Photo from ronniecreager

Old random trash bin footy with a couple spins and a flip. I use to skate this school off Ruby drive in Placentia/Fullerton. I had 2 picnic tables and a few benches. It was rad! I'd have my own make believe LA school yard to skate any time wherever I went. #fbsf #tryanothertrick

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collinloosear 1401485456
@mocitydan @lukeabrasi
im_walrus 1401489224
So sick
95likethat_ 1401489812
Turnt up
wickkeddd 1401499683
So perfect @likeasamboodee
mindthemadness 1401561454
The old neighborhood misses you! @ronniecreager
youngbloodsdz 1401591786
westgate123 1401611814
Your style is the cleanest , holy fuck , must be all that weed you smoke .
masskateboarding 1401847666
@cordtzj 👆comment is so good
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