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steelclimber 1432580279
Is is sad that I kinda like that. @_kevinlouis_
pukeliterson 1433373910
salvieeee 1433467845
The utter audacity of easy phone access is too strong with this one
mr_vice_captain 1434631410
@dvnhvge this seems like something you'd take advantage of
_danhage 1434631437
Hahahahahahaha omg @mr_vice_captain
mr_vice_captain 1434631492
@dvnhvge I want one so badly dude holy shit
genghiskohn 1440224769
@jamielipson @wyattearp91 @12yearsadave @monalisavile Wyatt this u?
burns_knows_best 1441383295
@strizza18 no...
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