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Chico Brenes

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After @girlskateboards was started in 93'... I remember when Mike & Rick where going to start Chocolate, and was suppose to be called SISTER but the name got around and it was taken from us. So Thankful to that person, CHOCOLATE was the perfect fit..... Come join us #20YearsOfChocolate

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Chico Brenes
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chicobrenes 1406054268
@punkrockskatenerd The first show is in LA but doing a few around the country. Stay tuned for dates & locations. Thanks 👊🍫
atlas.ninja 1406054279
Good to hear @chicobrenes would love to see this in the Bay. Was bummed the @girlskateboards show didn't come thru 😭
kiinglouiie 1406054608
oldirtyrollie47 1406055115
I'm a try to get the day off for this one! @chicobrenes
psilocybin__ 1406055271
@kiinglouiie down!!
mysummerinoakland 1406058242
Such a cool ad
Go and chocolate both shred so don't matter
grandmasterdrock 1406061278
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