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In 1966 the national film board of Canada (NFB) put out a documentary film about skateboarding directed by Claude Jutra called The Devil's Toy, Jutra thought it was ridiculous that the skaters were being hassled by cops (even then). Now the NFB has had 12 people make their own films based on the original, my friend @machotaildrop made one and I'm in it. Go to www.thedevilstoy.com to see them all, the site is a little tricky to navigate but there's some good ones In there. ✌️👹

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tsedo 1398970787
I've been stuck on this splash screen for 15 minutes trying to find the videos. Am I missing something here? Excited to see this! @mccranker
mccranker 1398970930
@tsedo i don't think the site works on mobile yet. I tried to watch it with Firefox but it didn't work, it worked on google chrome.
tsedo 1398971198
Thanks for the tip. I'm on Firefox. I'll switch to chrome! Even more rad is that I can see the road that they filmed the original on from my office. I should go get swervey on it this afternoon. @mccranker
hellpizzacanada 1399265092
Rick, you like devil shit, right? and vegan shit, right? We don't have the shit part, but we have vegan pizzas that are evil as fuck. We're also based here in Vancouver. Come. Try.
skatepunk22 1410791468
2004 I wanted the next éS video to be based on the Devils Toy. I gotta check this out! Cool.
jamienigga 1415325170
@mccranker Dude ive been trying to find a place to watch machotaildrop for like half a year. Do you know if its online anywhere becuase i doubt there will be a viewing in Houston anytime soon, help a brotha help anotha brotha, thanks brah.
oliversm 1422049251
Ever since the Es videos and yeah right youve been a legend to me. And even I haven't had the pleasure of meeting you I must say you are the best on and off a board. Happy birthday Rick! Enjoy it and thanks for the inspiration!
mrlonchar89 1442462958
@pimpwindu Stoltz...
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