
outrunmtnbikes : Old home week! Love that place!
samiam_marner : @carter_mott this Instagram is cool
wemcycle : @shawn_ayers
deyence : Woaaahhhh... @akbar.andy
ninapcat : Party waveπŸ§πŸ˜ƒ
laustindacongo : @dr0pdead_ned
seth_dont_insta : @cartercasner
phillip_russ - 8joto - a_brouillard - bradgehlosu -
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Congratulations to @tommycaldwell and @kjorgeson! Every season since 2007 they have been working on free climbing a link-up of the Dawn Wall on El Capitan, Yosemite. A couple days ago Tommy finally freed pitch #14 which means the entire route has been free-climbed but not in succession. "Now it's done," he said, "and all the pieces to the puzzle are there. Now we just have to put them together.” Photo/ Caption: @jeffjohnson_beyondandback
14 -
bwowphoto : @annewilder free claiming is normally placing all gear on lead and using no gear as aid climbing or resting on any protection. Never hold into hooks in the rocks, you never know what could happen!
annewilder : @bwowphoto Thank you for the explanation. My mind is boggled.
bwowphoto : @annewilder no worries, best thing to do is just be safe and climb!
annewilder : I'm a ground dweller and not a climber but I admire the sport. The last time I visited Yosemite, I stood beneath this magnificent spot and gazed up in wonder at both El Capitan and the climbers dotted around the face of it. The word amazing gets overused but applies here. I can't believe that people climb vertical rocks and mountains. But clearly they do!!
no_mans_land1979 : @bearded_bramble_beater 😡
bearded_bramble_beater : @no_mans_land1979 looks like he slept there balls like a wooly mammouth
amalanhig : lets go @_itchon
ianhootonphotography : πŸ‘
toddmcgehee - luciacullen - tochwa - fisshingbear -
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It’s like meeting the color blue for the first time. Mendenhall Glacier Ice Cave in Juneau, Alaska Submitted to our tumblr by @acarterclark
kayclara : @palmditty
newmanae : @jesslbrown08 @swiatkmm @kristen_k_e @khartman01
kristen_k_e : @newmanae good find!
atdaus : @sdigi22 yes!!
tlhutchings : @petersmadison I'm in need of an adventure soon
heyitsannikadog : @chansson16
kbadin : @cbadin amazing
rufftie : @keithpanich can we go
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Whatever you do, don't look down... The view is much better straight ahead! Snowboard Ambassadors @yoderyoder and @forrestshearer found a nice vantage point and some great turns yesterday on their first split-board tour of the season in Wyoming's Absaroka Mountains. Photo: @andrew_miller
prival_usa : Nice work gentlemen! @andrew_miller nice snipe! proper use of that trigger finger!
sara9fashion : get thissssssss!! oj
ddfraser7 : WTF @nationsgiveaway actually got me a FREE iphone
dantreetrunkman : Is that cutoff mountain?
johnathandimalanta : @paulinacikatricis
miles_l_g : @snaykub I actually did hike up on the pass for my first turns last weekend, that's the way it should be
thainalozove : @quale_hale
quale_hale : Posso morrer de amores? @thainalozove
kevinvieldenm - minubox - a_brouillard - alana.b.m -
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Patagonia climbing Ambassador, Pete Whittaker, had a stellar season this Fall in Yosemite Valley. He managed to free climb El Cap 3 times, flashing it once. Pete free-climbed the Muir Wall/El Corazon link-up, flashed the Freerider route via the Teflon Corner and free climbed Golden Gate. No wonder he's tired. Photo: @jeffjohnson_beyondandback
katiezweber : @ellebelle213
climbing_amir : Ok niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic
johnathandimalanta : @paulinacikatricis intense
istone1992 : @aliczander_4 lol I'm not that intense
mintertainment : @candlemaker let s do this
levitwatson : @georgianeuk
georgianeuk : @levitwatson
mariamonvaz : @anderbados
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