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Jordan Garland

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yo this evil lady at @flyfrontier is trying to charge us more than the cost of the flight and more than the cost of all of our skateboard stuff together, to check a flat board!!! power tripping! so weak!!!! 400$ to check four decks!! they're trying to stop our Philly trip. any help is key in this. let them know how weak this is! #ijustwanttoskatewithmyfriends

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Jordan Garland
jordangarlandmi 1401460711
actually the lady on the phone was very kind, so shout out everyone at frontier except the lady and this dude making NO SENSE.
angelo_darchivio 1401461506
Fuck that bitch !
jeremyjcooper 1401463213
They're really making you check your boards? I've always carried mine on.
jordangarlandmi 1401463811
@jeremyjohnn power trip is real! the employee FOLLOWED US TO OUR GATE! and they let a long boarding girl on with her board no hesitation. so I'm gonna post the video when I land. not being a sore sport, it's just unreal the lack of common sense with how they were speaking to us!
alexdharris 1401467164
__daddy___ 1401468116
Choosing to fly frontier/spirit is like choosing the brothel with the 'CHEAPEST AND HOTTEST GIRLS' sign in front. You know they're lying. So when you get to the back to fuck some 'cheap/hot' babe don't be surprised when it's a big ass dude named bubba is in back waiting to fuck you instead. #metaphor @alexdharris
bradd333 1401471119
Don't do it. T.S.A regulations does not require you to check a board. I travel frontier all the time. Never checked my board.
arrfskf14 1401484788
Dude I've been flying every airline out there with my board (unchecked and complete) for 13 years now and never had a problem until a frontier flight last month. They tried to charge me some crazy shit for my board too, I told them frontier blows and I'm never flying through them again. #frontierairlines #cansuckmyballs
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