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With all the death around us lately, death that is taking too many too soon. I want to celebrate the passing of my 92 year old grandma. Yesterday she left us and living a full and long life. This photo and this day is one of my fondest and surreal memories of her. On my round trip ride to Ny chris and ken and I had got a lil sidetracked cause I got a front flat the night before, when we woke we wanted off the terrible toll road we were on, we headed aimlessly west and were in some early morning traffic, it lead us next to a river, and alongside old decrepit brick buildings. Oddly thousands of miles from home it all looked familiar. I was born in Pittsburg Pa. But moved when I was 3 and hadn't visited in a decade. But kid memory is strong, and the closer we got to town the more I realized I was so close to where I was born. Three wrong turns and at least that many bridges shot us into a tunnel, I tried to exit but a semi blocked my freeway escape, bolting towards the next available exit I stopped and pulled over to call my mom and see if I was anywhere near were I was born and my grandma still lived..... As I looked up right in front of me, there stood a massive sign with a huge arrow pointing towards the town of Crafton. My first home, and were I spent tree first days of my life. By this time my mom was on the other end of the phone, she explained, surprisingly that I was a mile from my grandma. She said you gotta see her, I said "no shit" a few brick roads and a few minutes later I see my little old grandma waving to me. Her first words to me "look what the cat dragged in" and that's the last time I saw her. I don't believe in God, but I think there are certain powers that lead to certain moments and tugs was one such moment. Completely cosmic. Rip Grandma. Love you. #divineintervention #dieselmechanicswife #pittsburgpa #life #live

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Max Schaaf
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mikeyratt69 1417068643
This just cheers me up .. I love this store .. Thank you
mikeyratt69 1417068661
asahammer 1417804115
@4q69 i was very close to my grandmother. When she passed it shook my world as she was very much like a mother to me also. This story made me smile and think about my nan. Your comment about the cosmic moments in life is right on, very uplifting thanks for sharing dude
wevintagevikings 1417902347
Luv u max
thevillkhsh 1432823712
Deep. the universe has its ways
kevin__grimes 1435418540
That is a cool story. I'm going for a ride
krs.10 1447567624
Love your writing. It's real & eloquent! Thank you for sharing @4q69
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