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Bastien x

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It's definitely worth it. Help making this possible by being patient. That would be awesome to have that spot back. #skateboarding #spotproject #bringitback #losangeles

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Bastien x
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mickeyokeefe 1403511810
Thank you @bastiensalabanzi
tannertheapprentice 1403511980
@bastiensalabanzi what spot was this at?
_psyt_ 1403512940
@tannertheapprentice man, can you not read?
this_defines_me 1403513301
Dude so respectable so sick! I can't believe the community will allow that! Especially at a courthouse! Unbelievable but so generous! The population finally is seeing it! We don't vandalize and trash shit! We simply just wanna go push and throw bangers. @bastiensalabanzi
aj23way 1403517625
coleclark310 1403522783
aa.riin 1403530658
plywoodpshr 1403546490
@this_defines_me You said it man. Too bad there the handful of d-bags that have or are skating it when they should wait like the sign says. Always someone to ruin it. Hpepfully they really don't for you guys out there.
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