Photo from mccranker

Final round for today, there's a pair of @lakailtd @brandonbiebel BB4's under this tree at the Kensington skatepark at Knight and 36th. Tag me if you get em. PS it's really hard to hide stuff without being seen!!

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yannickatdadisco 1398735074
Daaaamn so it has been found?! I live so close to it!
flyassbrian 1398735310
Then go look stupid hahah jk but foreal
jswitz_ 1398736714
Hanna @pschafes @vinnyves
mccranker 1398736751
@sketchedge already found. Better luck next time.
joshuahartmann 1398737574
Come to the south surrey skate park
hectorferreno 1398754935
Hahaha so damn cool! Did you film this? You should! With a tree costume!
pschafes 1398769059
@j_switz_ 😂
bobkronbauer 1400903179
I ran to the spot, took the shoes out and replaced them with gumboots. Is that against the rules?
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