Photo from ronniecreager

This use to be the spot years ago! Railslide to feeble to railslide to hurricane to railslide to feeble to feeble to fakie all night lonnnng.

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rippedlaces 1400367885
And then to feeble, right? 😏👌
ronniecreager 1400368475
@forrissey @kelly_cooper Yep!
kelly_cooper 1400368997
@ronniecreager I remember those curbs were covered with thick paint.. Made me tweak my ankles while trying a front board..
official_shake 1400376833
I honestly dont know what im looking at
ronniecreager 1400384636
This double sided curb use to be black with wax. So slippery.
khr1st1an 1400391031
@advocateoflucifer @tonycusato
jimbohawk 1400403603
Are those nobs? @ronniecreager
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