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#20YEARSOFCHOCOLATE @chocolateskateboards @artshare_LA

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dhump4free 1406682348
@busman87 let's go
snwbrdtraining 1406688052
Riding my first Chico since the 90s #feelsgoodman
evanfruchty 1406726447
Damn I wish I could go! I love Evan Hecox' work, especially with chocolate. I actually have the Calloways part of this set.
xmblasx 1406740767
@rareform86 !!!!!!!! Goooo immma b there :)
nelvonte 1406838556
@thesleepers Renel and I are rolling to this if you down
thesleepers 1406838605
@nelvinsalonga daaang. I might have to peep. Take that young redline.
pmonaye 1406860588
@shoutout1us got me 1k
_chriskicks 1407013883
great seeing you again last nite @erickoston
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