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Can't wait to see my boys. I miss them everyday. But I gotta do this. It's now or never. #skatelife #traveling #losangeles #thetimeisnow #sacrifice #love4skateboarding

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Bastien x
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natycancian 1402850427
@hriqueleal e esse da esquerda é irmão do JH né!? 😜
henrique_m.leal 1402850988
@natycancian irmaozinho dele que ainda vai vir
a_neonsign 1402859557
Happy Fathers Day Bastien.
skile88 1402881694
@bastiensalabanzi I remember the only time I saw you. It was unexpected at Macba probably 7-8 years ago. The place was full of people skating and nobody realized that you were skating the 5 stairs until the saw you were doing lots of tricks at the first try. Nollie heel... 360 flip.... just warming up without fail. And then people stopped skating just to see you. Was like a fucking exhibition and taking into account that lots of pros usually go there and skate like another more. I seated close to the stairs (in the big orange letters) and some kids were doing anoying sounds with the metal of the letter until you hit it with your board haha. Then you were doing sw 360 flips, sw varial heel, caballerial flip at first try... That was the most impressive pro that I have ever seen skating in person and I've seen a lot of them during these 13 years skating. Thank you man for that enormous inspiration that I could feel even in person and not only in videos!! Good luck with this new goal that I suppose you have in mind. You are going to recover the place in skateboarding where you used to be in ;)
bast1ensalabanzi 1403080035
Thanks @elly_daneon
peaceluvnyaya 1405784722
#adorable #handsome
zlata3553018 1412701233
How cute😍
birdinlalaland 1415716147
Sooo cute. Love those sneakers
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