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John Lucero

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Welcome to 1986! @lucero_rip #luceroart #schmittstix @professorschmitt #totally80s

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John Lucero
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lucero_rip 1401925963
@grossosucks Mush Ramp 86! Segrams and Seven! SJ!
scottyjooones 1401926075
looks like the one i had in 86 memories
splatter187 1402422607
This is the second skateboard I ever had!!! Sickness!!!!! @lucero_rip
edcorpuz 1408209908
@greg24089 blue, no tail, ollie machine
Ditto 🀘🏻 @cactusrsdicus I so miss it πŸ˜” it got stolen whilst at the Torquay Rip Curl Ramp Riot event back in 86 - 87?? Your right about that @edcorpuz was an Ollie machine. Highest in my street! I want another 3 now!!!
sweyda 1449244225
My first real deck. I was 13 at the time!
cjshades 1449633730
In 86 I had a blue x-1 with blue tracker ultralights, hot pink rails, risers and wheels. it changed my life. i need that concave under my feet again
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