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Go Skate day is tomorrow!!! If your in the area stop by the active park tomorrow at noon for a dope ass sesh with the homies @danielespinozuh @lil_shmatty myself and many other special guests!! #BestBeliveItsGonnaBeFun

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Cj Tambornino
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cj_tambo 1403323650
@crankthat_dd123 #HappyHollaDay!!
jhhchfhhgdjfhth 1403323743
It might rain tomorrow man. Im tripping like a mofo.
crankthat_dd123 1403323871
@cj_tambo you to bro
cj_tambo 1403323968
@garrett_rmn that's why Mpls has the sky ways!!!! Fuck it!!! Hype some dudes up and lead the pack!!
jhhchfhhgdjfhth 1403324736
@cj_tambo lol I will skate in the rain.
israeldelazerto 1403338341
Gna Crack from Coast 2 Coast m All That In between G! Rip it man, hope all is well out there, see ya at the streets gangsta!
jackrsturdy 1403400756
That was soo fun cj!!!
cj_tambo 1403400815
@jackrsturdy hell yeah G! Merry go skate day!!
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