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everyone who follows me knows I'm not a complainer, but, frontier airlines wanted to charge us $400 to carry out boards on both ways, at the start of this trip right? were super rude, gave us ALL THE EXCUSES in the book how a flat skateboard, that takes up no space, who yes has wheels(same as every suitcase) is not allowed anywhere on a plane. UNREAL. for a policy change that occurred the week before our tickets? with no notification. the girl followed us from the front of the airport to the gate, and argued and had her supervisor tell us more illogical solutions. cough up some money right? we do, have an incredible trip filming, get ready to fly back, and take our boards apart, bag them, and do everything they say, and they STILL want to give us trouble. I'm not blaming frontier because it just seemed like we got a case of the two rudest people in the world, followed by the third, and the lady on the phone at frontier who was very kind, says there's nothing she could do? sweet man, all while watching a long boarder walk straight on, and people with enormous suitcases easily not fitting the overhead. I travel A TON and have never had an issue with my board. super skateboarder harassment. @frontiercares @flyfrontier told me to show them the video and they'll right the wrong. we will see. I was a little frustrated when I made itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tell them how whack it is. not being a sore sport, was gonna let it go the first time, but @havefunallthetime liked the video of our situation too much. 😀😀#skateboarding #adetroitfilm

jordangarlandmi Instagram profile picture
Jordan Garland
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#metrogrammed @metroskateboarding you guys have this issue yet? new policies are weak, never had a problem EVER. just thought it was too funny they let the longboarder on no question. πŸ˜•
masta_faye 1402423108
@jordangarlandmi i did not read your whole post yet, but Spirit air is HORRIBLE too!
77bizlog 1402423925
Delta is the shit. They never hasswled us wen we went to orlando remember? I will always fly delta. @jordangarlandmi
_b.e.e 1402424628
I flew frontier to michigan only had to pay 25$ to get my board on the plane!!!
alysweett 1402429361
That's ridiculous! I've heard that happening to some other shredders too... I used to fly my board all the time no problem... I skateboarded down the aisle on a frontier plane at one point... There just being money hungry jerks at this point
jordangarlandmi 1402524305
@alysweett right! I'm not a complainer, there was just so many factors that made me like WOW, this was my face the whole time😐
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