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Max Schaaf

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Bud. What goes on inside your big head? Shop dog. Skate dog. We rescued this guy a while back and he's the greatest unsolved mystery. He looks like our old dog Buzzard we had when I was a kid before we even knew about the breed. I believe some of each dogs spirit transfers on to the next. #pitbull #cliche #shootdogfighters #rubixcube

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Max Schaaf
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freedomwoods 1403783307
@hellonwheels for sure. Fortunately there are still some dudes descended from Outlaws keepin real country alive.
4q69 1403797258
@detailfreak haha
critterina 1404029269
littlelonefox 1408231397
I totally agree. My boy now has my old dogs eyes, she passed years ago. He even responds when I say her name. Really weird
__buztin 1411350384
msawiris 1414644945
Puppy ❤️ @tyleraustin111
🐾👊💯Yᗩᕼ ᗰOᑎ.
ryan_rowlett 1448515102
I love a skate pit. Cute.
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