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Ronnie Creager

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I miss skateboarding from @corey_sheppard & #GideonChoi Thanks for the Salad Days EP 2002 edit @sml_aaron 💥check @hellaclips for more.

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Ronnie Creager
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scuba_martin720 1404069556
Than hes lucky he should be on darkstar lol cx
hoe_se_ 1404069885
I'm trying to protect you Ronnie ! Haha I'm my friend is trying to say that your not that good but we always do this , ha @ronniecreager
scuba_martin720 1404070397
@ronniecreager I pay u respect because u made it pro u did it u whent through hard work and did it u did it and I cant take that away from u atleast u did it though
ronniecreager 1404072446
@hoe_se_ it's all good. I'm really not that good. 👍 @gonzalez51261 anybody can be pro. It's really not about the tricks you do. Hope to meet up and skate sometime. We can teach each other tricks!
hoe_se_ 1404072567
Your battle commander was sick though @ronniecreager @gonzalez51261 and fasho Ronnie
scuba_martin720 1404072621
tokymoky 1422263369
@jai.es.ci um, guess who? Lololololol
tokymoky 1422263430
@jai.es.ci lol u gotta show him. @jamesthegymguy
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