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John Lucero

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Lost and Found! The Original 1989 Grosso"Bad Trip" Art for Lucero Ltd. Water stained and Wrinkled! Originally drawn with the Starburst, later we decided it looked better without. There are a few sample decks with the star but production models had no star! @grossosucks @blacklabelskates #luceroart #luceroltd welcome to the Black Hole!

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John Lucero
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brlylgldrl 1402508985
adam_wallacavage 1402510038
Ken Sigafoos!!! Right?? One of the best most legendary artists who ever smacked lein to tails and stalled sad plants.
mattfrenchart 1402511229
Huge fan of this graphic!
brianjosephtait 1402514632
This was one of the first things I learned to draw. Thx man!
nellove70 1402516211
So good and fav board graphic ever!!!
redneckeric 1402516897
@lucero_rip help us save the bro bowl in Tampa #savehistory #skatehistory
russpope 1402528530
calbeemundy 1426723310
@lucero_rip I'm sorry man I had my pick between this one and your first deck with the van on it, Jeff won that round. Still one of my favorite Grosso graphics.
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