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John Lucero

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Goodmorning! Elvis Costello! Trust! Clubland! Lovers walk! You'll never be a man! Pretty words! Strict time! Watch your step! New lace sleeves! From a whisper to a scream! Different finger! White knuckles! Shot with his pun gun! Fish n chip paper! Big sisters clothes! 1981! One of my favorite Elvis Costello albums! Super smooth! Thanx @mystereee #coffeeandvinyl

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John Lucero
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frankie66 1403026050
Trust no one!
featherhole1 1403026625
Denny's thief 😈
joncalderone 1403027744
Beauty is in the eye of the 'beerholder' @lucero_rip
valleyofsickness 1403030886
Different Finger
thisisalovestory 1403030993
Listened to Elvis Costello one time in Joshua Tree ✨🌀👯
dand_ee 1403237429
@lucero_rip one of my favorite Elvis albums
lucky.phil 1413262246
@nicult follow lucero. He rules🔥
fabrimaple 1417573657
Que buenos gustos 😍
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