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Here are 2 designs that are being considered by Jersey city . Don't kill the messenger but tell us how you feel so @660ramp @greeeeenvillain #njskateshop and @antihero666 can relay your thoughts.

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The top looks like it would be packed on the street side if there were a lot of skaters but the bottoms more spaced out and still a bowl. Bowl could be bigger but the bottom for sure.
covenskateboards 1408674754
Theres survey that the city has posted on the berry lane skatepark FB. Everyone should take it. More tranny is needed as well the obsticals near the bowl moved. The thought of the bowl area being the run up for legdes and stairs is scary,,, We need another town meeting.
mercadophotos 1408675872
tres_fordays1 1408677036
Dude @josveganoza that looks perfect
kyleknob 1408678635
Nailed it
elliotzuniga 1408680206
@neloangelo1 they're beautiful 👀
asap_norb 1408680447
neloangelo1 1408681350
Those bowls are pretty
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