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Max Schaaf

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The top photo is from 1974 out of an old easyriders. The dudes name is Jerry Buttles from Fresno Calif. The middle photo is from the same magazine, it's the tech sheet on the knuckle/shovel he built. I got an email years ago from Jerry Buttles...... But, it was oddly not the above jerry buttles. It was his grandson. He's a skater, and photographer and he wanted to shot some photos of my shop. He came by, quiet and humble. Very nice young man. Before leaving he dropped the bomb on me (ie. the gap band) about his grandpa and his chopper building in Fresno in the 60's. Showing me the top photo on his phone. "Whoa, I have that magazine" "I love that bike" ..... And so it goes. The small world. Pretty cool, deny all link between skating and chopoers,... I used to do it too. So young Jerry has a photo show dealing with his visit to my place. The bottom photo above has the info. It's in brooklyn. @buttles your grandpa he nailed it. Tell him hi. Have a good show.

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Max Schaaf
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4q69 1399048634
@rigidhips totally. Kept it clean , but looks like a fast runner.
@4q69 thanks for the inspiration through small but great stories dude!
sinnerssocal 1399336384
johncopelandstudio 1399834815
Shit, I just saw this. Was in Denmark that whole period
torn_ado_joe 1400045112
kevinteachbaas 1401585979
Very cool
godspeed4506 1409176815
Ugh. Sad to have missed this. @Buttles
xballew73x 1425179972
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