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#tbt 2 weeks ago i had a heavy back pack on and I accidentally stepped backwards off the top ledge hitting the second one with my ass and back flipping off the 15ft drop to land on my back. Luckily I only broke 6 ribs and got a concussion. I'm thankful that I wasn't paralyzed or worse! I'm glad I hit my head and don't remember anything because I'm sure that it sucked!! Go give someone a hug and guilt em out for me!

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Cj Tambornino


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earthquake_country 1405691957
You should've been doing stupid stuff on your skateboard! But u kno that;) ♡ U G! Glad you are ok!!!!!!! Let's hook up I give u rib massage longtime!
macksfactor 1405693065
Damn dude, good to hear you're doing better!
interstellarruben 1405693289
Get well soon bro .
cj_tambo 1405697931
@low_key_ruben thanks G!!
jerseydola 1405704890
Glad you're ok g. That's some crazi ish mang gotta get them ninja slippers on. I'll send u my grappling hook for next time 🙏
redcorn_edbeefhash 1405704988
Glad you're still kickin man. Hope you heal up fast!
cj_tambo 1405706053
@jerseydola lol! Thanks G!!
cj_tambo 1405706078
@redcorn_edbeefhash I appreciate it G! Thanks!
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