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kurtiakarrest 1399236806
@mikeberdis got some action at this spot on our Pittsburgh shred voyage with @brandon_skates and myself ... gotta watch for the people living in the house next door we got chewed out n brandon was about to go steak on dude for gettin lippy with us
mikeberdis 1399239827
It's a gnarly spot yoh
sean_shreds 1399257929
@kurtiakarrest people next door are a total bust. @starheadbody get anything on it?
kurtiakarrest 1399258602
Yeah @sean_shreds they came over like your gonna hand us money for damages to property and then @mikeberdis stuck it and we peaced while @brandon_skates told dude how it was
gecrew 1399271108
internet___explorer 1399302993
@kurtiakarrest @brandon_skates be respectful.. of course your average person is not going to like a group of dudes being loud/noisy outside of their home, and their first defense is usually to be pretty angry. Arguing achieves nothing except blowing shit up even worse
tezmfdavis 1401392681
Spots sickkk
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