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Photo from mccranker

My Mom has been through a lot of hardship in her life, more than anyone should but she always seems to have a positive outlook, a sweet smile and a joke. We've just recently lost my brother Kevin, her son, he passed away last week unexpectedly. It's been hard on us all but most of all her. This Mother's Day could have been a sad gloomy day but she didn't let that happen, we all together went to the beach and out to eat etc, she had a great day and got back to her normal self smiling and joking and being adventurous. This photo is right after she climbed over a whole lot of slippery boulders and rocks to get to a new part of the beach (making me very very nervous) I love her for her kindness, for her adventure and for making me look like the seventy year old worry wart. I hope you all had a good day today with your mothers or with their memories. ❤️Mom

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swoononeone 1399887933
Sorry for your loss Rick. Your Mom's kindness and positivity is inspiring as always. Glad you were able to enjoy Mother's Day with her. Take care @mccranker
jasondarden 1399892751
You're a good son. I hope y'all are able to feel continued peace and comfort as you mourn the loss of your brother.
bwynprice 1399898482
So sweet
callumbarrack 1400266276
Sending love!
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