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Max Schaaf

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TBT taco & burrito thursday , titties & beer thursday, turds & barf thursday.... Throw it back to 91. First Europe real tour, in Milano Italy. These toy mechanical mini sport bikes where everywhere, relpacing the the 25$ pony outside the American grocery store, the Italians leading their youth to the Motorcyle track. Real skateboards let me tag along as an amateur on this trip, I missed my high school graduation, had never left the US, thiebaud got hurt first day and went home, tommy broke his ankle and this lil me had to take their place. It was an unreal time to see so much of Europe for a month when I'd barely seen the USA. Thanks Real. Luke Ogden photo. #realsincedayone #4Q

4q69 Instagram profile picture
Max Schaaf
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danimal103 1400810510
O fucking G Love ya Max
jluf 1400811064
Nothing beats the experiences you have as a young man. The older I get the more important even the minute stuff seems. I camped at the base of mount hood for a month right after graduation. Drive cross country and skated everyday. Those days flew by and I knew I was having fun but certainly didn't realize the impact they would have as I became an adult. Salad days
jluf 1400811349
old_stale_negative 1400813410
oldtymecustompaint 1400818422
Thunder trucks
4q69 1400865892
@jluf nail on the head
mikeyratt69 1401125491
That shirt rips ..
ragerkevin 1406257061
That Thunder t shirt
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