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Shane Oneill

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The skatemental board goes to @jaycipponeri for this photo of him and his friend out filming in the street's. That's what it's all about! Thank's to everyone who posted photo's, I tried to "like" as many as possible haha

shanejoneill Instagram profile picture
Shane Oneill
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mexiicutionater 1403064198
Omg u just liked my picture omg thank. You so much you are my all time favorite skater omg thank you so much @shanejoneill
_jonathan0824 1403066227
Shane can u please help me find a way to get some type of sponsored or get discovered.I haven't posted any good vids of me but I am fairly good and a really need a company to hook me up. @shanejoneill.
mayer_joel 1403077261
ancient.annunaki 1403131589
You are so gnarly in everything you do. Thx for liking my picture :) @shanejoneill
jaycipponeri 1405359908
Got the board dude!
leonmannix 1405741769
your so lucky man!! @jaycipponeri
aisaia13 1408638998
rene_gtz 1417009234
Let me win 🙏 check my pic
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