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Check the new Nica's at @agendashow NYC @dvsshoes Booth BX19. #spring2015 since 95' #20yearsofdvs @dvsskateboarding x @centralskateboarding #allingoodfun

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Chico Brenes
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audyravindra 1406005861
poginextdoor 1406428447
Nicoya asta la poya! Those maroons are clean!
chicobrenes 1406428927
@1trill_infamous_chavalo Thanks My Nica. What size you wear?
poginextdoor 1406429019
No Problem Brotha! & I Wear Size 9.5 @chicobrenes
chicobrenes 1406429686
@1trill_infamous_chavalo I got some 9's they might fit you.
poginextdoor 1406429911
They should Fit bro I'm Down loco! :) @chicobrenes
_ttripppp 1407195688
yaboyydavidd 1416028517
Aye Chico Man I Was Wondering If You Could Tell Me Johnny's Instagram From Woodward ? Idk If You'll See This But I Hope You Do Because He Looks Like He's Gunna Go Pro And I Just Wanted To Congratulate Him ! A Little About Me . My Name Is David Nagy . I Am 14 From Palmdale , CA . I Started Skating About 5 Months Ago And My Best Trick Is An Ollie ._. I've Been Trying And I'm Alright . But I Know A Couple Guys Just Like Johnny That Are Really Good . They Are Just 👌 They Have A Bit Of The Same Background As Him So That Why I Wanted To Get His Instagram , To Congratulate Him And To Tell Him That If He Keeps Trying , He Will Go Pro . I've Seen It Come True ! Anyways Have A Good Day And Keep Skating Man 🙏
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