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I'll always remember being with Heath Kirchart and Rick Kosick at this small 3 flat 3 double we called College Park. Rick was shooting photos for Big Brother magazine. After trying to shoot this trick for a while Rick looks up with a surprised look on his face and says "Theres no film in the camera." He went to the car to get film and realized he didn't bring any. The next time we went to get this trick everything went smoothly... He brought film and said he got the photo. Big Brother ran the sequence even though something happened to the photos. Each frame looked as though it had another frame inside and overlapping each other. It was a funny experience. I went back to film the trick with a video camera. It rained, but by that time I had done it so many times the rain wasn't an issue. Your the best @rickkosick thanks for filming @ehlerslongboards

ronniecreager Instagram profile picture
Ronnie Creager
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harlequin42 1401879291
ogkol_eeee 1403811433
@el_toronegro remember this 1....
el_toronegro 1403834816
Epic @ogkol_eeee tsacool good shit!
ragmfwow 1404969522
ttdynamite43 1405544809
Still remember this from trilogy. I engender having the same reaction as the guy who yelled at you hahaha
skipmang 1410801135
So sick @scruoff
wtvrdwg 1417754479
best switch hardflips in da game
wtvrdwg 1417754494
CAN U LOOK AT MINEEEE @ronniecreager
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