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Ronnie Creager

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P.S... I really like you. I had a really good time this weekend. Can we hang out again soon. 😘

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Ronnie Creager
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theguitarfiend 1401720465
she's beautiful, you're a lucky man!
archaeology_soldier 1401720894
@ronniecreager I would like to see: Flip bs tailslide to flip bs tailslide again into the other picknik mr Ronnie! That would be awesome!!
iron_mosquito 1401723570
@bob_gnarly84 happy skateboarding!
bricksta88 1401736135
Skateboarding is beautiful.
coleezoerb 1401849443
Yo Ronnie you should give me a shoutout for that King of the gram contest ! We've been homies for a while hook a bro up !
coleezoerb 1401849454
carlos.h4 1402938939
gaugedoisher 1402972415
Where's this at? Or any benches like this? I'm going to California again in August and want to skate more street spots. Stuck to like all parks last year haha, I'll say something when I get there and we'll have to get in a session somewhere👌🙌
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