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SF tonight. In a group show curated by @deadbeatclub @hamburger_eyes and @8ballzines lots of photos of train tracks and pets

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simply_hesh 1404587830
@trashypics oooooooh
trashypics 1404587877
Ya dood @goodolboredom
simply_hesh 1404587889
@trashypics I finna go
trashypics 1404587967
U gotta 👌 @goodolboredom
jordaninlb 1404588562
bonger_ 1404601251
@babymuah @itzlexeskobar @manfreckles1 @allworknopay @jeremy__castillo @creepstreet
collectiveeye 1404602119
Good looks B @_bergett
jawnieappletree 1414147941
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