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hectorjoos 1407183777
are you in LEGOLAND!!!!???¿?¿!!
rapsnack 1407186266
So jelly
gucci_mormon 1407209807
Haha I saw u today there akw I was the life guard that stared at u
_thomas_murphy 1407218346
Love legoland
jdft 1407219230
Can't wait for these. @dannhayaah
frosted.fronts420 1407279581
@helpful_shoutz got me 1k
tipwett 1407567738
what's up with those lakais.... I know you read this koston so text me or something u dick
jonathankeomany 1427340700
You're a dike! I was the guy who whispered "hey it's eric koston" and you just ran off! I understand you were with your family but I was one guy and you couldn't stop and ran like a dike! You're a dike! YOU RUINED MY FIRST LEGO LAND EXPERIENCE AND I WILL NEVER GO BACK DIKE
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