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Shawn Hale

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This boy pro!! @davidloy

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Shawn Hale
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rpbess 1402114530
Congratulations @davidloy
tspliff_ 1402115652
theclintorous 1402117009
He broke his foot? Hahaha holy shit dude
shawnhaleyeah 1402119899
@theclintorous haha yeah its fucked. Hope you're healing up too
achilen 1402120257
Seriously Shawn I almost liked this cause I thought you were pro
judheald 1402191911
Bad company corrupts good character @shawnhaleyeah seems like the slope is slippery. I wish you would use u platform to be the light you could be. This life is passing fast and your time in the spotlight is short. Turn and live for the light of Christ!
ryrey 1402194477
@judheald ignorance is bliss #tehe
judheald 1402460621
No @ryrey it's just sad when u see lights going out and running to the dark and in most cases fully aware of the repercussions just don't care to turn away. Jesus call us into the light so we could be set free. Running around doing everything that u think makes u feel good will only wind up in depression when u can't manage it later or the reality of eternity seperated from hope.
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