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Justin Figueroa

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I was buyin Emericas when I first started skating, and to see this is a damn dream come true, beyond stoked @emerica

killerpizza Instagram profile picture
Justin Figueroa
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ashtonmclean 1420944977
@robertnault actually pretty steezy tbh
ashtonmclean 1420945007
@robertnault and the Colar on them looks a little more comfortable
fe_birch 1421022894
@rootscbn these look noooiiiccceeee
dizzyskateco 1422917128
What time is the winner announced @killerpizza plz pick me πŸ™
zirius_figueroa 1423794711
Are you Puerto Rican @killerpizza cause I am
charles_the_ripper 1432879280
I just got these today killer skate shoes man very well designed and feels good to skate in Cheers brother keep on shredding @killerpizza I been wearing Emerica since god knows when I hope to some day have a glass box and my own Emerica shoes named after me ...Dreams are upon us!!😎
danielscales1 1437850106
Brooo. I'm never going back. These figgys are AMAZING. No joke. Thanks for giving me a shoe to progress my skating and make my feet look sick. Haha. @killerpizza thanks again.πŸ™πŸ‘Œ
river.ratz.mn 1447558530
Seriously best shoe I've skated in a long time, keep it up!
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