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Happy anniversary to @hollyryan78 ! With Morrissey, fancy hotels, and wave runners it was a pretty good weekend.

chickenlivers 1401745075
Woo! Congrats y'all.
bfd_bob 1401750177
#meatisyummy #petadontscareme
hellonwheels 1401761028
These waves break 24 hrs a day bro!
emericansoldier 1401766670
@hollyryan78 how's that arm of yours doing? #drinkmoremilk
hollyryan78 1401813010
It was a great weekend babe!
hollyryan78 1401836268
@emericansoldier much better! I am finally starting to move my fingers :)
godtiller__ 1403427182
Can I have ur username
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