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Here's a cool pieced together sequence of a FS air from our MTL demo at P45 shot by @rivenordstatus See you tomorrow Quebec City! #stuportour #shamelessselfdemotion

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3chany3 1404768401
@mccranker if it's rainy, cone skate our indoor tight mini ramp! #congelator
lebicar 1404769989
rivenordstatus 1404787327
@mccranker thanks for the share πŸ™ been a huge fan since yeah right came out it means alot πŸ™Œ
toddy_bear_76 1404797368
@mccranker .....see you at the Van doren invitational this Saturday?? :) πŸ‘
jon_mass 1404835696
Saw you last night in old québec city ! Can't wait for the demo today @mccranker
inazumaizuna 1404860314
Awesome Rick!
thirdloopz 1405048220
πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ i hope you had fun man! Best park in town...!!!
cultgnar 1412666076
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